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So much News! Disney, Pixar, My Little Pony and More!

Hey lovelies! Second blog post of the day, can you believe it?!? I was so excited when so much news and videos came out this week so I couldn't wait any longer to post! Let's get started before I burst!

Inside Out Trailer - Pixar

I'm so excited for this movie as it's different to any movie ever! I not massive on emotion and find it hard to express them but this movie looks like it might help :') I wasn't sure where they were going with the plot of this movie from the last few teaser trailers but now I've seen the official trailer, I can't wait! This trailer finally explains the semi-plot and it looks amazing! I just hope it doesn't go too fast, kinda like Wreck it Ralph ;) My favourite by far is Sadness, she's just too cute!!

Frozen Fever - Disney

I cannot contain my excitement for this short any longer, I just need to see it!! I love the new song and it just makes me feel warm and brings me back to that amazing time when I first saw Frozen. Frozen means so much to me as it's really helped me and hearing this song just makes me feel happy :') I'm also SUPER EXCITED about the official annocment of Frozen 2!!! I can't believe it since it was only posted a few days ago that they weren't going to do a sequel! Disney doesn't have the best reputation for sequels but we haven't been let down so far and as long as they keep the amazing writers, songwriters and actors I'm pretty sure we will have the best Disney sequel EVER! 

Avengers 2 Trailer 

I'm a big superhero fan and Marvel is my favourite! I love all the avenger type movies like Ironman, Captain America..and the first Avengers movie is amazing!! I can't wait for the second one as it just looks bigger and better plus I remember finding out after the first one that they were making a second one and it was coming out in 2015 and that felt like FOREVER but now it's here, I can't believe it! 

Hotel Transylvania 2 Teaser Trailer

When I first found out about the first one I didn't take much interest as I'm not much of a supernatural fan but when I saw I loved it. I was so different to what I thought it would be and all the characters and voice were spot on. My Mum loves this movie and I can't wait to show her this new teaser trailer for the second one! It looks super good and totally cute, I'm actually looking forward to this ;)

My Little Pony Season 5 Sneak Peek

I'm so glad that Season 5 of MLP is nearly here..21 days and counting!! There are has been two new videos since my last update including another in-depth look and a sneak peek! The sneak peek makes me feel so excited and slightly worried about this episode and season..Starlight Glimmer kinda creeps me out in a nice weird way :| I also love the in-depth look, the table is the coolest thing ever..I NEED ONE! I seriously can't wait for Season 5!! 

That's all my super exciting news! Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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