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My Little Pony Season 5 Wishlist!

Hey Lovelies! So only 4 days to go till Season 5..and excited is an understatement!! I have been seeing quite a few MLP season 5 wishlist and decided it was time to make one of my own since I wish alot of this would happen this season..that probably won't but who cares! I have quite a few ideas on my wishlist so sit back and relax ;)

1. More Depth on AppleJack

AppleJack is my second favourite pony as I love her attitude to everything, it just makes me laugh..don't even get me started on the accent or HAT! Anyway, over the last 4 seasons we have had a few episode that try to go abit deeper like The Last Roundup but most of her episodes are generally about APPLES! I get it, that's her thing but I would love some episodes in Season 5 that didn't even include apples but when deeper into AppleJack as a character :)

 2. More AppleJack and Rarity Episodes

Some of my favourite episodes to watch are the AppleJack vs. Rarity ones! There hasn't been many but I love everyone they make. I really want some more in Season 5, pleasee! They are just too funny and the contrast and friendship between the two are perfect.

3. More fillies! 

I love the Cutie Mark Chronicles episode when we found out how the Mane 6 got their cutie marks but I want more fillies! I really want there to be backstories to more of the characters especially life in Cloudsdale with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy as I would love to see their friendship and we also saw that 3 older ponies called Rainbow Dash names during her story in the episode, so that would be cool to address and who is the male that Rainbow Dash is with during the Games Ponies Play episode flashback?! And of course I want more Pinkie family since I love how different Pinkie is! 

4. More Daring Do!

I LOVE Daring Do and her episodes are some of my very favourites! I really really really want more Daring Do in Season 5 as it could be totally EPIC! I love the adventure and thrill of her episodes. I'm not sure what they could do next as I've loved the other 2 episodes but I want more Daring Do ;)

5. More Discord!

This one is pretty easy and I'm 99.9% sure that Discord will show up at some point as he became more of a featured characterr in the last season especially the Season 4 finale. He knows about the castle and is one of the first to enter with Mane 6 and other princesses. I'm sure he will appear in Season 5, well I SUPER DUPER hope so!

6. More mucked up ponies!

Ok this sounds super weird and I'm not quite sure how to put it but I love when the ponies are mucked up?! What I mean is I love the episodes Return of Harmony and Magical Mystery Cure, when the ponies aren't exactly themselves. I wish that Magical Mystery Cure was a 2 part finale since I feel that it was slightly rushed but oh well! I would love an episode, kinda like the Magical Mystery Cure episode but where Twilight travels to a parallel universe and all ponies have changed personalities but still have their talents. For example AppleJack could be Rarity and Pinkie Pie could be Fluttershy...but they wouldn't know anything was different and would act like that have been like that their own lives. I dunno..something that changes the ponies! Kinda like the parallel universe episode of The Suite Life..anyone remember?! You know what I mean..I hope!

 7. Fairytale Book Arch

I love the story arch that Season 4 had with the keys and I hope Season 5 has the same. I was thinking of one of the themes they could have and wouldn't it be cool if they each got pulled into a fairytale and had to complete their story?! I would love this theme and I think it would really work as there are tons of fairytales to choose from! 

8. Princess AppleJack?!

Ok let me explain, I don't want AppleJack becoming an alicorn princess! This wish is kinda like the one above as I wish that AppleJack would be taken out of her comfort zone..which I feel is apples mostly ;) Imagine if they went to a fairytale land and AppleJack was a princess?! You know what I'm getting at..so please make it happen..I can't help but love AppleJack when she's all girly..but maybe add the hat??

9. One of the Mane 6 to become a villain?

Now I don't want one of the Mane 6 to become a villain premantly but imagine if one became a villain for an episode or two? I loved when Rarity became Nightmare Rarity in one of the MLP comics and felt it was really creative. It would give the show some spice and include alot of danger and adventure, which is always good! Or imagine if all the Mane 6 became villains and the background ponies that we all love had to come together and help them become themselves again?? 

10. Cutie Mark Crusaders finally get their cutie marks!

I think that most fans want this now as it's been a long 4 seasons of the CMC trying to get their cutie marks. I feel that they have grown so much since the 1st season and it's time that they enter a new adventures. I would love to see them finally get their cutie marks in this season and see what else they can get up to! 

11. The Mane 6 turn into fillies!

I love the filly versions of the Mane 6 and got the idea that they should make a episode when the Mane 6 turn into fillies from a youtube video that I will share here: 

I think that the Cutie Mark Crusaders turning the Mane 6 into fillies in another stupid way to try and get their cutie marks would be a great episode especially since you can then please around with baby fillies! 

12. Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolt Dream Continue!

I hope that another step in Rainbow Dash's dreams of being a Wonderbolt happens during Season 5 since she has been to the Wonderbolt Acadamy, met the team and even been asked to fly with them at the Equestria Games and has even taken a test to make the reserves! She has to make it some time even if it isn't what she expected when she finally makes it and decided to quit..seems to always happen :| I love the Rainbow Dash and Wonderbolt episodes so I hope to see some more in Season 5 with of course more appearances of Spitifire :)

They are all my Season 5 wishes that probably won't come true but oh well! 
To celebrate Season 4 I found this amazing video of a quick look back, can you name all the episodes?

And a big Happy Birthday to Ashleigh Ball, who voices my favourite ponies Rainbow Dash and AppleJack!!

To finish I'm gunna share some cool pictures I found while looking for the different pictures for this post! Until next time, bye lovelies :)

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