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Super Duper Birthday Update! March 2015 ♥


Yesterday was my 16th birthday and I had an awesome day filled with loads of magic and laughter. I loved every minute and it just felt so crazy to finally be 16! I remember watching 'My Super Sweet 16' on MTV with friends when I was like 6 and thinking 'WOW, 16 looks so cool' and now I'm actually here!! I just wanted to share some pictures from the day to celebrate :) 

 I love my family so much and my birthday just wouldn't be the same without them. I also so amazed when my internet friends wished me happy birthday from all over the world!! I might not have had the big sweet 16 party with a massive tent and a bloody elephant like on MTV but my birthday was awesome and I couldn't imagine anything better :)

 My theme was My Little Pony this year as it's my latest obsession! My Mum and Sister helped make the cakes as I couldn't find the perfect cake. Can you guess whose my favourite..does the giant cutie mark on a blue cake give it away..or is the actual pony on the cake?! We also made cupcakes with all the other Mane 6 cutie marks on, it was SUPER FUN!!

I wanna thank my family so super much and I loved spending the day with them! 
I will have more posts coming with hauls and presents, so look out for those..there is alot of Disney and My Little Pony!!

 Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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