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February Favourites

Hey Lovelies! I can't believe it's nearly the end of February, that's crazy! I love the end of the month because I can do my favourites, which I love to do and this is actually my 12th favourites so that means I've been doing favourite posts for a year now..be sure to check them all out for my year of favourites. Warning...this post will contain loads of pony goodness ;)


My favourite music this month has to be from My Little Pony and Equestria Girls. I can't stop listening..I'm actually listening to it right now! I was surprised by how good the music is and how it isn't totally annoying. I can't wait for more songs in Season 5 and EG: Friendship Games. The only other song that I will listen to at the moment is What I did for Love by David Guetta ft.Emeli Sande. I found this song by watching the Eastenders 30th Anniversary week as they played it at the end of live week with fireworks and I fell in love. It's a great song and makes me feel uplifting all the time :)


Again my favourite movie this month is another no brainer! It has to be Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks :) I'm not sure which I prefer as I love both for different reasons but I love watching them. I actually watched them with my Mum today, I loved it! I think the characters, personality, design are spot on and it just makes me love MLP even more!!


I haven't been playing many games recently but over the past few days I've got into Disney Magical World 3DS again and it reminded me how much I love it :) I love all the character you can meet and I'm currently dressed as Tinkerbell. I just wanna meet Peter Pan and my life will be complete!


My favourite book this month also follows my theme as it's the Official Guidebook for MLP and I love it! I also got the Journal of the Two Sisters, which follows Princess Celestia and Princess Luna on their journey to become princesses and the ponies Journal of Friendship book from Season 4. The guidebook follows Seasons 1-3 and has everything you need to know about the different ponies and the show in general. I really recommend this book as it is really interested with concept art, fun facts and information :)


I have found Netflix and once you find it there's no going back!! Netflix is actually where I saw the Equestria Girls movies and my whole MLP obsession started so THANKYOU NETFLIX! I wish the UK Netflix was as good as the US Netflix but hopefully one day :') If your thinking about trying Netflix, then I suggest that you have at least 24hrs free since you might think you'll be watching a 30 minute show but then 4 seasons later, you realise you need help ;)


I couldn't make this post and not include Eastenders! I'm not normally a massive Eastenders but my sister got into it last year sometime and I really wanted to watch the 30th anniversary episodes. Since it was the 30 years anniversary they were doing a special live week focusing on the big story 'Who killed Lucy Beale?!', which had been going on since she was murdered on Good Friday 2014. I can't believe it was Bobby?!! Really?! I wasn't too surprised since so many thought it was gunna be him as it's her 10 year old brother that normally has about 2 speaking parts every 6 months...most random suspect ever! I was pretty disappointed to be honest as I thought it was gunna be Cindy but oh well ;) I felt proud to be a Londoner and a huge congratulations to the whole Eastenders team especially Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale), Laurie Brett (Jane Beale), Ben Hardy (Peter Beale) and Mimi Keene (Cindy Beale) for such amazing acting!


I don't have an actual picture of my Rainbow Dash plush yet so enjoy this one I found on google :) I decided that I would collect Rainbow Dash mostly since she is my favourite and if I collected all the Mane 6, I would need a new room! I love plushies so this was a must and I love her! I kinda wish her hair was more cut and edgy like in the show but the colours in her hair are great.

That's my February Favourites! I'll leave you with one of my favourite scenes from Equestria Girls. Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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