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My Little Pony Season 5 Wishlist!

Hey Lovelies! So only 4 days to go till Season 5..and excited is an understatement!! I have been seeing quite a few MLP season 5 wishlist and decided it was time to make one of my own since I wish alot of this would happen this season..that probably won't but who cares! I have quite a few ideas on my wishlist so sit back and relax ;)

1. More Depth on AppleJack

AppleJack is my second favourite pony as I love her attitude to everything, it just makes me laugh..don't even get me started on the accent or HAT! Anyway, over the last 4 seasons we have had a few episode that try to go abit deeper like The Last Roundup but most of her episodes are generally about APPLES! I get it, that's her thing but I would love some episodes in Season 5 that didn't even include apples but when deeper into AppleJack as a character :)

 2. More AppleJack and Rarity Episodes

Some of my favourite episodes to watch are the AppleJack vs. Rarity ones! There hasn't been many but I love everyone they make. I really want some more in Season 5, pleasee! They are just too funny and the contrast and friendship between the two are perfect.

3. More fillies! 

I love the Cutie Mark Chronicles episode when we found out how the Mane 6 got their cutie marks but I want more fillies! I really want there to be backstories to more of the characters especially life in Cloudsdale with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy as I would love to see their friendship and we also saw that 3 older ponies called Rainbow Dash names during her story in the episode, so that would be cool to address and who is the male that Rainbow Dash is with during the Games Ponies Play episode flashback?! And of course I want more Pinkie family since I love how different Pinkie is! 

4. More Daring Do!

I LOVE Daring Do and her episodes are some of my very favourites! I really really really want more Daring Do in Season 5 as it could be totally EPIC! I love the adventure and thrill of her episodes. I'm not sure what they could do next as I've loved the other 2 episodes but I want more Daring Do ;)

5. More Discord!

This one is pretty easy and I'm 99.9% sure that Discord will show up at some point as he became more of a featured characterr in the last season especially the Season 4 finale. He knows about the castle and is one of the first to enter with Mane 6 and other princesses. I'm sure he will appear in Season 5, well I SUPER DUPER hope so!

6. More mucked up ponies!

Ok this sounds super weird and I'm not quite sure how to put it but I love when the ponies are mucked up?! What I mean is I love the episodes Return of Harmony and Magical Mystery Cure, when the ponies aren't exactly themselves. I wish that Magical Mystery Cure was a 2 part finale since I feel that it was slightly rushed but oh well! I would love an episode, kinda like the Magical Mystery Cure episode but where Twilight travels to a parallel universe and all ponies have changed personalities but still have their talents. For example AppleJack could be Rarity and Pinkie Pie could be Fluttershy...but they wouldn't know anything was different and would act like that have been like that their own lives. I dunno..something that changes the ponies! Kinda like the parallel universe episode of The Suite Life..anyone remember?! You know what I mean..I hope!

 7. Fairytale Book Arch

I love the story arch that Season 4 had with the keys and I hope Season 5 has the same. I was thinking of one of the themes they could have and wouldn't it be cool if they each got pulled into a fairytale and had to complete their story?! I would love this theme and I think it would really work as there are tons of fairytales to choose from! 

8. Princess AppleJack?!

Ok let me explain, I don't want AppleJack becoming an alicorn princess! This wish is kinda like the one above as I wish that AppleJack would be taken out of her comfort zone..which I feel is apples mostly ;) Imagine if they went to a fairytale land and AppleJack was a princess?! You know what I'm getting at..so please make it happen..I can't help but love AppleJack when she's all girly..but maybe add the hat??

9. One of the Mane 6 to become a villain?

Now I don't want one of the Mane 6 to become a villain premantly but imagine if one became a villain for an episode or two? I loved when Rarity became Nightmare Rarity in one of the MLP comics and felt it was really creative. It would give the show some spice and include alot of danger and adventure, which is always good! Or imagine if all the Mane 6 became villains and the background ponies that we all love had to come together and help them become themselves again?? 

10. Cutie Mark Crusaders finally get their cutie marks!

I think that most fans want this now as it's been a long 4 seasons of the CMC trying to get their cutie marks. I feel that they have grown so much since the 1st season and it's time that they enter a new adventures. I would love to see them finally get their cutie marks in this season and see what else they can get up to! 

11. The Mane 6 turn into fillies!

I love the filly versions of the Mane 6 and got the idea that they should make a episode when the Mane 6 turn into fillies from a youtube video that I will share here: 

I think that the Cutie Mark Crusaders turning the Mane 6 into fillies in another stupid way to try and get their cutie marks would be a great episode especially since you can then please around with baby fillies! 

12. Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolt Dream Continue!

I hope that another step in Rainbow Dash's dreams of being a Wonderbolt happens during Season 5 since she has been to the Wonderbolt Acadamy, met the team and even been asked to fly with them at the Equestria Games and has even taken a test to make the reserves! She has to make it some time even if it isn't what she expected when she finally makes it and decided to quit..seems to always happen :| I love the Rainbow Dash and Wonderbolt episodes so I hope to see some more in Season 5 with of course more appearances of Spitifire :)

They are all my Season 5 wishes that probably won't come true but oh well! 
To celebrate Season 4 I found this amazing video of a quick look back, can you name all the episodes?

And a big Happy Birthday to Ashleigh Ball, who voices my favourite ponies Rainbow Dash and AppleJack!!

To finish I'm gunna share some cool pictures I found while looking for the different pictures for this post! Until next time, bye lovelies :)

March Favourites

Hey lovelies! So I started this eariler but had to go get my haircut..some people love it but believe me..i'm NOT one of them!!

I've also been so busy this past weekend as it was my Mum's birthday and I went to see Cinderella on friday since it finally came out in the UK! I loved it and will hopefully be doing a full review of it and of course Frozen Fever :) I also went to the Cinderella Exhibtion in London and took tons of photos so I will be doing a post on that too! Anyway, today I had to do my March favourites since I'm running out of time..it's April on Wednesday!!

* queue dramatic applejack! *

So anyway that's what my post is today! Get ready for lots and lots of ponies and princesses!


Once again this month I've been loving the My Little Pony and Equestria Girls soundtracks and have been listening to them daily..I'm actually listening now..together we sure raise this barn! I can't wait for Season 5 with all new amazing songs!! I've also been loving the newest Frozen song 'Making today a perfect day' and I know all the words really now, so yay! 


Cinderella has to be my favourite movie this month, it was just so totally awesome! It was pure classic Disney magic that just makes me feel warm and cosy. I will be trying to do a full review in the next few days..or weeks..you know me ;) It was WAY above my expections and I loved every minute, it was stunning! Of course, I also fell in love with Frozen Fever and actually teared up abit as it just means so much to me, roll on Frozen 2!


I got loads of books this month since I got loads for my birthday but nothing compares to my probably my favourite EVER books, Daring Do! I didn't expect much from the books to be honest but hell are they good! I can say that at some points I don't wanna put the book down it's so good. I love how you learn about about Daring Do as she is my 2nd favourite pony after all! I'm on book 2 so half way there I guess..but pleaseee make more!!


I wasn't too excited about OUAT when it came back this month since I love villains but I wasn't too fond of which villains they picked..but I had to conintue as I still love the show. After the first few episodes I wasn't too impressed to be honest and it was so hard to try and find them as they show it on UK time anymore :| Anyway, Netflix finally added it and update it every Wednesday with the newest episode so I decided to catch up on the two episodes I hadn't seen and I actually enjoyed them. I feel the season has the base now and is starting to get much spicer with all different characters in the mix, old and new! I have also been loving Gogglebox this month, it's just too funny!!


I've had such an AWESOME month for toys and it was really hard to pick out of them all! I decided that my favourite toy this month was my Rainbow Rocks stage and my Equestria Girl dolls. I love them so much even though they aren't to everyone's enjoyment ;) I can't wait to get all the Mane 6 in their little neon tights and display it in my room, it gunna look so cool!!


I loved two games this month, the first being the MLP app game. I downloaded it on laptop and it's really good. I can't wait to add more things to my ponyville and of course more ponies! So far from the Mane 6 I have Twilight, Pinkie Pie and AppleJack so 3 to go! I have also been loving Disney Pixar Rush for Xbox Kinect. My sister bought it for me for my birthday and it's so good. I haven't played it in a few days since I've been feeling weird (as usual :|) and I've been busy but I can't wait to play again :)


I generally struggle for a new website to show you but I discovered AllAboutMLPMerch this month and it's awesome! It's just like a giant database of all the MLP merch you can buy with new updates daily of new and upcoming products. I love everything like this and I love to check back daily to see what's new :) You can check it all out here: http://www.mlpmerch.com/

That's my March Favourites! I'm so happy I was able to do them before March ended, yay!
And....I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED because Sims 4 Get to Work comes out on Thursday here in the UK and of course MY LITTLE PONY SEASON 5!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for Season 5, I could burst!

Until next time, bye lovelies :)

What I Got for my Birthday 2015!

Hey lovelies! I loved sharing my first birthday haul with you yesterday so here is Part 2! These are actually the presents I got from my family on my birthday. I knew nearly everything I was getting as I'm not great with surprises :| I love absolutely everything I received as most of it was either Frozen or MLP..and it's very booky (is that a word?!)...anyway here we go..

Warning..this haul includes ALOT of MLP and EG!! To start is us off is my first My Little Pony comic, which is based off the Season 2 Premiere 'The Return of Harmony'. I love this episode so much so when I saw this I knew it had to be mine. I love how it's just the episode but in comic form, the words and pictures are all the same! I've read abit and I can't wait to read more!! I think there is 2 others in the series so far and I really want them as they include some of my favourite episodes :)

 Next is my first Funko My Little Pony Vinyl Figure and of course it's my girl, Rainbow Dash! I love how accurate this figure to Rainbow Dash herself. I love the other figures and brushable ponies but I never feel her hair is done quite right, but this figure is perfect! I love the retro plastic look and feel of it and I can't wait add more to my collection :) Currently on my list is AppleJack, Daring Do, Spitfire, Discord and Princess Candance when she comes out..oh and maybe the others from the Mane 6..aha they are just too perfect!! I wish they made Equestria Girl figures like these, they would be awesome!

 I also got the new Frozen books that continue Anna and Elsa lives after the movie. As soon as I heard these book were going to be made I knew they were going to be magical and amazing so I had to get them. I'm not sure if there out in the UK yet but I ordered mine online using amazon uk via a US stockist :') I haven't read any of them yet but I'm planning to start really soon as they just look so good. I love how they are hardback and shiny! They also have the cutest black and white drawings inside. I'll probably do a proper review of them after I read them all but for now they seem great :')

 I also got two normal My Little Pony and Equestria Girls chapter books. I knew that I was getting the Equestria Girls book since I ordered it myself and I've now read it and I LOVED it! I'll probably read it again soon and I can't wait to read the other books :) I got the first Rainbow Rocks book with my early birthday money so I now I can't wait for the next ones!! There are some differences between the book and movie but I loved both equally and even wished they had added some of the book version into the movie! The MLP book was total surprise and I'm super glad that I have it. I already have Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie so now I just need Rarity till AppleJack and Fluttershy's come out ;) I have also read the Twilight book and it was pretty good and I actually enjoyed it considering that Twilight is probably my least favourite in the Mane 6!

This cushion was also a total surprise from one of our family friends. I didn't know what to expect but when I opened this I was super happy since I'd been eyeing this cushion since Christmas!! I love the silky fabrics and the art is stunning. Elsa and Anna are on one side looking all adorable and Olaf is on other with the words 'Warm Hugs' written on the top :) It's super comfy and I can't wait to put it on my bed with my Frozen duvet. I really want them to make a Frozen Fever duvet for the summer as the movie one is kinda wintry looking ;)

 I also got the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic omnibus with the first 12 comics inside. I didn't expect to love it as much as I do. They are amazing, I really recommend them to MLP everywhere! The comic sometimes follows a story arch, which normally lasts 4 comics and they all super good. I was surprised how well that it was able to capture the different personalities but it sure did and it just made me love the ponies and show more ♥ I love the story arch ones more than the standard comics as they include more danger and adventure like a season premiere or finale. There is also some really cool art inside from different artists inspired by the show and comic strips!! I can't wait to get some more and read them, they are waaay better than boring classics..no offence ;)

AHAA! *inner fangirling* I'm SO HAPPY that I was able to get the Daring Do Adventure Collection!! Daring Do is one of my favourite ponies..my second favourite actually and I love both episodes that feature her. I love the adventure, thrill and danger that you get with her episodes and when I found out that they actually made Daring Do books, I was over the moon! I couldn't have got these normally so I'm still super happy that it was my birthday since you had to buy them in the limited edition boxset and it was going for over £50 online but I found it for about £30 on amazon..which is still really expensive for a set of 3 books..that £10 a book but they are TOTALLY WORTH IT!! I can't stop fangirling when I look at them, they are just so super perfect! I love the detail as they actually look like the books from the show and they even have an 'About the Author' section, like really?! I haven't read any yet but they are next on my list and I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!

 This present was also a surprise..so many surprises..but it was a great surprise! I've been wanting this game since I got kinect last year for my birthday and recently we moved to Kinect downstairs to our family Xbox from my room to give us more room, hoping for it to pick up more movement and it does! Me and my Sister have loved going to Disneyland..virtually of course and water rafting..virtually again on Kinect Adventures so my Sister bought me another kinect game called Pixar Rush and it's amazing! You can go to 5 different pixar words and play different levels with the characters unlocking different things. We haven't finished it yet but so far it's great!

 The last present I got was also from my Sister. I found at my local Sainsburys (supermarket) in clearance for only £11 and I knew it was needed in my life! I had to wait about a month for it as I bought it at the end of February sometime but it was totally worth the wait. I couldn't and still can't believe how amazing this stage is. The stage is from Rainbow Rocks, the second Equestria Girls movie and it also comes with an exclusive Pinkie Pie with drums :') I really love the Pinkie Pie and she looks super cool! I also added my other Equestria Girls to the stage but I'm hoping to get the Mane 6 and Sunset Shimmer with their neon tights on like at the end of the movie ;) I love the amount of the detail from the cutie marks on the bottom of the stage to background and the different colour stands and lights. I was expecting a cheap plastic stage..since that's what toys and dolls were like when I was younger but nope this thing is perfect and super stable :) I can't wait to get all the girls, it's gunna look awesome!!

Before I do my big end speech..as I always seem to do :| I felt this was needed..

They are all my birthday presents from my 16th birthday and I hope you enjoyed :)
My final part of my birthday haul will be going sometime this week hopefully so keep a look out for that! And..I'm SUPER EXCITED since Cinderella and Frozen Fever come out on Friday and I'm going to see it with my Mum plus MLP season 5 starts on 4th April and Sims 4 Get to Work comes out in a week..so much awesomeness to look forward too!!

Until next time, bye lovelies!