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My Top 10 Disney Villains ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Sorry I haven't been posting much recently but I have been really extremely low this week so I haven't felt like blogging. I have been planning blog posts to come though about Disney, Disneyland and life in general. I am in a Disney villains mood today so I decided to do my Top 10 Disney Villains. Once again I need to disclaim that these are my opinions and if I don't include your favourite I'm sorry but these are my favourites...feel free to make your own!

10. Mother Knows Best! Mother Gothel from Tangled is my 10th favourite as I have got other villains after this so she isn't my least favourite at all but she is on this post..confusing right?! Anyway I love Mother Gothel but she doesn't really interest me much as a villain. She steals Rapunzel and keeps her for her own use but she doesn't really have any evil plans or fail loads..she just doesn't have that stupidity that most Disney villains have for me.

9. Oh Anna if only there was someone out there who loved you..Yes number 9 is Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. It's the same kinda reason as Mother Gothel as he doesn't have the stupidity that I feel Disney villains should have. I loved that you didn't know he was the villain but I kind of wished you did as I did miss a villain in Frozen. He is very evil though..

8. Trust me, my pungent friend. You'll get what's coming to you. It's Jafar from Aladdin. I love the movie and Jafar but he just seems to annoy me quite alot. I love Iago though, he's just so funny! I just don't get a great villain vibe from Jafar, he just doesn't interest to much as a villain but he is really cool and that is why he is number 8.

7. I'll get you for this, Pan if it's the last thing I do! Good old Captain Hook is number 7. I love Hook but let's face it..he is the world most failed villain. He never dies but always keeps trying so you have to give him so points for that. I do absolutely love his stupidity and attitude though and Smee is just the best..they are such a good pair!

6. You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me. Maleficent is one and only mistress of all evil is my number 6. Now if I did this a week ago Maleficent would have defiantly been number 9 or 10 but since watching Sleeping Beauty I have grown to like her evil ways. I love her attitude and how she calls everyone fools so often (even for a villain)! She still creeps me out when she turns into a dragon but I do love her character and she is very evil.

5. What I want from you is..YOUR VOICE! Yes indeed, seawitch Ursula has to be my number 5. I haven't seen The Little Mermaid since this time last year as she always scared the crap out of me especially with the big green hands in her song but now I'm older and I have seen it so many times I love them to pieces. I love her laugh too it's just amazing ♥ She is just so sassy and up-front, gotta love abit of Ursula!

 4. I use antlers in all of my decorating! I love that line by the one and only Gaston! I love Gaston so much. I remember watching Beauty and the Beast when I was younger but not much as I wasn't such a fan but now I have it on DVD and watch it so much. Me and my friend (you know who you are) love Gaston too and we watched it the other week and was literally laughing and fangirling all the time!

3. Guys, get your titanic rears in gear and kick some Olympian butt. The start of my Top 3 is Hades, Lord of the Underworld! Hades is really the same as Gaston, me and friend love Hades and really support him more than Hercules most of the time..like Hades puts up with so much and still fails! He is just so sassy and I love him more than ever now since I understand so many of his jokes.

2. You're in my world now, not your world, and I've got friends on the other side..Dr Facillier is number 2. So close but yet so far! I love Dr Facillier's evilness and attitude and just think he is an all round cool villain. I didn't see The Princess and Frog at the cinema and kinda wish I did just to see him in it! 

1. I'm surrounded by idiots! Scar comes in at my Top Disney Villain of all time! I love Scar and I feel he deserves to be at the top. He is just so evil and sassy at the same time. His villain song is just perfection and he is friends with some pretty stupid hyenas so give the lion credit! I think he is the worst villain as he pushed his brother into a flipping stampede and then blamed Simba..like how much worse can it get!? I love Scar and remember Be Prepared :')

I will finish this post will a villain medley from Heather Traska. She has loads of Disney covers and medleys and I love them so much. Here is the link to her youtube and I think you should all subscribe! 

Bye Lovelies ♥ 

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