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May 2014 Favourites ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I wasn't going to blog today but then I saw I had 110 views already today so I thought I would treat you guys with a blog..My May Favourites! I will continue my Disneyland Paris Trip Updates after this :') I actually found my favourites quite hard this month as I was kinda depressed before we went to Disney as I felt everything other than Disneyland was boring..so I didn't want to do anything but luckily I have some so YAY! 

I have just put this song on my ipod recently and forgot how much I loved it. It's Much More Than A Dream from Cinderella 3. I think it is probably one of my favourite songs that Cinderella sings and one of my favourite squeals too. I love how it starts off so slow but then just becomes this power ballad song with so much passion. 

Do Minnie Ears count as a beauty item? They do in my bubble so oh well! I wore my Minnie Ears all the time while I was at Disney and I love them. To be honest I wish I could wear them all the time just like the Disney. I think they are SUPER CUTE!

This is literally my favourite game right now..no joke! It's always my favourite game but I have been really enjoying recently. I have made a new family who is in university at the moment. I don't have much to say as I talk about Sims so much!


It took me so long to pick a favourite movie as I haven't watched many new ones recently. I have been trying to catch up with the new Barbie movies like the child I am! I didn't expect to enjoy any of them to be honest as they used to be kinda weird but strangly I enjoyed quite a few. My favourite was probably Barbie: Princess Charm School. I really loved the animation and story..I thought it was cute!

My favourite book has definetly been the School for Stars series by the Willoughby Sisters. I picked up the first book out of interest and loved it so I got the other two. I had read the first and second one and I'm currently on the third. I can't wait to the new one to come out soon!

I found this art when downloading new ones to my ipod and I love it. It's called 'PicCandy' and it's amazing. It comes with loads of effects and cool overlays of pictures and words that you can apply to your pictures to make them awesome. I have used it quite abit since I got it and it is my favourite photo editing app ever..and it's free!


This might seem abit of a weird choice as before last month I didn't know this website even existed! I found this while looking around for Disney penpals and found a great Disney Princess community. I made an account and posted saying about penpals and got some replies back so I'm happy. It's a great website and you can just so many different communities. I highly recommded it.

SOFIA THE FIRST! It's probably my favourite show at the moment and I love watching. Yes I'm aware it is meant for younger kids but I DON'T CARE! I love all the characters especially Amber and Clover :) I love how the Disney Princesses are in it sometimes and I think it's a really cool programme. I have watched a few of the episodes and can't wait to see them all especially the first one with Cinderella in it :D

That's it for my May Favourites ♥ My Mum bought me Sleeping Beauty today as it was just released from the vault today and I have never seen it but really want to see Malifecent so it's a MUST SEE! I am actually kinda scared though because I don't like Malificent and Aurora gets on my nerves but you never know I might love it..anyway it's Disney I HAVE to see them all! 

Thankyou again for over 100 views today ♥ 
Bye Lovelies ♥

Things I mentioned
Cinderella 3 More Than a Dream - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAsHtz_mb1g
Minnie Ears - Disneyland Paris
TV - Disney Junior

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