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My 2015 Toy Wishlist! Disney, My Little Pony, Equestria Girls, Funko and Ever After High!

Hey lovelies! I got this idea from a friend when she suggested blogging about things I'd like to get the future especially Disney so I decided to make a big list of my toy goals/wishes for 2015 including Disney..yay, finally!! I'm not trying to seem spoilt or greedy in anyway I just thought it would be fun and then I guess at the end of the year I could see how far I got ;) I included things that are set to come out this year and are already out :) I'll start with the one everyone wants...

Disney Store Wishlist
1. Frozen Fever Summer Solstice Dolls
2. Singing Anna Deluxe 
3. Winter Anna Plush Doll
4. Sofia the First Plush Doll
5. Disney Princess Classic Dolls (belle shown)
6. Disney Princess Latte Mugs
7. Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Partners Statue
8. Frozen Mini Doll Set
9. Peter Pan DLP Snowglobe
10. Tinkerbell Animator Doll
11. Singing Rapunzel Deluxe
12. Sofia the First Amulet

My Little Pony & Equestria Girls Wishlist

1. Classic Equestria Girl Everyday Dolls
2. Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks: Rainbow Dash Deluxe Doll
3. Equestria Girls Rockin' Hair Rainbow Dash
4. Equestria Girls Rockin' Hair AppleJack
5. Equestria Girls Rockin' Hair Fluttershy
6. Sweet Apple Acres Storybook Scenes
7. Equestria Girls lockers with Photofinish
8. Equestria Girls Friendship Games dolls and motorbike

Funko and Ever After High Wishlist

1. AppleJack Funko Vinyl Figure
2. Daring Do Funko Vinyl Figure
3. Spitfire Funko Vinyl Figure
4. Discord Funko Vinyl Figure
5. Princess Cadance Funko Vinyl Figure
6. Funko POP! Frozen Figures
7. Funko POP! Inside Out Sadness Figure
8. Rosabella Beauty Doll
9. Darling Charming Doll
10. Blondie Locks Doll
11. Apple White Doll
12. Raven Queen Doll

That's my 2015 toy goals/wishlist and I hope you might have some new ideas of things you might like :) I'll leave you with a different Equestria Girls picture that I thought was super awesome and creative even though some of the character are abit different to their personalities ;) 
Until next time, bye lovelies ♥ 

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