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My Dream Cosplays!

Hey Lovelies! Another post today and it's something different to what I've done before :) I've never cosplayed anyone but I would LOVE to someday! I often tell my Mum that I would move out just so I can buy loads of cool wigs and outfits that I could just wear round my house!! I decided to make a list of all my dream cosplays that I would love to try someday. So here is my dream cosplays..

So first on my list is Disney Princesses! I couldn't make this list without them since they would be so SUPER COOL to cosplay. My favourites to cosplay would have to be Elsa in her ice dress, Rapunzel with long hair and Anna in her coronation dress. I love all 3 outfits and I would be too excited if I got to wear one, it would be a dream come true! Honey Lemon and Gogo are also pretty high on the list ;)

Following the Disney theme are my three favourite fairies. I've always wanted to dress up as Tinkerbell as I've always loved her and her shoes are the cutest! I also love little Periwinkle's outfit and it reminds me of Elsa in a way. Zarina is probably my favourite fairy outfit next to Tink as it's so different and edgy. I bought a doll of her since I love it so much! Plus you can't go wrong with WINGS!

I think right now these are the characters I would most like to cosplay! Rainbow Dash is my first pick since she is super AWESOME and I LOVE her boots and of course of hair..duh?!! It would be super fun and I would love to do a Equestria Girls and pony cosplay of her :) I also had to be AppleJack on this list since she is my second hair and THE HAT..it kills me everytime..I LOVE it!! My inner girly girl is calling Pinkie Pie and let's face it she would be super cute to do with the big pink hair and adorable outfit :)

My inner girly girl is also calling for Ever After High cosplay! I would love to do Maddie Hatter since she is my favourite and I think she would be the most fun with the cool coloured hair and zany outfit. I would love to Blondie since I'm a blonde and I love her outfit. I love Ashlynn but her outfit and hair just makes me love her more, it's so super cute!!!! Kitty is my edgy choice as it's different to rest but I love it especially the purple hair :)

Last on my list has to be the Barbie girls. I love the Barbie outfits way too much and these are just some of my favourites. I love Alexa's little pink dress with bun and adorable pumps but I also love Keira's totally purple cool popstar outfit with those boots!! Blair's is slightly different as it's quite preppy but I do love it and Blair is one of my favourites so I couldn't leave her out. 

I would also love to do something edgy like Harley Quinn or Black Widow, some kind of superhero cosplay that would be AWESOME! I hope someday I can cosplay, have awesome wigs and amazing costumes but at the moment character tops is as far as it goes ;) 

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