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My Top 5 Rainbow Rocks Shorts!

Hey Lovelies! So another My Little Pony today but I think this might be last video post of MLP till Season 5..i hope ;) I will doing disney versions soon so look forward to those but today I'm listing my Top 5 Rainbow Rocks Shorts. 

 These shorts came out a few months before the 2nd Equestria Girls movie, Rainbow Rocks came out to give beginning to the gang and their instruments..I personally love them and decided they need more credit so here you go!

5. Hamstocalyspe Now - Fluttershy

I was slightly sad that Fluttershy was at the end of my list at 5 but this my least favourite out the 5 so it had to be :| I love Fluttershy but this short just didn't interest me like the others do sadly, nevertheless it's still pretty good and I do love the friendship between Fluttershy and Rarity.

4. Piano Player - Rarity

I'm not the biggest fan of Rarity but I did really like this short and found it rather entertaining. I felt this short showed the real rarity will always wanting the best and the most glamorous. I'm glad she decided to have the cool piano guitar thing though as I feel a grand piano isn't really for their band ;)

3. A Case for the Bass - AppleJack

I love anything with AppleJack in as I love her attitude and personality plus you can't not love her accent!! This short is no exception and I really like it :) I love how Flim and Flam appear and I'm super sorry for AppleJack since she seems the only pony to ever have a problem with these guys..even in the human world!! I love the way her friends stick up for her in this short and again Flim and Flam + AppleJack = trouble!

2. Guitar Centered - Rainbow Dash

SURPRISED?! Yeah I know most of you probably thought..yeah we know whose gunna be first but nope today Rainbow Dash is actually second on my list..she won't like that ;) I LOVE this short and I was so close to just making a joint first place since I love this one so much! I feel every character has the right personality in this short and they are show it plus you have to love abit of Trixie!

1. Pinkie on the One - Pinkie Pie

That's right Pinkie Pie has my favourite Rainbow Rocks short! So in all honestly I probably wouldn't love this short as much if Rainbow Dash wasn't in it as much as she is as I feel Pinkie's and Rainbow's friendship is a strange one ;) My favourite bit has to be when Pinkie covers Rainbow Dash in purple glitter! It reminds me alot of sister too since she has alot of energy to burn and she even has an electronic drum..no wonder she's my sister's favourite!!

Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

My Little Pony songs that nearly made the top list!

Hey Lovelies! Before I start I wanna let everyone know that I will be blogging about Disney super soon and it won't be all about MLP..I have a princess banner!! I was thinking about how much I loved making the song posts and sharing them with my Mum so I decided some more songs deserved a share since they made it :) I will really hope to do this disney songs soon too! Once again I recommend you watch the video and listen to the song first to know what I'm talking about ;)

12. Super Duper Party Pony - Pinkie Pride

I love the up tempo beat to this and the fun vibe it gives off. It kinda reminds me of the Flim Flam Brothers song since it's super catchy and fast, which makes you love the song and character even though in this case Cheese Sandwich is actually taking Pinkie's job :( It is super duper catchy though!

11. So Many Wonders - The Cutie Mark Chronicles

First of all this is little Fluttershy singing..SUPER CUTE! I love how she first see the world and falls in love then sings all about it. I do love the slight broadway feel to the end of the song when it speeds up abit. It's different to other songs and I like it :)

10. Morning in Ponyville - Magical Mystery Cure

I think this song is the perfect way to start the Season 3 finale although I'm not quite sure how Twilight thinks everything is fine when throughout the seasons they are normally under some kind of attack?! You can just tell from the song that something wrong is gunna happen after since it always does and Rarity having Rainbow Dash's cutie mark was a pretty good surprise :|

9. Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) - Sweet and Elite

It took me a while to get into this song but I think this song really catches Rarity's regal side and her dreams of being popular and known. I prefer Rarity's singing in this song too compared to say Art of the Dress. The upbeat parts are defiantly my favourite parts :)

8. B.B.B.F.F - A Canterlot Wedding Part 1

I actually didn't really like this song the first time I heard it but after I few listens I started to like it alot. I love the beat and the lyrics are really sweet. My favourite part is the chorus and when the other ponies join in as I love when all the ponies sing :)

7. Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic - Leap of Faith

Now when I found out this episode had the return of Flim and Flam I was excited since they are so super cool but annoying at the same time! I loved their first song so as soon as they started singing I was thinking it can't be as good as the first one but was I wrong..I love it! I still prefer the first one but this song is still as catchy but annoying as the first one :)

6. Glass of Water - Three's a Crowd

I LOVE Discord and I was so happy he finally got a song! When I first heard this song my head started to hurt since it so super quick and makes NO sense what so ever!! But I've learnt that in order to enjoy this song you just have to let yourself go and expect nothing to make sense from Discord ;) It is such an amazing song and kinda reminds me of Friend Like Me from Aladdin. 

5. Flim and Flam Brothers - The Super Cider Squeezy 6000

So once again these irritatingly amazing brothers grace my list, like I was saying on their other song I love this one! I like Flim and Flam have a Mary Poppins feel like it was wrote by the Sherman Brothers ;) It is the most catchy and it pulls you in so well that you just listen to everything, plus it makes you feel quite sorry for AppleJack and her family. This song actually was super close to being on my top list and did make number 10 until I replaced it with a different song :') I think it didn't make my list since it didn't really include any of the main ponies, which tend to be my favourite songs ;)

4. Pinkie the Party Planner - Pinkie Pride

I didn't realise how many songs was in the episode!! I think this might be one of my favourite beginnings to an episode. It just describes Pinkie in a song and reminds me alot of the first song in Beauty and the Beast, 'Belle' where everyone talks about her in the town and she is just doing what she does but everyone seems to love Pinkie and everyone is confused by Belle ;) I love the general feel about this song and it just makes Ponyville seem so much more alive!

3. Apples to the Core - Pinkie Apple Pie

I hadn't seen this episode when I made my original list and felt bad not listing it in my other posts but I did eventually post it at the bottom of one of my other lists since it nearly made it. I love any country song..generally any AppleJack song such as Raise this Barn and Bats as they are so different to the others, make me feel happy and the beat is perfect! I also love that AppleJack plays banjo during this show since I never knew she could do that and it's another cool character fact ;)

2. You'll Play your Part - Twilight's Kingdom Part 1

This song would have been in my original top list if I had heard it or seen the episode before I wrote it as it one of my favourites from the whole show. I love all the princesses singing especially when Celestia, Luna and Candace sing all together :) My favourite voice has to be Cadance's since it so cute and bold but not as royal as the other princesses. It reminds me of Celestia's Ballad as it quite slow but tells a story and keeps you listening plus it's super fun to pretend to sing to..yes I lip-sing when I listen to them..they are great too as each character has a different personality!

1. Let the Rainbow Remind You - Twilight's Kingdom Part 2

Again with this song it would have been in my original list if knew about it and it probably would have been second or tied first with True True Friend as it gives me that same feeling of harmony and friendship that it's meant too. It gives me a feeling of proudness for these ponies and you've been on this journey with them from day 1 and it feels great! I know alot of people thought this could be a great ending to the whole show and I agree it would be have been but this generation will continue for awhile I'm sure since it's popular and they have even a side franchise of EG. I love it and wouldn't want it to end but this song was definitely an amazing end to Season 4!

Frozen Fever Trailer: First Thoughts!

Get ready for your whole to be taken over by the Frozen gang all over again with 
Frozen Fever!

That's right today ABC released a new trailer for the newest Frozen adventure, Frozen Fever. I posted about Frozen Fever a few weeks ago as new screenshots were released, where we first saw the characters in their new outfits and scenery. I wasn't expecting a trailer to be honest since it's only meant to be a short but I'm so excited for this and it looks amazing! 

In the trailer you hear abit of the new song included in the short and it sounds stunning. I loved the music in Frozen especially the scores and this song sounds perfect. It has an upbeat tempo to it quite like For the First Time in Forever and I think it will really be what this short needs to get that Frozen feel :)

I was very pleased to see that more characters that I didn't think would be included are featured such as Marshmallow and my personal favourite Oaken! It also seems that there are some small snowman so maybe Elsa makes more..would be adorable! I'm so excited to see their sister relationship in the short since they were apart almost all the time and we never really see much of their relationship at the end so I'm hoping to see more of them together. I also can't wait to see Anna and Kristoff little romantic relationship..imagine if he proposes..too far???

 It looks quite funny with all the different personalities of the characters trying to make Anna's birthday the best. The trailer also shows abit of magic from Elsa, which I will always love! I can't wait to see this short and I will do a review as soon as I see it. Remember you can only see it before the new live action Cinderella movie on 27th March (UK) and 13th March (US).

Disclaimer - All video and picture are Disney and shown on ABC news. GIFS are mine.

My Dream Cosplays!

Hey Lovelies! Another post today and it's something different to what I've done before :) I've never cosplayed anyone but I would LOVE to someday! I often tell my Mum that I would move out just so I can buy loads of cool wigs and outfits that I could just wear round my house!! I decided to make a list of all my dream cosplays that I would love to try someday. So here is my dream cosplays..

So first on my list is Disney Princesses! I couldn't make this list without them since they would be so SUPER COOL to cosplay. My favourites to cosplay would have to be Elsa in her ice dress, Rapunzel with long hair and Anna in her coronation dress. I love all 3 outfits and I would be too excited if I got to wear one, it would be a dream come true! Honey Lemon and Gogo are also pretty high on the list ;)

Following the Disney theme are my three favourite fairies. I've always wanted to dress up as Tinkerbell as I've always loved her and her shoes are the cutest! I also love little Periwinkle's outfit and it reminds me of Elsa in a way. Zarina is probably my favourite fairy outfit next to Tink as it's so different and edgy. I bought a doll of her since I love it so much! Plus you can't go wrong with WINGS!

I think right now these are the characters I would most like to cosplay! Rainbow Dash is my first pick since she is super AWESOME and I LOVE her boots and of course of hair..duh?!! It would be super fun and I would love to do a Equestria Girls and pony cosplay of her :) I also had to be AppleJack on this list since she is my second hair and THE HAT..it kills me everytime..I LOVE it!! My inner girly girl is calling Pinkie Pie and let's face it she would be super cute to do with the big pink hair and adorable outfit :)

My inner girly girl is also calling for Ever After High cosplay! I would love to do Maddie Hatter since she is my favourite and I think she would be the most fun with the cool coloured hair and zany outfit. I would love to Blondie since I'm a blonde and I love her outfit. I love Ashlynn but her outfit and hair just makes me love her more, it's so super cute!!!! Kitty is my edgy choice as it's different to rest but I love it especially the purple hair :)

Last on my list has to be the Barbie girls. I love the Barbie outfits way too much and these are just some of my favourites. I love Alexa's little pink dress with bun and adorable pumps but I also love Keira's totally purple cool popstar outfit with those boots!! Blair's is slightly different as it's quite preppy but I do love it and Blair is one of my favourites so I couldn't leave her out. 

I would also love to do something edgy like Harley Quinn or Black Widow, some kind of superhero cosplay that would be AWESOME! I hope someday I can cosplay, have awesome wigs and amazing costumes but at the moment character tops is as far as it goes ;) 

February Favourites

Hey Lovelies! I can't believe it's nearly the end of February, that's crazy! I love the end of the month because I can do my favourites, which I love to do and this is actually my 12th favourites so that means I've been doing favourite posts for a year now..be sure to check them all out for my year of favourites. Warning...this post will contain loads of pony goodness ;)


My favourite music this month has to be from My Little Pony and Equestria Girls. I can't stop listening..I'm actually listening to it right now! I was surprised by how good the music is and how it isn't totally annoying. I can't wait for more songs in Season 5 and EG: Friendship Games. The only other song that I will listen to at the moment is What I did for Love by David Guetta ft.Emeli Sande. I found this song by watching the Eastenders 30th Anniversary week as they played it at the end of live week with fireworks and I fell in love. It's a great song and makes me feel uplifting all the time :)


Again my favourite movie this month is another no brainer! It has to be Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks :) I'm not sure which I prefer as I love both for different reasons but I love watching them. I actually watched them with my Mum today, I loved it! I think the characters, personality, design are spot on and it just makes me love MLP even more!!


I haven't been playing many games recently but over the past few days I've got into Disney Magical World 3DS again and it reminded me how much I love it :) I love all the character you can meet and I'm currently dressed as Tinkerbell. I just wanna meet Peter Pan and my life will be complete!


My favourite book this month also follows my theme as it's the Official Guidebook for MLP and I love it! I also got the Journal of the Two Sisters, which follows Princess Celestia and Princess Luna on their journey to become princesses and the ponies Journal of Friendship book from Season 4. The guidebook follows Seasons 1-3 and has everything you need to know about the different ponies and the show in general. I really recommend this book as it is really interested with concept art, fun facts and information :)


I have found Netflix and once you find it there's no going back!! Netflix is actually where I saw the Equestria Girls movies and my whole MLP obsession started so THANKYOU NETFLIX! I wish the UK Netflix was as good as the US Netflix but hopefully one day :') If your thinking about trying Netflix, then I suggest that you have at least 24hrs free since you might think you'll be watching a 30 minute show but then 4 seasons later, you realise you need help ;)


I couldn't make this post and not include Eastenders! I'm not normally a massive Eastenders but my sister got into it last year sometime and I really wanted to watch the 30th anniversary episodes. Since it was the 30 years anniversary they were doing a special live week focusing on the big story 'Who killed Lucy Beale?!', which had been going on since she was murdered on Good Friday 2014. I can't believe it was Bobby?!! Really?! I wasn't too surprised since so many thought it was gunna be him as it's her 10 year old brother that normally has about 2 speaking parts every 6 months...most random suspect ever! I was pretty disappointed to be honest as I thought it was gunna be Cindy but oh well ;) I felt proud to be a Londoner and a huge congratulations to the whole Eastenders team especially Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale), Laurie Brett (Jane Beale), Ben Hardy (Peter Beale) and Mimi Keene (Cindy Beale) for such amazing acting!


I don't have an actual picture of my Rainbow Dash plush yet so enjoy this one I found on google :) I decided that I would collect Rainbow Dash mostly since she is my favourite and if I collected all the Mane 6, I would need a new room! I love plushies so this was a must and I love her! I kinda wish her hair was more cut and edgy like in the show but the colours in her hair are great.

That's my February Favourites! I'll leave you with one of my favourite scenes from Equestria Girls. Until next time, bye lovelies ♥