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Disney Haul - June 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ There has been a change of plan for the post today instead of another Disneyland Paris post..I'm keeping to the Disney theme but doing a Disney June Haul! I have got most of these things over the month of June so far. I have to do the disclaimer that everyone does about how I'm not trying to brag or show off, I just think it's a fun post and people loves hauls anyway!

More clips come first! I have been loving my princess clips I bought for Disneyland and wore them everyday. I found the first ones in ASDA for £3.50 which is pretty good. They are colourful and have sparkles on them. The 3 princesses included are Rapunzel, Belle and Ariel which was weird as those were the 3 I met at Disneyland Paris! The other ones are Tinkerbell clips and I was really happy I found these as they are bigger and I can hardly find Tinkerbell clips that aren't too small! They were actually from a pound shop so they were of course £1.

You guys know I'm like the BIGGEST Frozen fan here (I'm probably one of millions, but oh well) and I found this sticker book at other poundshop for of course £1. I was SUPER happy as I had bought about 5 packs of stickers in March when I saw them and thought 'Oh I will use those sometime'..I never did and was going to buy the sticker album anyway and then I saw this in the poundshop and I was so happy! It was the official starter album too so it came with stickers :)

This is one of my most recent buys as I only got it today. I have been pleading my Mum to buy this for me for weeks and today since I was feeling so bad she decided to buy it me. She didn't realise how nice it was until I got home and showed her. I was so happy and excited when I opened it..pretty much like a 6 year old would be ;) I got the starter pack so it came with the binder and all the other pieces plus a pack of cards. I was sooo hoping for good cards and I love the ones I got! I was hoping for a Rapunzel and I got her in glitter form so YAY! I also got Merida, Mulan, Mushu, Ursula (yay villain) and a story card of Princess and the Frog. I can't wait to collect more :D

My next purchase was made by my Mum to me as I had never seen this before. I had never seen Sleeping Beauty before as I had always hated Maleficent and she always scared me so much but since the new Maleficent movie is out and I want to see it..I had to watch Sleeping Beauty. Since the new Maleficent movie was being released Disney had to release Sleeping Beauty on DVD and Bluray out of the vault, which I was very happy about :) Me and my family watched it the night we bought it and we all loved it. It is now probably one of my favourites which is quite strange for me although dragon Maleficent stills scares me to high hell!

Thankyou Disney Movie Rewards for my Mulan DVD. I'm part of the Disney Movie Rewards club and when I buy a Disney DVD I get a code which gets me points on the movie rewards club. When you get enough points you can purchase one of the DVD they sell on the club for free. I got Mulan this time and now I have nearly finished my Disney Princess collection (YAY). I never really liked this movie except for Mushu but I saw it at my friends recently and it was better than I remembered :')

This DVD isn't actually mine really..it's my Dad as I got it him for Fathers Day but it's being added to my collection anyway! It's one of my Dad's favourites so I can't wait to watch it with him as I haven't seen it in a long time. This was the second DVD I got with the new Villain artwork and I was happy this was one of them as I wanted to get a villain cover but I had alot of the DVD already! I love this cover though so I'm happy :)

This was my first Villain artwork covered DVD that I bought myself. It is The Jungle Book and our copy got ruined so this was a must when I saw it. I love The Jungle Book and it's also a family favourite aswell. I love the music and characters so I'm happy that I finally got this DVD and can't wait to watch it :')

I'm a MASSIVE fan of Disney clothes so when I saw this is ASDA today I knew it was a must buy. My Mum bought it for me again and I am so thankful as I love it. It looks like they are going to a festival or something and it has Daisy on it which I was pleased about because I never see her on anything. It is super comfy and I love it ♥

My last Disney on this haul are my Kinder Limited Editon Disney Princess Figures. I LOVE these! I have collected these throughout April and May as they are so pretty. I was so pleased that I manage to collect all of them and only get 2 doubles! I personally got Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel and Belle. I got the other two (Jasmine and Punzie) from another disney fan on instagram who had doubles. I'm so happy that I found her and thankyou if your reading this Mirren :')

This is the last Disney item on my haul today (awww...). It is a Ariel tin and I do love Disney tins. I found it in TKMAX and fell in love. It has the most recent Ariel design on it and she looks lovely. I love the colours used and it is super bright and ribient. It says Just Gotta Sing on the front which is totally me and the Ariel like pops out abit just like my Frozen one :') It was actually a cosmetic set that came with nail polishes, lip gloss, clips and a nail file. My Mum was going to get rid of the beauty thing but I love them and wouldn't let her..I'm such a big child!

OK I kinda lied it isn't a total Disney haul but I thought I would include these last two things that I recently purchased. The first is my new Smash Book in the Retro Style for my recent trip to Disneyland Paris. I really enjoyed scrapping my trip last year so I decided to do the same this year. I love the SMASH books so much and have really missed no using one as I'm using a different brand for my 2014 book at the moment. I prefer Smash though and blue was the only colour I haven't used that they had in our UK store :( I love the blue but now I will have to order my future books online which is kind of annoying..stupid UK scrapbooking! I can't wait to starting smashing :D

This is my other non-disney item and it's the Ipod Touch 5th Gen in the colour Pink :') I have been wanting one of these for a while as I loved the look of IOS 7 so when my old Ipod died I hoped my Dad would buy me one of these as they are just better. I got this cheaper on Ebay as it was refubished by Argos so that was good. I have had this since I went to Disney as I got it a few days before but never got the chance to show you guys. I have been loving IOS 7 so far and can't actually fault it to be honest. Thankyou Mum and Dad!

That's it for my Disney Haul today but I hope you enjoyed ♥ 
Bye Lovelies ♥

Prices and Where
Disney Princess Clips - ASDA - £3.50
Tinkerbell Clips - Poundland - £1
Frozen Sticker Album - Poundland - £1
Disney Princess Trading Card Starter Pack - ASDA - £4.99
Sleeping Beauty DVD - ASDA - £10
Mulan DVD - Movie Rewards - FREE
Robin Hood Villain Cover - ASDA - £7
The Jungle Book Villain Cover - ASDA - £7
Disney Top - ASDA - Probably £6/7
Disney Princess Figures - Kinder Eggs - £1 for an egg - princesses may not be available anymore as limited edition..sorry!
Ariel Tin - TKMAX - £7
Retro SMASH book - Hobbycraft - £13
Ipod Touch 5th Gen Pink - Ebay Argos Outlet - £130


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