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Currently I Am... ♥ June 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies! I've only just realised how far into June we are already and I haven't posted a 'Currently I Am...' post! I was planning on posting about Disneyland Paris again today but that will be coming tomorrow so get excited for that even though I'm probably boring you to tears with it all now. 

Reading...I haven't actually been reading that much lately but the last book I read was the second book from the School for Stars series. I'm on the third one now :')
Watching...the new series of Dance Moms as you do. Oh and loads of Sofia the First!
Playing...Style Boutique 3DS, Mario Kart 7 3DS and Sims :')
Trying...to complete my Frozen sticker album.
Eating...Drumstick Squashies, yummy!
Drinking...Mcdonalds Peach and Passion Fruit iced fruit smoothie, they are super good. 
Cooking...nothing as normal.
Texting...my friends about the cinema :')
Pinning...I don't pin sorry :/
Tweeting...All about E3!
Crafting...my Disney scrapbook :)
Doing...this lovely blog post for you all ♥
Going...nowhere right now, just chilling in my Daisy Duck PJs :')
Loving...all the Disney DVD Villain covers and new re-released ones :D
Hating...that summer isn't here yet :(
Enjoying...wearing all my Disney clothes!
Thinking...about my future...
Feeling...mixed because I have school still but summer nearly here!
Hoping...that I can go to school on Monday without any problems :(
Listening (to)...More than a Dream from Cinderella 3 and Ghost by Ella Henderson, love those songs.
Celebrating...that I have actually been to school today after not going for 2 weeks :)
Thanking...my family for helping me these past few weeks ♥
Considering...whether I should go on Sims after I finish this blog post?
Finishing...converting all my Disney VHS into DVDs :)
Starting...to feel abit brighter ♥

And that's what I'm currently doing ♥
Have a happy Anna to make your day brighter :')

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