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My Little Pony Season 5 New Trailer and Release Date Revealed!!!


That's right the day is finally here when we find out when we will get to see our favourite little ponies in action in all new adventures! The latest trailer gave us more information on the season and new characters. It looks like this season it's about cutie marks!

 As seen before in other trailers the pony friends arrive in a new town and it's nothing but smiles from all the villagers. The ponies release quickly that there is something super weird with their ponies and they are had equal cutie marks instead of their usual personal cutie mark. 

We meet our newest villain from Season 5, Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer runs this town and has made her perfect utopia. Starlight Glimmer has a different view on friendship and feels everyone should be equal to be friends, so no special talents or unique equalities. She seems to be quite anti-communism and needs nopony to be better than each other. Everyone is her town seems extremely happy on the outside but we will be delving into the problems. Of course Starlight Glimmer hasn't just got plans for her small town, she has plans for the whole of Equestria..dun dun dun!!

Now anyone remember this movie?! This movie used to scare me so much and I think at the time I preferred the Care Bears movies but I do remember watching it quite abit as a child! If you do then you might remember Smooze? Smooze is the big purple slime monster and was made by some witches (i think) in the movie. Smooze then completely covered all over Dream Valley, the home of the ponies and they had to stop him before it ruined their valley! Well..know of him or not, you will soon since Smooze is coming back!! I'm so happy since I remember this movie so much when I was little and how much it creeped me out, but just imagine discord and smooze together..perfection ;)

It has also been announced that the 100th episode with be all about those amazing background characters you see all the time but don't really feature. I'm guessing there will be no main characters in the episode and I'm super excited to find out more about the background gang and I'm also curiouser to see how they make the episode..curiouser and curiouser..

All the new adventures start on April 4th so be sure to check that out!

Doing this post actually made me feel really nostalgic especially since so many of these awesome voice actors were part of my childhood so I looked up some old opening songs and I thought why not share some since some of you might remember these too?! I remembered two different ones out all the different ones excluding this one obviously. I'm not sure if I watched them but I'm sure I saw My Little Pony Tales a couple of times..unless I just have heard it before??

For the past few days I've haven't felt great abit like this..

but hopefully tomorrow will be a great day and I will feel like this..

Anyway until next time, bye lovelies ♥ 

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