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March Favourites

Hey lovelies! So I started this eariler but had to go get my haircut..some people love it but believe me..i'm NOT one of them!!

I've also been so busy this past weekend as it was my Mum's birthday and I went to see Cinderella on friday since it finally came out in the UK! I loved it and will hopefully be doing a full review of it and of course Frozen Fever :) I also went to the Cinderella Exhibtion in London and took tons of photos so I will be doing a post on that too! Anyway, today I had to do my March favourites since I'm running out of time..it's April on Wednesday!!

* queue dramatic applejack! *

So anyway that's what my post is today! Get ready for lots and lots of ponies and princesses!


Once again this month I've been loving the My Little Pony and Equestria Girls soundtracks and have been listening to them daily..I'm actually listening now..together we sure raise this barn! I can't wait for Season 5 with all new amazing songs!! I've also been loving the newest Frozen song 'Making today a perfect day' and I know all the words really now, so yay! 


Cinderella has to be my favourite movie this month, it was just so totally awesome! It was pure classic Disney magic that just makes me feel warm and cosy. I will be trying to do a full review in the next few days..or weeks..you know me ;) It was WAY above my expections and I loved every minute, it was stunning! Of course, I also fell in love with Frozen Fever and actually teared up abit as it just means so much to me, roll on Frozen 2!


I got loads of books this month since I got loads for my birthday but nothing compares to my probably my favourite EVER books, Daring Do! I didn't expect much from the books to be honest but hell are they good! I can say that at some points I don't wanna put the book down it's so good. I love how you learn about about Daring Do as she is my 2nd favourite pony after all! I'm on book 2 so half way there I guess..but pleaseee make more!!


I wasn't too excited about OUAT when it came back this month since I love villains but I wasn't too fond of which villains they picked..but I had to conintue as I still love the show. After the first few episodes I wasn't too impressed to be honest and it was so hard to try and find them as they show it on UK time anymore :| Anyway, Netflix finally added it and update it every Wednesday with the newest episode so I decided to catch up on the two episodes I hadn't seen and I actually enjoyed them. I feel the season has the base now and is starting to get much spicer with all different characters in the mix, old and new! I have also been loving Gogglebox this month, it's just too funny!!


I've had such an AWESOME month for toys and it was really hard to pick out of them all! I decided that my favourite toy this month was my Rainbow Rocks stage and my Equestria Girl dolls. I love them so much even though they aren't to everyone's enjoyment ;) I can't wait to get all the Mane 6 in their little neon tights and display it in my room, it gunna look so cool!!


I loved two games this month, the first being the MLP app game. I downloaded it on laptop and it's really good. I can't wait to add more things to my ponyville and of course more ponies! So far from the Mane 6 I have Twilight, Pinkie Pie and AppleJack so 3 to go! I have also been loving Disney Pixar Rush for Xbox Kinect. My sister bought it for me for my birthday and it's so good. I haven't played it in a few days since I've been feeling weird (as usual :|) and I've been busy but I can't wait to play again :)


I generally struggle for a new website to show you but I discovered AllAboutMLPMerch this month and it's awesome! It's just like a giant database of all the MLP merch you can buy with new updates daily of new and upcoming products. I love everything like this and I love to check back daily to see what's new :) You can check it all out here: http://www.mlpmerch.com/

That's my March Favourites! I'm so happy I was able to do them before March ended, yay!
And....I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED because Sims 4 Get to Work comes out on Thursday here in the UK and of course MY LITTLE PONY SEASON 5!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for Season 5, I could burst!

Until next time, bye lovelies :)

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