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Tinkerbell and The Pirate Fairy Review ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ The Pirate Fairy came out on DVD on Monday and I got my copy of course! I loved this movie in cinemas and couldn't wait to finally be able to watch it again. I bought the normal DVD copy and have seen it twice since I bought it. I'm going to do a overview type thing today to explain my thoughts and opinons about this.

The Pirate Fairy is the fifth movie in the Tinkerbell movies is probably my favourite tied with Secret of the Wings. I knew that I wanted to see this movie as soon I found out about it and knew Captain Hook would be in it and Tom Hiddleston would be voicing him..dream come true! As a HUGE Peter Pan fan this was amazing and I was super excited for it to come out. The movie starts going to the second star from London (YAY) to Peter Pan music which was so magical and as soon I heard the music I knew I was in love with this movie and it was only like 5 seconds in!! 

The story is based around a dust keeper fairy called Zarina. She is described as the Tinkerbell of Dust Keeping as she is very curious and wants to experiment with dust and find out what it can do but this has never been done and isn't allowed in dust keeping. After experimenting against dust keeping law, she becomes too much of a danger to the Pixie Hollow, she leaves feeling sad and outcast.

So when your outcast and excluded from your home what do you do...BECOME A PIRATE OF COURSE! When the fairies discover the blue dust that keeps them from running out of pixie dust is missing they follow a blue trail that leads to a Pirate ship and who's the captain of that ship...Zarina of course. The fairies have to go on an adventure of a lifetime with friendship, old faces and thrill to save Pixie Hollow, get the blue dust back and prove to Zarina that friendship is the best magic.

As I said there as a few faces aboard the ship such as James the cabin boy who most people would know as the famous Neverland pirate Captain Hook and a little baby crocodile does appear throughout the movie, you can guess who that is!? There are also lots of Peter Pan references to pick up on as kind of hidden mickeys. I love this as I'm a HUGE fan of Peter Pan so I fangirled everytime a reference came up!

As a Peter Pan fan I loved this movie as I felt it took the Tinkerbell series 'home' and kinda gave Disney a reason to make the Tinkerbell movies. Since the movies started she has become a tinker fairy, met another girl and found her lost sister...so I'm glad they did come back to a kind of base with meeting Captain Hook, if that makes any sense! At certain points in the movie I did get the Peter Pan magical feel especially when James learns to fly with Zarina, it really made me feel back at Neverland. When you first see Skull Rock, I felt a sense of happiness as this is one of my favourite places in Disney and I'm super happy to see it in a Disney movie again! 

I also absoultely LOVED the outfits that were designed for the fairies. Popular designer and Project Runaway Winner Christian Siriano designed Zarina's look for this movie and I have to say I'm in love. I would love to know what else Christian designed as I loved all of Zarina's outfits especially her pirate dress. The other fairies also get new pirate outfits for this movie and I love them too :') 

Overall I really loved this movie and enjoy watching it whenever I do. I think Zarina is an amazing character and is probably one of my favourites even though I love all the fairies ♥ If your a Peter Pan fan I think you should watch this and you will probably be surprised on how much you enjoy it. Oh and can I just say..TOM HIDDLESTON is Hook..another main reason to watch!!


I don't know if I've covered everything but I think this detailed review is enough! You can pick up The Pirate Fairy at most shops now in the UK and USA at least. I have some more reviews about recent Disney book buys so look forward to that! 

Oh and by the way my last post was my 100th one! OMG! I thought I would just share so yay! Bye Lovelies ♥ 

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