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Currently I Am...♥ March 2015 ♥

Hey lovelies :) I was thinking what blog post should I do today and the realised that it's time for my currently I am! I'm thinking of doing another lookbook soon for oufits and bedroom interiors inspired by all different characters so look out for that and I have some birthday hauls coming super soon too!

Reading...the first rainbow rocks book, it's super cool :)
Watching...my little pony still (can't wait for season 5) and once upon a time!
Playing...disneyland adventures on kinect with my sister :')
Trying...to improve my social skills abit...
Eating...creme eggs..it's never too earily!
Cooking...i'm gunna bake a cake for my birthday next week, fingers crossed ;)
Texting...my best friend about my birthday and 60th disneyland anniversary..i wish I could be there!
Pinning...i haven't done much pinning this month :|
Tweeting...my latest blog posts :')
Crafting...i've been making little pinmail thankyou cards :)
Doing...alot of planning for my birthday, it gunna be awesome!
Going...to see Cinderella and Frozen Fever when it comes out, i can't wait!!
Loving...the new frozen fever song and mlp season 5 sneak peeks :)
Hating...that the UK doesn't really sell mystery minis..i need some!
Enjoying...listening to music, i really need some new headphones..do they do disney or mlp ones??
Thinking...of what I wanna do with my life..I really wanna learn a instrument atm either electric guitar or drums..random right??
Feeling...mixed alot lately :(
Hoping...that this week goes quicker for my birthday!
Listening (to)...my little pony and equestria girls soundtrack as always and the frozen fever song, it's so good!
Celebrating...that my sweet 16 is in about a week :')
Considering...what doll I wanna buy next..hard choices?!
Finishing...i'm not sure...
Starting...to try and feel happier :')

I'm gunna end my post with some of my favourite fanart (there's alot!) from MLP, Equestria Girls, Ever After High, Sofia the First and Disney!

Oh and one more thing..I love this video :') 

Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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