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My Top 20 Disney Characters ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm in a big Disney mood today so what's better than my Top 20 Disney Characters to round up the week :') This was really hard and I love so many of the characters..way more than 20 so this was a short listing. I probably missed some of my favourites out but oh well! I didn't include the original characters like Mickey and Minnie as I wanted to do a separate post on them but here's my Top 20 Disney characters!

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything else at all...Number 20 is Thumper :') I've never seen Bambi for years as I hate the fact the Mum dies but I do remember Thumper and love him so much. I have the thumper cuddle toy and pillow and love them both ♥ I love him throughout the movie and I love his little thump aswell.

We're all mad here...Number 19 is the Cheshire Cat. I've never been a massive fan on Alice in Wonderland as it kinda makes my head hurt but I have always loved the Cheshire cat and he has always been my favourite character. I loved how mysterious he was and kinda evil really!
Kitty! Number 18 is Sully or should I say James P. Sullivan ;) I have always loved Sully and thought he looked so furry and cute. I love how cute and cuddly he is and then can also terrify children! I also love Sully in Monsters University and I think that he is a great character!

I just can't wait to be king...Number 17 is Simba. I really like Simba as a character and have grown to like him more as I've got older. I like his attitude and fun side but his mature side when he finally goes back to Pride Rock :)

P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney...yep Number 16 is Dory :D I love Dory and I'm so happy that they got Ellen to voice her as it's just perfection ♥ I literally watch Finding Nemo for Dory and the humour between her and Marlin. It just makes it so much better than she forgets everything..oh and don't even mention Finding Dory to me..SO EXCITED!!!

He's a Tramp but they love him...Number 15 is Tramp which is probably abit usual. I don't ever hear anyone ever say they like them and Lady is just peoples favourite but I love Tramp. I love his attitude and he just reminds me of Thomas O'Malley from The Arisocats. I would love a dog just like Tramp oh and Scamp..I love Scamp :)

You ain't never have a friend like me...Number 14 is Genie! I LOVE Genie and Robin Williams. I think that Genie is just like Dory that if you had any other person voicing them it would just sound wrong. I watch Aladdin purely for Genie and the songs to be honestly. I think it is one of the most funniest Disney movies and me and my family like to watch it together :')

It's not right for a woman to read...Number 13 is of course Gaston :') I love Gaston and to be honest number 12 and 13 are tied as I love them both the same. I love the sass of Gaston and I love how vain he is. He is one of my favourite characters and I don't think Beauty and the Beast would be complete without him ♥

My favourite part of the game Sudden Death...Number 12 is Lord of the Underworld himself Hades! As I've said I have the same love for Hades and Gaston as I feel they are quite similar even though now thinking about it they are nothing alike..awkward :/ Anyway..I love Hades sass and just general Hades. Hades scared me so much as a child but now I love him :')

This is my family, I found it all on my own...Number 11 is everyones favourite little alien Experiment 626 Stitch! I love Stitch so much and who can't..he's adorable! I love everything about Stitch and he kinda reminds me of myself in ways as I'm often confused and lost in the world and I'm sometimes quite angry but I'm very loving too ♥

For the first time in forever...Number 10 is Princess Anna of Arendelle :') I love Anna and her awkwardness so much especially because she is just so relatable. When I was watching Kristen Bell being interviewed for Frozen she said she wanted to create a princess that children and adults could relate to and I'm pretty sure she did that so Well Done Kristen ♥ Anna is just so loveable and clumsy..I love her more everytime I watch the movie!

Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them...Number 9 is Marie :) Marie has been a favourite of mine since I was small. I always loved her pink bow and how she was white and the only girl. I remember having a Marie toy too! I love how ladylike she is but has that streak of boyish side to her from her brothers. 

It's so cute, it's like a baby unicorn...Number 8 is everyones favourite talking snowman Olaf! I'm in love with Olaf literally...whenever I see something with Olaf on I will just shout Olaf. He's just the guy I dream of but in a snowman :/ I love how he's cute, funny and loves warm hugs ♥

I'm surrounded by idiots...Number 7 is my favourite villain Scar! I just love him so much and everytime I watch The Lion King I remind myself why..he is just awesome and so creepy. I love how his plans actually work until Simba comes back and he tells Simba about Mufasa. Love you Scar ♥

Here's come the smoulder...Number 6 is Flynn Rider or Eugene Fitzherbert :) I have loved Flynn even before I saw Tangled as he is a pretty good looking character :/ I just love how his and Rapunzel's relationship forms and he opens up to her. I loved his clothes and of course his looks! Oh Eugene!

It's been a real slice...Number 5 is Meg ♥ I love Meg and her attitude throughout the movie and how she mellows (I think that the word) towards the end. I think her sarcasm is good and I love the sass between Meg and Hades ;) Gotta love abit of Meg ♥

I wanna see the floating lights...Number 4 of course is Princess Rapunzel of Corona ♥ I realised while watching Tangled a few weeks ago how much I love her and it really rekindled my love for Rapunzel and her personality. I'm very like Rapunzel in alot of ways just like Elsa, she like my more fun side :') 

Let it Go...Number 3 is my queen, Queen Elsa of Arendelle ♥ You will all know my love for Elsa if you have read my blog posts for a while. She is my favourite Princess/Queen along with Rapunzel as I can relate to her alot throughout the movie. I also love Idina Menzel voicing her and it gives her the right edge she needed. 

Faith Trust and Pixie Dust...Number 2 is Disney most famous fairy Tinkerbell! I LOVE Tinkerbell and always have. She was probably one of my favourite characters since I was young as I have had obsessions over her and even Tinkerbell parties! I do prefer her in the Peter Pan movies to her own as I loved her selfish and angry she got but I guess she doesn't have Peter to protect in her own movies. I have also always loved her look ♥

The Second Star to the Right...Number 1 is of course my Peter ♥ Peter Pan is my favourite Disney movie and when I'm sad I love to thinking about Peter Pan and watch the movies because they always give me hope and make me happy. I feel Peter Pan gives us alot of the old Disney magic. I will always believe in Peter Pan and Neverland till I die (sounds stupid but who cares?!) because it keeps me going and it's always somewhere to escape to in my dreams and my thoughts when life gets too much ♥

That's my rundown of my Top 20 Disney Characters :') I have so many other favourites like Cinderella and Alice but these were the first that came into my mind. I will leave you with some Peter Pan Disney confessions that really relate to me so much ♥

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