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Frozen Fever Trailer: First Thoughts!

Get ready for your whole to be taken over by the Frozen gang all over again with 
Frozen Fever!

That's right today ABC released a new trailer for the newest Frozen adventure, Frozen Fever. I posted about Frozen Fever a few weeks ago as new screenshots were released, where we first saw the characters in their new outfits and scenery. I wasn't expecting a trailer to be honest since it's only meant to be a short but I'm so excited for this and it looks amazing! 

In the trailer you hear abit of the new song included in the short and it sounds stunning. I loved the music in Frozen especially the scores and this song sounds perfect. It has an upbeat tempo to it quite like For the First Time in Forever and I think it will really be what this short needs to get that Frozen feel :)

I was very pleased to see that more characters that I didn't think would be included are featured such as Marshmallow and my personal favourite Oaken! It also seems that there are some small snowman so maybe Elsa makes more..would be adorable! I'm so excited to see their sister relationship in the short since they were apart almost all the time and we never really see much of their relationship at the end so I'm hoping to see more of them together. I also can't wait to see Anna and Kristoff little romantic relationship..imagine if he proposes..too far???

 It looks quite funny with all the different personalities of the characters trying to make Anna's birthday the best. The trailer also shows abit of magic from Elsa, which I will always love! I can't wait to see this short and I will do a review as soon as I see it. Remember you can only see it before the new live action Cinderella movie on 27th March (UK) and 13th March (US).

Disclaimer - All video and picture are Disney and shown on ABC news. GIFS are mine.

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