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My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks! Review

Hey Lovelies! I really enjoyed my post yesterday so I decided to do another review on the sequel. After this I have no more MLP posts planned but there will be more in the future :) I'm was super happy to hear that my best friend actually read my review and saw it and loved it, which is great cause now we can talk all about it!! Her favourite is Fluttershy and mine is Rainbow Dash..so slight difference ;) Rainbow Rocks is the sequel to Equestria Girls and again I saw this on Netflix, about an hour after I watched the first one as I just couldn't wait! If you haven't seen the first one you probably won't understand this one at all as connects to the first movie for that reason this view contains semi spoilers but nothing you won't see in the trailer :) This movie is set after the events of the Season 4 finale, Twilight's castle.

The movie begins in the alternative world, in a small cafe in the outskirts of Equestria. Everyone in the cafe is arguing and there is green fog everywhere. In the corner are 3 girls in hoodies singing a melody. Suddenly in the window you see the blast of magic from the end of the first movie when all the ponies join together to save Canterlot High. The 3 girls rush outside and take their hoods off revealing their massive hair and red diamond lockets. One of the girls announces it's Equestrian magic, which they want to use to control everyone and make everyone adore them using their powers to feed off negative energy with their lockets. * play intro *

We enter Canterlot High with all the students creating music posters together for the upcoming musical showcase. While trying to help other students Sunset Shimmer doesn't get the warmest welcome since the events of the Fall Formal are still on the surface but luckily the girls don't mind helping her make a new start and new friends. The girls are planning to perform in the musical showcase as their new band 'The Rainbooms'. The only problem is that whenever they play music their pony powers appear caused by the Equestrian magic but they still don't understand how it works since Twilight left with all the magic before. Flash enters the room just after their song to ask about Twilight and says the band is sounding great. Rainbow Dash tells him it's doing ok but some of the others need to do better and 'her' band will be amazing, which annoys all the others as it's 'their' band and they are doing well.

Just before any argument arrives, Sunset Shimmer gets called to the main entrance as they has volunteered to show some new girls around the school so she can show them the new Sunset Shimmer, not the old one! The new girls are revealed to be the same girls at the cafe that we saw that the beginning. When Sunset Shimmer tries to touch their lockets, one of the girls grabs her arm and jokingly laughs telling her their are extremely precious. 

We catch up with the girls at lunch where Sunset Shimmer is telling the girls all about the new girls and how weirdly they acted. Suddenly the door burst open and the 3 girls walk in singing the same hypnotising melody and by the end of their song it seems everyone wants to battle everyone else and win. They are all arguing except the girls, who just look confused. They know that something is strange so they go straight to Principal Celestia and Luna's office but find that they are already under the same spell. They are told that the 3 new girls are a popstar group called 'The Dazzlings' and they convinced them that instead of a musical showcase to have a Battle of the Bands. 

Scared the girls figure out that they need Twilight's help as she must have an answer. With the portal closed for another 30 moons, Sunset Shimmer remembers she kept a book that she could write to Princess Celestia with when she was her student. The girls insist on giving it and try and hand her a pen. Back in Ponyville all the girls are in Twilight's new castle when Twilight receives a book that is glowing like crazy. When she opens it and she reads a letter from her friends at Canterlot High asking for help. Twilight and her friends find out that The Dazzlings are actually sirens, who were banished from Equestria, that feed from others negative emotions controlled by singing. Twilight knows she must get back to help them so using the magic from the book she is able to activate the portal. 

Twilight returns back to Canterlot High with Spike and tells her friends the news about The Dazzlings. Rainbow Dash shows Twilight the footage of her changing into her half-pony form on her phone and Twilight is confused. Twilight wants to meet The Dazzlings so Pinkie Pie tells her that there is a big meeting at the school for all the bands taking part in the competition tonight and they will be there. They all head to the school and when Twilight sees The Dazzlings she summons her fellow elements and assumes that the power of friendship will destroy the spell, but to their surprise they can't use their magic. The Dazzlings realise that there is magic protecting them from the spell and plan to turn the whole school against them to increase tension within the group. Twilight realises that in order to defeat The Dazzlings they have to sing a musical counter spell at The Battle of the Bands so everyone can hear it and they can destroy the spell. 

They all invite Twilight to be in the band and appoint her the temporary singer of the band to Rainbow's annoyance. The girls plan a sleepover at Pinkie's for that night as Twilight hasn't got anywhere to sleep! Twilight begins working on the counter spell at the sleepover but finds it harder than she originally thought. The next morning Twilight tries out a terrible counter spell but then tells all the others that it just isn't ready and she needs more time. Rainbow Dash suggests that they actually take part in the Battle of the Bands and play the counter spell in one of the later rounds. Rainbow takes the part of lead singer back, since they tells everyone just how awesome she is and they rush to the school to be their in time for their slot. 

At the competition everyone is angry and annoyed with everyone, making The Rainbooms tense for their songs. During the first round Twilight tells everyone that they don't need to be amazing otherwise they will show their powers too soon, they just need to be able to get through the round. They sing a great song but unfortunately the spell leads other teams to try to sabotage their song so that they can blame each other for their mistakes. They make it through the first few rounds easy, making it to the semi final. Fluttershy asks Rainbow Dash if they could play one of her new songs she wrote but Rainbow totally ignores her and decides they have to do Awesome As I Wanna Be. Just before they go on stage Trixie, from the opposing team tells Rainbow Dash that having Twilight on your team is cheating. This causes Rainbow to say she doesn't need the rest of the team, she could totally win it on her own! They walk on stage and start off good until Rainbow starts singing about her awesome she is and how you can't bet her since she is the best...she gets abit carried away to say the least..and her team mates are extremely annoyed. When Rainbow starts doing her massive guitar solo, she gets so excited she starts to show her powers making Sunset Shimmer jump onto the stage and stop the song to save them. Rainbow can't believe it and soon the whole group is falling out, just what The Dazzlings had planned...is their plan really going to work?!!

Will The Dazzlings succeed? Can Rainbow Dash get over her MASSIVE ego? 
Can The Rainbooms find the Magic of Friendship again or is it too late?!?

I love this movie so damn much! It is AWESOME! I really love the first one as you met all the girls again but this one is defiantly better. Sequels have a reputation of being terrible after the first movie but hell this one what so much better. I felt the character personalities were much more developed and explored like Rarity's love of fashion, Fluttershy's shyness and fear and Rainbow Dash's ego and self-obsession. 

My favourite thing about this movie though it the music! There are a total of 11 songs in the movie and they are amazing!! I listen to the constantly on my ipod and I really enjoy them..I'm listening at the moment ;) My favourites are Awesome As I Wanna Be (hello..rainbow solo!?), Welcome to Show, Better Than Ever and Shake Your Tail. I think for a kids movie this music is truly well done like the actual episodes. 

Once again they all have killer outfits by Rarity of course. I love the colour combos they use, especially the neon tights at the ends because they make me laugh how colourful they are! The villains also have cool studded clothing in their particular colour. Make sure you stay and watch the credits since there is some AWESOME artwork by Katrina Hadley. Below I have put some of my favourites as they are so cool!! 

That's my review for the sequel Rainbow Rocks! I hope it helps some of you and Mckenna I wanna know what you think..you know who you are ;) At the end of this I'm going to put a link to the 8 Equestria Girls shorts, which are last a few minutes :)

                               Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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