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Birthday Haul - Part 1!

Hey lovelies! Today is the start of my birthday hauls :) I have three lined up for you at the moment and I can't wait to share with you everything I got. This haul is actually from about 2 weeks ago as I went out to spend some of my early birthday money with my Mum and Dad. It was a great day and I loved every minute :')

 We had dinner at Ed's Diner and it was awesome! 

Onto the haul...

First up is the two DVDs I bought. I actually got these first and I was super happy to find them both! I'm trying to collect all the barbie movies and I already had A Mermaid Tale so it felt right to get the sequel, which I love plus Ashleigh Ball voices some of my favourite barbie characters like Keria from Princess and the Popstar and Nori from The Secret Door..and of course my favourite ponies Rainbow Dash and AppleJack, but in this movie is voices Kylie Morgan, so I love the movie so much more!! I also got the number 6 DVD in the MLP series, which was the only one I needed to complete the set so far..I wish they would just release all the episodes now!!

While buying the DVDs I also found these adorable MLP badges and couldn't resist. I'm SUPER HAPPY that Rainbow Dash has one of the bigger badges and I found it funny that Twilight wasn't included!! Fluttershy was included but I sent her to my friend, Mckenna since Fluttershy's her favourite :') 

I found these cards at Toy R Us and thought they looked super cool so I bought them! I really love the designs on the cards but I don't think I'm gunna play the actual game with them anytime soon..it looks SUPER confusing :| 

Tsum Tsums finally made it to the UK! It has taken FOREVER for them to arrive in UK but they are finally here!! Currently Clintons are the only shop that are stocking them and only have the basic ones but the Disney Store are getting them on 31st March and Primark is also meant to be getting some! I hope that the newer releases like Frozen, Toy Story, Cinderella and Big Hero 6 come to the UK soon because they are so super cute!! I bought Dumbo as I couldn't resist his cutest..look at his adorable ears and the hat..I think I have a hat problem..first applejack now dumbo...help?!!

I was super happy to find these Frozen figures. I had seen alot of people find them and saw they were actual in blind bags in the US but I was actually considering buying them from ebay since I wanted them so much! I have loads of Frozen figures but none from the coronation. I love Anna's outfit the most but they are both stunning so I knew I had to have these figures in my collection to go with my others! They are really nice, well made and a great addition to my collection :)

 With the new Cinderella coming out there has been tons of new merchandise including these ADORABLE Jaq and Gus plushies!! Me and my Mum couldn't resist as I've loved them since I little, especially Jaq..probably abit too much actually?! We also say that they remind us of our guinea pigs as Figgles is very fat and loves food like Gus and Mr. Oreo is clever and thin, we also think they look like Remy and Emile from Ratatouille! We have kept them downstairs on own bookcase and they look great!

 So my first doll of this haul is one of my favourite royals from Ever After High, Blondie Locks. Blondie is the daughter of Goldilocks and I love her! She has long blonde hair with a curled fringe and blue bow. I'm in love with her dress as it's such a lovely style and the design is perfect. I love the shade of blue with the pictures of the three bears on the front. Her bag is shaped like a lock as her special talent is to be able to unlock any door! Her little black boots are super cute too with the blue tights. She is seriously one of my favourite Ever After High dolls next to Maddie Hatter, of course! Kitty Cheshire is next on my list...

 I'M SO SUPER HAPPY THAT I HAVE THIS DOLL! This is one of my favourite Equestria Girl dolls, next to the Rockin Hair Rainbow Dash. I actually went to Toy R Us expecting them to have her since they are a major toy store but they only have a Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Rarity..and Rainbow Dash was higher on my list. I went to Argos next for a new duvet actually but searched up the EG everyday dolls to see if they stock them and they had 1 IN STOCK!! It could have been anyone of them and I thought it was going to be either Twilight or Rarity since they seem to be the most common..and as I walked up to the counter to see who it was, I saw this rainbow colour on the box and blue boots and my face lit up! I couldn't believe it was Rainbow Dash, I had to take a second look!! I'm so happy I was able to get her and that luck was on my side for once!! I love her hair of course it's rainbow..duh?! Her outfit is pretty cool too with the cutie mark on but my favourite thing about her is the big blue boots, I want some!! They seriously remind of these knee high converse that I've always wanted and I LOVE THEM!! I also love her prom boots..do they do a doll with those?!! OMG I just searched it up and they do apparently..OMG so many Rainbow Dash dolls still to get..prom rainbow dash, neon tight rainbow dash, rockin hair rainbow dash..the list goes on!! I also just wanna add that I really love the box art especially the side image with the pony and the back art with the big picture :)

ANOTHER RAINBOW DASH! This is my first Rainbow Rocks doll and I got for only £7 in the sale at The Entertainer! I'm still super happy about that!! I love this Rainbow Dash and once again I think the boots might be my favourite part!! I do love the face lighting bolt though, that's awesome! This is the outfit that she wears on some of the promotional videos and merch, I'm sure she didn't wear it in the actual movie at any point?? The box art is also cool on this one too with a more colourful front image and the same kinda look on the back with with a different picture and no little description. I do love the picture though and I feel it does capture Rainbow Dash more than some of the more girly poses ;) Unlike the Ever After High doll, neither of these EG dolls are articulated (moves legs and arms etc.) but I like that are as I'm using them as figures than dolls :)

I was extremely surprised to see this little cutie in the Disney Store since she wasn't online yet and someone had only spotted one in a major London store a few days before. I knew I had to get her since Rapunzel is my favourite princess and I love her to pieces! She is just like the toddler Anna and Elsa that came out a few months ago and the Ariel and Cinderella that came out eariler this year. I know that Rapunzel and Belle are the two newest toddler plushies and they are both super cute! She has her basic purple dress with her blonde hair in a plait with flowers just like in the movie when she sees in the light. I love her big green eyes and she is also SUPER cuddly!!

Last in my haul is the new Rainbow Rocks book! I was also surprised to see this in stores since I didn't know it had been released but I'm so happy I was able to get it :) You may have thought since the title says Rainbow Rocks that it was a book of the movie but nope..this book is actually about the shorts that were shown on youtube before the movie came out showing us how the band formed and how they all chose their instruments. It's a really great book and I loved reading it! I can't wait to read to second one in the series called 'The Mane Event', which sounds like it will be based on the movie, yay! I'm gunna order as soon as I get some more cash!! It seems like the Rainbow Rocks book with be a trilogy since I've also seen another book in series called Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine, so fingers crossed we get loads more MLP and EG books! 

I posted this picture on instagram so be sure to follow me at @nevergrowup_x , to see my hauls before they are even on my blog! As you can see I also got a Sofia the First duvet, which is currently being washed and I got some Sofia the First stickers for my sticker album :')
So I hoped you enjoyed Part 1 of my Birthday haul! Part 2 featuring my actual birthday presents will be up super soon so check back :') To finish off I'm just gunna share some amazing EG customs I discovered on deviantart by shieveringcanvas and antych.

 Oh and I also wanna share this new music sing along video to one of my favourite..well my favourite EG song! 

Until next time, bye lovelies!

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