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My Little Pony Season 5 Trailer: First Thoughts!


Finally the Season 5 trailer for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has arrived and it looks AWESOME!! I can't wait and I haven't even finished Season 4 yet! Oh and watch the trailer before reading, or you won't understand ;)

The trailer is amazing and this season looks seriously cool. The season premieres and finales are always epic and they are some of my favourite episodes and this one doesn't look like it's gonna disappoint. I'm not sure if they are going to another story arc like Season 4 with the keys and the chests but I hope they do as I loved that the key episodes all had connections and meant something.
At the beginning of the trailer we see the ponies round a massive table at Twilight's new castle with a pretty awesome map. It seems to call the ponies to different unknown locations and of course they are gonna have to explore them all together!

"The tree, the chest, this castle, and the now the map — how can we not follow it?" 
- Twilight Sparkle

The trailer seems to show us one of the lands, which isn't all sunshine and rainbows but quite the opposite. We are welcoming by loads of ponies with creepy smiles and a big banner with an equal sign. You are soon to realise that all the ponies don't have the usual cutie marks, they all have the same equal sign. The woman in the middle seems like the leader but to me acts more like a dictator? The picture of the left looks like all the cutie marks in a big chart..are they locked out, stolen? And the right picture you can tell the girls get into some trouble pretty quickly with the creepy zombie-like ponies.

In the earlier recaps for the ponies we saw Rainbow Dash and Rarity with the equal sign where their cutie marks normally are so I'm really hoping the ponies are effected in someway aswell as I love the episode where they change like the magical mystery cure and the return of harmony. From Rainbow Dash's video it seem she is finding it hard to fly quickly like she normally does since that's her talent and Rarity is crying..but I have no clue why since Rarity is so dramatic and cries at everything!! I think she might feel sad and no have the talent of dressmaking and gems?? 

The only other episode teasers, were from the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con:
There was also a small animatic shown, which features basic drawings and ideas about season 5 that you can now see some of in the trailer. 

Then Jayson Thiessen answered some burning questions on twitter and told us: 
  • There will be 26 episodes in season 5.
  • There will be episodes that focus on the 7 main characters as well as others.
  • Numerous songs by @dannyimusic will be featured throughout the season.
  • We will see more of the new castle revealed at the end of season 4 
  • Rainbow Dash will say "woah woah woah"
  • Pinkie Pie will break the 4th wall
  • Maybe some confetti explosions
@dannyimusic also confirmed that Rainbow Dash will have her first solo in Friendship is Magic during Season 5 so I SO HAPPY I COULD BURST!!!
I'm really excited for Season 5 and I have extremely high up for yet another AWESOME series! 


Oh and one more thing..does anyone else find this song really emotional?!
I really recommend watching this!!

Disclaimer - all trailers, images and video to make gif are Hasbro. Infomation found from mylittlepony wiki. Gifs are mine. 

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Lovely post! I have finally done the Liebster Award post that you nominated me to do quite a while ago, sorry it took me so long! I would love it if you checked it out, thank you xx