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Disneyland Paris Haul ♥ May 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I continuing with posting about my Disneyland trip with a haul! I also love seeing what other people have bought at Disney and hauls in general so this should be fun :) Before I start I just to to disclaim that I'm not trying to brag or anything about what I have bought and I or my parents bought me these things. All the prices will be at bottom of the post :') By the way I haven't done these in any order...Let's get on with it!

Last time I went to Disneyland Paris and didn't buy a pair of Minnie ears and I think that was one of the worst choices in my life..seriously how did I not buy a pair?! Anyway I wore my sisters on the first day as she said she wasn't too bother but as soon as she got there and was all hyped for Disney she wanted them back of course! So my parents bought me my own pair of Minnie Ears as I love them so much and want to wear them all the time :') 'I'm actually wearing them right now for this post!

I'm a big pin fan so I had to get a few. I bought 2 this time so now I have 3 but I've found out you can buy some of the Disney Store website so that's great news as I love them so much. I decided to go with group ones I guess..I got the Princesses and the Originals. The Princesses are in a shield and has all of them up to Rapunzel except Pocahontas and Mulan. I love the detail on this pin so much and will treasure it forever. I had to the get a pin of the Originals, it only seemed right. I love the detail on this pin too and I love all the characters they included aswell! The were on the Green price range which was the cheapest so I was really happy :) I would love a Frozen pin to my collection though so will have to look out for that.

This next purchase is really hard to see on camera as it's like a holographic 3D card. My Mum found this and I immediately loved it. If you can't tell I'm a giant Disney Princess Fan so this was amazing. It has all the princesses just like on the pin with their castles and houses in the background. You can really capture the beauty of this card on camera so sorry. As it's meant to be a postcard it has space to write on the back with the silhouettes of all the princesses which I'm in love with. 


The next purchase is just truely magical to me. I had been looking at this range of Princess Snowglobes on the Disney Store website when they first came out and loved them. I saw Belle, Aurora and Cinderella at Disneyland Paris and Cinderella has always been a favourite of mine especially when I was younger so I had to buy her. I also really love the Rapunzel one so when I see that on the website or Ebay I will try and buy her too. The detail on this snowglobe is amazing though. she is in her redesigned outfit which I'm happy about as I like hers. This also reminds me of me and my sister's guinea pig Fig. I always think Gus looks like Fig so this was great!

I think was my favourite buy of the whole trip! I have been looking for a Disney Pillow Pet for a while now and just before we went I was showing my Mum them on the internet so when I was in 'World of Disney' and saw them all sitting there I knew I had to buy one. They had quite a few ranging from Mickey and Minnie to Sully and Stitch. I decided to get Pluto as I love the originals and he was the softest. My Sister got one too but she got a Lady one which is pretty cute too. I was super glad when my Dad asked how long they have had them here and the man said 2 weeks! I am glad we were there when they were released :D


This was my first purchase of Disneyland Paris which my parents bought me. We all knew that we were going to collect autographs this time so my parents treated me and my sister to an autograph book and pen each. I got the Disney Princess one and the matching pen as I'm such a big Princess Fan and my Sister got the original character one with matching pen. I really love this autograph book and I'm really glad that I got one from the actual park rather than making one. 

I also got alot of food at Disney which was something I was on a mission to do. When we went last year we ate out sometimes but this time we ate at Disney every day and tried different resturants. We did buy alot of sweet treats too as you always have to when at Disney! I tried a Mickey Pretzel, White Chocolate Marshmallow Stick, Marshmallow Mickey and even brought home some vanilla fudge it was so good. My Mum ate a few toffee apples as she loves them and I also had churrio which I was super hyped about as I had never seen them at Disneyland Paris before! All the foods were so good too so YAY DISNEY FOODS!

That is what I got from Disneyland Paris this year and I'm really happy with everything I bought. I had so many more Disneyland posts for all you lovelies and my May Favourites will be on it's way even though it is now June!

Bye Lovelies ♥

How Much and Where (in euros)

Minnie Ears - Stall but can purchase everywhere! - 12.99 (I think)
Pins - Emporium - Cheapest one - 6.99 (I think)
Princess Postcard - Emporium - 2.50 
Cinderella Snowglobe - Emporium - 19.99
Pluto Pillow Pet - World of Disney - 29.99
Autograph Book -Emporium - 9.99 
Pen - Emporium - 2.99


Anonymous said...

Loved this post! I am going to DLP as a graduation present and found this really helpful, 100% going to get some minnie ears and autograph book :) x

ThePerksofBeingMe-x said...

Glad it helped you. Have a great time it is amazing!

Hannah said...

Hey! I literally just came across your blog because I was looking up Disney Snow globes. So strange but I went DLP in May 2014 too, and I also have a Disney Blog! Your blog is lovely though :) xx