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Tangled: A Dazzling Day by Brittney Lee ♥ Book Review ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I got my first ever Brittany Lee book, YAY! I love Brittany Lee and her style of art so when I found out she did books for several Disney movies I knew it was a must buy. I have been dreaming of buying these books since Christmas and finally got to buy one! I decided to buy Tangled first as I love Tangled and this was actually the cheapest as I think it's the smallest. I got it from Amazon for £2.35 (I think) so I was super happy! 

When I saw this book after it arrived and saw the cover I fell in love. It is bright and cute just like Rapunzel and the picture on the front is actually one of my favourite pictures in the entire book. The book is about Rapunzel's day seeing the lanterns. It is the story of Tangled but skips most of the actual story. It just tells you about how Flynn takes her the see the floating lights, how she feels and what they do in the village. I really loved how it wasn't the entire story over again as I have copies of that already so it was nice to have a alternative version. 

Brittney Lee's artwork in this book is breathtaking. I loved her art anyway but this made me love it so much more. Each page has different drawings of the day with a little bit of writing. Each picture is beautiful and these are some of my favourites (above). I love how she captivates Rapunzel and gives her the cutesty, feminine and vulnerable look she has. I love the detail in the drawings but also the basic feel they give that makes they so beautiful. 

I think two of the most beautiful pages are the last two when they are seeing the lanterns. The light is just right and gives off such a magical feel just from a picture in a book. I get the same feel in that I do in the movie during this scene and they are such beautiful drawings. I love the romance she can create between them from just a picture.

That's my review of A Dazzling Day by Brittney Lee for Tangled. I hope you enjoy the sneak peeks in the book and I fully recommend getting this if you love Tangled, Disney, Art or a Disney collector.

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