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My Little Pony and Disney Mashups!

Hey lovelies ♥ Today I thought why not combine my two favourite things and mash them together so I present 'My Little Pony and Disney Mashups'! It took a while to set everything for this and alot of thinking for the perfect mashup and every pony has 2 disney mashups :) I've only done the Mane 6 so far but I would love to do some others in future!
Twilight Sparkle is the leader of the gang and represents the Element of Magic. I actually thought of Jane from Tarzan first as a mashup since she is studying animals and writes all about it just like Twilight does with her friendship lessons. I was looking for ages then for another mashup and then I saw a picture of Belle and didn't know how I hadn't thought of it sooner! Belle is the perfect Twilight mashup as she is continually reading and is always at the book shop. Belle and Twilight are both in a new town and find it hard to make friends but they don't judge anything by it's cover :)
Applejack is the reliable one in the gang and represents the Element of Honesty. I think Applejack was one of the easier ones since Jessie was a no brainer..cowgirl..duh?! I thought of Tiana first as Applejack's personality and attitude to everything just remind me of Tiana. They both care alot about family and they are both extremely hard-working sometimes to the point of exhaustion! Jessie is a ovibous choice really since she is a cowgirl and wears an awesome hat just like Applejack. They are both fiesty, strong, bold and can totally hold their own.
Rarity is the style guru in the gang and represent the Element of Generosity. I think Rarity was actually the hardest as it took me forever to get the perfect matches. Charlotte from The Princess and the Frog was easy as she just reminds me of Rarity. They both dream of being royal and princesses but will do anything for their true friends. Rosetta took me FOREVER! I first thought of Miss Piggy but then decided I wanted to use human characters as they are already ponies..then I suddenly thought of Rarity and dirt and Rosetta sprung to my mind and they are perfect! They both hate getting dirty and love making themselves look fabulous ;)
Pinkie Pie is the random one in the gang and represents the Element of Laughter. I found Pinkie Pie's matching as hard as Rarity too. I knew straight away that Anna had to make an appearance since they both get super excited quickly, love making new friends, hate being lonely and singing alot of songs plus when you mess with them, your in trouble..! I'm always comparing Maddie Hatter from Ever after high to Pinkie so when I saw a picture of Maddie with Pinkie, it hit me! Pinkie had to be the perfect Mad Hatter! It makes total sense as they are both as insane as each other!! 
Rainbow Dash is the brave one in the gang and represents the Element of Loyalty. I always feel abit of Peter Pan in Rainbow Dash even though he isn't featured as they both fly and love to boast about their awesomeness but then I decide he didn't have the sassy fiesty personality I wanted. I remembered how much Gogo Tomago loves speed and that's her thing plus she is a tomboy like Rainbow Dash with that fiesty element. Vanellope was a different choice and again she just loves speed. She is also super competive and loves to win. 

Fluttershy is the gentle one in the gang and represents the Element of Kindness. Snow White had to be a match for Fluttershy since they both love animals and have a special connection with them. They are also both get afraid quite easily but their animal friends help them along the way. Fluttershy and Snow see the best in everyone and are always kind towards others. Giselle is often forgotten but I felt her vunable friendly personality matched Fluttershy. They both love singing and expressing how they feel to their animal friends. They are both also ready to stand up for their friends and family. 

That's my Mane 6 mashups, here are some of my favourites that I found on google!

I'll leave you with the new music video to Shine Like Rainbows from Rainbow Rocks! Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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