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Disneyland Paris May 2014 ♥ Can I have your autograph? ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I wasn't going to blog today but I have been enjoying it lately so why not!? I was originally going to do my May Favourites but then got in the mood to continue my Disneyland Paris posts. My May Favourites will be my next post just to have a quite break from all the Disneyland Paris news as not everyone likes it.

When I visited Disneyland Paris last year we met three characters and saw a few. We met Pluto, Remy, Lilo and saw Peter Pan and Wendy but never got autographs as we didn't want to wait in huge lines and queues for hours. Since this time I got a disability pass the queues were much shorter so it was a big possibility. I told my family before we went that I was on a mission to get photos and autographs this time and planned when all the characters were out. My parents bought me and my Sister an autograph book each when we got there and the signing started the next day...

First up was The Lost Princess..of course I talking about Princess Rapunzel. She was a must meet for me as she is one of my favourite princesses. She was doing a special meet and greet by Caseys Corner for Spring so I was super happy. We got in the queue at 11:30 when she came out and met her about 1hr and half later which wasn't too bad. The normal queue time was 3/4 hours so I was happy. She was super sweet and loved my Bambi top. She also said she loved my princess bracelet and clips as she was on them with Ariel..apparently her bff :') She was very french but I didn't care!

Next up we had a reservation at Cafe Mickey for lunch. I had been wishing to experence character dining after seeing it so much on different Disney vlogs and I knew how expensive it could be... more tips in my Disney Dining post. As you ate your food different characters would come out and interact with you. We met 5 different characters which I was so happy about. We met Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale, Eeyore and Mickey. We got all the autographs except Eeyore as he has no hands to write!

After our lunch at Cafe Mickey we headed back to the park and Minnie was doing a Spring Meet and Greet instead of Duffy. We hadn't met Minnie at the lunch and needed to so this was the perfect chance! The normal queue was probably about half an hour but with my pass we saw her within 5 minutes, even less which was amazing. She was super sweet and I loved her Spring outfit so much.

That was autographs finished for Tuesday but we had quite a few to come especially from the Studios :) Next was Buzz Lightyear. This was one of my Sister's must greets as she likes Buzz. I wanted to meet him too but just not as much as other characters. The normal queue was about 15mins/30mins (I don't really know) but we got in within 5 minutes which was just great. He was probably one of my favourite characters to interact with suprisingly. He was quite funny and cute, he even let us kiss him on the cheek! He has a stamp as he has no proper grip on his hands but I love the stamp..like the disney nerd I am ;)

We wanted to meet Spiderman as he was only going to be there for Spring but now there are rumour he is staying till September or something but I don't care ah! He was pretty cool although had a very big french accent which sounded weird when he was trying to be American..but he was still cool in my books. The normal queue line was 80mins but it only took us just under 15 minutes I think. He talked alot and I love his autograph and the photo you take, they are so cool!

The next meet and greet was pretty suprising. I had watched a video on Youtube of ThatDisneyLandLover's recent Disneyland Paris Spring trip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DHio3d0I9k)and she met alot of characters before the Stars N Cars parade. I kinda forgot when I went to the studios but luckily with the music and everything you couldn't really miss it. We were busy the first time so when they came out again I rushed to meet  Princess Ariel as she was another Princess I wished to meet. My Dad and Sister went on Tower of Terror so it was just me and my Mum but I still enjoyed it. She was really sweet and loved my bracelet too as she was next to Rapunzel. I told her that Rapunzel said they were best friends and she was telling me how Pascal, Flounder and Sebastian play Hide and Seek all the time! I'm in love with her autograph and the pictures we took together :')

The next character I met was a total suprise which I Dad spotted when walking out of the Studios. He said what's that yellow dress and of course it was Princess Belle! I was so shocked and I was just telling my Mum about an hour before how rare she is to meet outside the Princess Pavalion and there she was! We joined the queue but then got told that there wasn't a queue and more hustle and bustle so I was in it. I wasn't afraid to be with all the little children and after about 15 minutes when my family was about to leave and give up, I used my height to my advantage as I showed her my book to her face then to the ground. I was so happy when she took it and she was so lovely. She was the first American character I had met and sounded amazing. We talked about the other Princesses, the beast and a big feast party they were having that night. She also my sister push through to get a picture with me which was so great. I was so happy with meeting her as I didn't have to queue up for hours at the Pavalion with a slim chance of meeting her! Rapunzel was also meeting but we had seen her already.

Our last autograph was written on our last day at the parks and is my Dad's favourite character. We had to get a picture and autograph from him and we were all so glad he was there. It was Baloo from The Jungle Book. We are always saying how my Dad is just like the character so it was great to have a picture with him. He was really funny and friendly, he even played tug with my pen! My Dad was happy to meet him again after it being 30 years since he had his photo taken in America with him.We had a big family shot which is now our screensaver :)

That was all the character we met on our trip to Disneyland Paris this year. I am very happy with who we got and can't wait to get more in the future. I really hope to get Peter Pan and some villians (halloween please?!)..oh and I hope they make a Frozen meet and greet and a Merida one like in America.

Any questions? Feel free to ask away :')
Bye Lovelies  ♥

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