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March Playlist

Hey lovelies ♥ It's my March playlist today and I'm trying something abit different! I usually just list about 30 songs that I've been loving this month but I'm going to limit myself and just highlight my favourite songs. I won't be listing 30 song but up to 15 with the song included for you to listen too :') This month my playlist includes disney, my little pony, barbie and the big top 40! 

Let the Rainbow Remind You - My Little Pony

I have been loving all MLP songs this month and have been listening to them again non-stop but this is definitely one of my favourites. I love the rift and beat to it, it just makes me feel happy and pumped :) I do wish every character had abit to sing but it's still a nice song nevertheless.

Heroes - Alesso

I didn't really like this song when it came out but over the months I have really got into it. My sister says that they could have used this in Big Hero 6 and I totally agree, it would have fit so well!! I actually searched youtube knowing someone would think the same and I found the perfect video :) I really love this song now and I just good feeling whenever I hear it.

Soarin - Barbie in Princess Power

So I saw Princess Power the other week for the first time and it was pretty good. I love Barbie being a superhero for the first time and it just felt more modern. The music wasn't as good as in other barbie movies but it was a superhero movie! This was probably the best song of the movie and I felt it fit the movie really well. 

Float - Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

I watched this movie the other day and it was stunning. I felt all different types of emotion during the film and I never expected a Tinkerbell movie to make me cry! I'm a big fan of the music in the Tinkerbell movies and this one didn't disappoint. I loved them all but this one was my favourite. I love the hard beat at the beginning, it reminds me of Merida. I think the lyrics are great and it's different :')

Raise this Barn - My Little Pony

I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG! I love this song so much, it's perfection ♥♥ I've wanted a song like this for AppleJack and when I heard I just felt completed! I love the real country beat and I can't help but tap my foot ;)

Real Love - Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne

I loved Clean Bandit's first single 'Rather Be' and this one is another favourite and yet again it's with Jess Glynne. I'm in love with Jess Glynne's voice, it's breathtaking how amazing it is! This song just feels so super summery to me and I could easily make it my summer anthem now ;)

Rainbow Rocks! - Equestria Girls

This is possibly one of my favourite ever opening sequences to a movie. It's so super colourful and creative. I love the rock beat and all the harmonies. I feel it really gets you geared up for the movie and I love how the video shows how the story in a silhouette form :)

Strange Sight - Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

This one is also one of my favourites in the movie and really makes me feel warm inside. I think the lyrics and vocals are great and of course I love Gruff! This is only part of the song but I loved the animation so much I had to share it :)

Equestria Girls Opening Theme - Equestria Girls

Again I think this is one of my favourite openings to a movie! I didn't like the song at first and thought 'what the hell?!'. Then I saw the movie again and couldn't get the song out of my head so I listened to it again..and again..and again! Now I love it and think it's such an amazing remix and yet again the graphic sequence at the beginning is great for each character :')

Style - Taylor Swift

I only heard this for the first time about a week ago and instantly fell in love. I've loved Taylor's latest songs like Blank Space and Shake it Off but this is probably my most favourite Taylor Swift song ever! I absolutely love it and could happily listen to it on repeat. I feel it's a mix of new style of pop and her old style of country with all the different harmonies and voice changes.

Bats - My Little Pony

I do love a good AppleJack song and this one is no exception. It is amazing! I totally love the difference between AppleJack and Fluttershy. The music is super clever how AppleJack's is more dark and bold but Fluttershy's is light and soft. I prefer the AppleJack part but it's a great song!!

What I Did for Love - David Guetta & Emeli Sande

I not sure if Eastenders did this song a favour or not since I haven't really hear it since Eastenders used it at the end of their live week about a month ago! I love this song so much and I wish it was played more as it's so good. I already loved both artists and I can't wait to hear this song in the summer :)

Friendship is Magic Extended - My Little Pony

I'm not the biggest fan of this song but I do love the middle where they describe each character. I kinda wish they used this extended version on maybe like the season premieres and finales so it had some use?? It is super sweet though ♥

Love Me like you Do - Ellie Goulding

I'm not the biggest Ellie Goulding fan in the world and haven't really taken to any of her newest singles but I'm not sure if they change writer or changed her voice on this single but it's awesome! This is one of the songs to 50 Shades of Grey..(which I haven't seen for those of you who want to know!)...and it is really effective. I didn't really like it when it came out as it kinda creeped me out when she started says touch me like you do but then I found it where it came from and now it's totally effective and understandable. I really love her voice in this song and I feel it is actually more like her older lighter music :)

Making Today a Perfect Day - Frozen Fever

IT'S FINALLY HERE! I had to make this my last song on my list since it only arrived in our lives yesterday :) I'm so happy that Frozen Fever included a new song and it's perfect! When I first heard it, I actually didn't know what to think but hearing it again just made me feel warm and happy. One of my favourite things about this song is that the beginning beat is actually from a cut song from Frozen called Life's too Short (below), which was my favourite cut song and I actually put it on my Ipod and know the words :') I'm happy that it was able to get used!! I also love the end the most when everyone is singing for Anna :') I can't wait to see this short now!

There's my March playlist and to be honest it didn't turn out as short as I'd hoped but oh well! 
Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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