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Disneyland Paris ♥ May 2014: Be Our Guest ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm having one of those days today guys so I thought I would blog about Disney to cheer myself up! I am loving blogging all about Disneyland Paris and might do more of it about upcoming news and things in the future as I enjoy it so much. I hope this is helping you guys if your going to Disneyland anytime soon or even if you enjoy reading it ;) I got a comment today saying how helpful my Disneyland Haul was so thankyou to that person and I'm glad it helped, let's hope this can do the same :)

I'm discussing dining today..not all the resterants and definealty not the Be Our Guest Resturant as they don't have one in Disneyland Paris sadly but just the dining that I have experenced. I hope this is shorter than my other post and there will be tips and tricks in this too hopefully!

The Lucky Nugget Saloon - Frontierland

The Lucky Nugget is my family favourite resturant. We went there last year and loved it so our first Disney meal was at The Lucky Nugget this year. It is at the enterance of Frontierland so you can't miss it and it is cowboy themed. I personally love it and the food is great. It is a table service resteurant but it is SUPER fast as you order when you arrive. Like alot of dining in Disney there are 3 meal opinons to choose from with either an ice cream or fruit salad. The food size is great and really fills you up for the night ahead. They even have a band playing Disney tunes and other songs on some nights. It can get pretty busy so I would get there earlier rather than later. 

Cafe Hyperion - Discoveryland

Cafe Hyperion is very big and you can't really miss it. It is near Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. It is a counter service resturants so it can get quite busy at peak times. There is alot of seating including benches near the big tv screens showing Disney shorts from different movies which is pretty cool if you ask me. The food is American cuisine so it includes the regular burgers, nuggets, chips, salads and fizzy drinks. We have ate at Cafe Hyperion both times we have been as it quite convient.

Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost - Adventureland

We had never ate at Colonel Hathi's before this year and had never really noticed it before. It is pretty tucked away in my opinon but it would be easy to find if you used a map..unlike us ;) It is a Jungle Book themed resturant as Colonel Hathi is the elephant in The Jungle Book so they play alot of Jungle Book music which I think is pretty cool. There are quite a few seats but it can get very busy quickly at peak times. It serves Italian cuisine such as pizzas, pastas and lasagne's. The potions are good and fill you up. It is counter service again so there can be a longer wait at times. I would defiently go back to Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost as I had the pasta and it was delicious and kept me warm throughout Dreams! Oh and if you stay late enough they light up the tree with fairy lights and it is super magicial!

Casey's Corner - Main Street USA

I haven't actually ate anything from Casey's Corner but my sister had a hotdog when we went in May and she liked it alot. It was really big so my Dad had to finish it but it did look good. The queue was pretty long and there wasn't much seating either but we just sat on Main Street pavement which wasn't too bad!

Disney Blockbuster Cafe - Hollywood Studios - Backlot

I ate at the Blockbuster Cafe last year when we went to the Studios for the first time and it poured it down so heavily. We came out of a ride and immediately ran into the cafe to stay dry. We were hungry so decided to eat there but t seemed like so did the rest of the Studios..it was PACKED! I don't remember much of it to be honest but it was split into two halves High School Musical and Pirates of the Caribbean. We sat in the HSM part as it was the only seat we could find. It was kinda funny sitting in a HSM building as it had come out about 5 years ago and I loved it at the time! Anyway it was counter service again and it was extremely busy. It served sandwiches, hot snacks and salads. I had a pasta dish and it was nice from what I can remember..

Restaurant Hakuna Matata - Adventureland

We ate at so many different places during our latest trip to Disneyland Paris and I loved Restaurant Hakuna Matata even though I was abit nervous about eating there as it used some spices and I'm not a spice person. It was the last restaurant we ate in before we left so it was also quite emotional aswell! The food was amazing though. I had the lightly spice chicken strips which was a big change for me as I normally eat no spice but they were lovely. It is counter service again and can get quite busy at peek times but I would highly recommed eating there sometime. It also plays The Lion King all the time so it was cool to jam too!

The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour - Main Street USA

My family ate here on our first trip last year on our last day. It is an ice cream parlour ovbiously which serves ice cream (DUH?!), waffles and crepes. It might serve other deserts but that's there speciality. I had a waffle with ice cream and strawberry sauce when I went and it was beautiful. It was so sweet and tasty. The place wasn't too busy but there aren't many seats from what I saw so it can be quite hard to eat there. I would love to try it again another time.

Cafe Mickey - Disney Village

I nearly forget my favourite of all! CAFE MICKEY! I persuaded my family to eat at Cafe Mickey this year as I really wanted to try and have a character dining experence. I knew it could be really expensive but I looked online alot and found out a TOP TIP! 'The pizzas are super big and a familes can share one or two pizzas together' this makes the price drop alot as your only paying for two meals. We didn't have deserts but got a deserts in the park instead which cost alot less. I was happy with this as it meant we were paying about half the price to have a meal and meeting characters. It was the best experence in my time at Disney and probably my life. It was literally my heaven! I would love to try all the character dining experences one day although they are all extremely expensive! 

WOW! That was alot of blogging..I didn't realise it was going to be that long but then decided half way through to include my past dining experences too to help everyone. Hope this helped you or you just enjoyed reading it. I think my next blog post will be about the parades and shows plus Frozen at DLP :)

Bye Lovelies ♥

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