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Disneyland Paris May 2014 ♥ Swing into Spring Festival ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I have to first apoligies for not properly posting since last Sunday! I have been extremely low in my mood this week and haven't done much at all exept attend two exams at a push :( I am going to get back into the swing of things now and blog as much as I can for you guys as I love to blog! I thought that I should come back to a Disneyland Paris post as I still have abit more to share about my trip..hope I'm not boring you! 

This year my family visited Disneyland Paris for the Swing into Spring Festival as we had never been to it before. I loved it so much and would love to go back just for the atmosphere! I'm going to explain what was special during this time but I won't go into to much detail as it is actually ending on the 22nd of this month :(

First of all your have an amazing decoration on the train station with the logo on and all the original characters in a spring mood. I love this so much and felt it really expressed the spring feel. I have yet to see the train station with no decorations on it but I don't care as I love the decorations so much. As you can see I had to take alot of photos!

Next up was all the Spring decoration along Main Street USA. I loved what they did to Main Street and I wish it could look like this all the time but then it wouldn't be special I guess..that sounded really cheesy..sorry :/ As it was Spring there had to be plenty of flowers and of course there was! It was stunning. All over the gaesbo and flower beds was flowers and flowers.

If you walked further down to Sleeping Beauty's castle you would be able to see the breath-taking flower displays of some of the most known Disney animals in pure flowers. I think these were my favourite things about the Spring time at Disneyland Paris as I loved seeing them everyday. My favourite was probably the Bambi one which is weird as alot of people didn't really take to it but I love the colours. It's the same with The Aristocats as the colours were amazing and it was nice to see some Aristocats around the park. I do love The Lion King and the 101 Dalmatians ones but they don't give me the same big coloured feel.

If you dare to adventure to Casey's Corner from 11:30 you will meet The Lost Princess herself...Princess Rapunzel. I was so excited to find this out before I went and knew it was a must do as I have always wanted to meet her and it was going to be easier than hoping to see her at The Princess Pavalion. The wait was 3/4 hours but luckily due to my disability pass the wait was a shorter 1hr and 30 minutes. She was lovely and I loved her Spring backdrop especially as you can see a small Pascal on the Spring sign. She is placed where Winnie the Pooh normally does his meet and greet so it is very easy to find and see! She was originally going to be only having meet and greets till the end of the Spring Festival but as she proved so popular she will be continuing from July 5th to August 31st which I think is pretty cool.

There was another meet and greet going on too during the day at Duffy's usual spot. For Springtime you could meet either Duffy, Minnie or Russell from Up. Duffy and Minnie were dressed in their special Spring outfits and Russell was just a special meet anyway. Sadly Russell wasn't there when I visited as he is only avalible certain days but we did see Minnie and she was super cute!

As this is Disneyland shows and parades would have to be part of their Spring Celebrations! Two different shows/parades were added for this festival and they were both amazing. I felt that they both really yelled original Disney to me especially 'Welcome to Spring' by the gasebo and I think Walt would be pretty proud. I will start with the 'Welcome to Spring' short show by the residents of Main Street in Victorian attire. It was truly enjoyable and original. I was sad that it was only about 10 to 15 minutes long but I thought what was there was lovely. The other parade was 'Spring Promenade' which featured alot of characters dancing to Mary Poppins songs. It was another amazing experence and the sun was shining too! The Royal Castle Stage was also used with singers and dancers including Clarabelle the Cow. The 20th Anniversary Train was also re-used as a Spring Train with more Main Street residents who danced to the music along with popular characters from the originals and Mary Poppins to Alice and Winnie the Pooh even Stitch joined the party! 


WOW! That's alot of pictures! We even have our picture with some of the Main Street residents which was lovely. Be aware that the shows don't take place on certain days. If you haven't seen Welcome to Spring don't worry as they are continuing the short show for summer titled 'Welcome to Summer' from July 5th to August 31st, so that should be lovely :')

Even the Disney Village took part in the celebration by having small stalls selling lots of Spring treats which were often gave into and bought! I was SUPER excited when I found a stall that sold Churrios, Benyas and Pretzels. I had never seen Churrios or Benyas at Disneyland Paris..I probably wasn't looking hard enough but I knew that I had to try a churrio. I did and they were deliocous! I also had multiple pretzels throughout the trip and a marshmallow stick with white chocolate and m&ms on alot from the stall pictured above! My Mum also bought a couple of toffee apples during the trip as she does love a Disney toffee apple..she even brought one back home! 

I have loved the Swing into Spring at Disneyland Paris this year and I hope to eventually be able to visit for all seasons! I hope that they continue the Spring celebrations for years to come as it was really nice to experence. I would reccommed going for this celebration when it is on as it I think it was really nicely done :') Well Done Disneyland Paris ♥ 

OMG! That post was SUPER LONG! I'm sorry but I did talk about things in abit more detail! Before I end this post I just wanted to say that I look Belle's new look at DLP and I very glad that I met her in own original dress before they gave her the redesigned one :') I can't wait till the finally give all the princesses their new dresses because I have loved the other redesigned dresses.

Bye Lovelies ♥

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