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Disney Haul ♥ March 2014 ♥

Hey Guys ♥ Here is my haul which you would know was coming if you read my Life Update post that I posted earlier. After my birthday last weekend I went shopping with my friend and spent alot of money but expended my Disney collection! Everything I bought except one thing was to do with Disney..and all the merchandise wasn't that expensive. 

If you read my Birthday Haul you would know I bought the Elsa Doll when I went to London and I couldn't had Elsa without Anna so she was a must buy. When I went to London I saw her but bought Elsa as I didn't have any Elsa things but I'm so glad that they had some in stock at The Disney Store because they look beautiful standing next to each other. The detail on Anna is lovely just like the Elsa one and I think for the price (£15) they are amazing ♥ If you're a Frozen fan..you should defiantly get this!

This is Thumper from Bambi that I bought from The Disney Store. I picked him up at the counter as if you spent over £10 you got him for £8 instead of £18 which I was happy with. Thumper is so fluffy like a guinea pig and he really calms me down when I need something soft. I love my Thumper and some money went to a charity too which is always good :)

I bought this Ariel book for only £1 as it is normally part of a set with two other books in but I already had those other two books so this was perfect for me. I was really happy with this as I have been wanting to read Ariel book since I read the others.

I bought these books aswell which are like the Ariel one but about the Disney Fairies. Tinkerbell, Iridessa and Slivermist feature in these books. I haven't read these yet but I'm excited too. For these 3 books was £4 I think from HMV which I thought was a good price.

The next book I bought (I bought alot of books) was Enchanting Magical Stories from WHSmith for only £3.24 which I was so happy with! It includes about 6 stories which I haven't read yet but the pictures inside are lovely and I really enjoy looking at them.

I love this book so much as it is my favourite classic. I love the fantasy and imagination of this story so when I saw this book I had to buy it! The pictures are from the movie and it is part of the Disney classic book range. I got it for £3 or £4 from HMV instead of £10 so I was really happy with this :)

I also bought the newest Tinkerbell movie 'The Pirate Fairy' book which I love. I bought it from The Works and it was only £3 instead of £10 so I was extremely happy as it is one of the newest ones and I love this movie. I can't wait for it to come on DVD in the UK :D The pictures are like drawn so I love them so much. 

My next buy was really random as I don't actually collect these stickers but I haven't really seen these before and when I saw the box of them in WHSmith I had to get some for my scrapbook and Disney collection. I bought 4 packs as they were only 50p each and I love all the stickers I got. The stickers are all scenes from the movie or pictures from the book which I love.

I found out about these Disney LipSmackers from a Youtube Haul by Noodlerella. I found this Belle one in the Claires sale for only £1.50 and have to buy it for my collection and it smells like vanilla. If you read my March Favourites you will know that this is my beauty favourite at the moment. 

My last buy that I'm showing you are these two pairs of socks from Primark. I already have the Minnie Mouse ones and my local Primark didn't have any other Disney ones so when I saw these I was jumping up and down! I love them both and they are so nice. They were £2.50 each but worth it :). 

I also bought a top from Primark with 'Take me to Neverland' on. I love it so much ♥ I also bought a night top from Forever 21 aswell which is really cute. I also bought 'Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue' on DVD.

Hope you all like my haul ♥ I have a 'What I got for my Birthday' coming next so hope you will look forward to that :)

Bye Lovelies ♥

Links to what I bought:

Anna Doll - http://www.disneystore.co.uk/frozen-anna-doll/mp/63942/1000255/
Thumper Toy - http://www.disneystore.co.uk/thumper-medium-soft-toy/mp/66201/1000260/
Ariel Book - http://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/ariel-the-birthday-surprise/product/9781423141709 
Disney Fairy Books - Instore only (HMV)
Enchanting Magical Stories - http://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/disney-princess-enchanting-magical-stories/product/9781472322586
Peter Pan Book - Instore only (HMV)
Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy - http://www.theworks.co.uk/p/adventure-stories/disney-tinker-bell-and-the-pirate-fairy/9781472338938
Frozen Stickers - Newagents probably or Ebay
Belle LipSmacker - http://www.claires.co.uk/set-of-8-disney-princess-lip-smackers/shop/fcp-product/13792
Socks - instore (Primark) or Ebay

Life Update ♥ March 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Since it is nearly April I thought I needed to do another Life Update as I have been pretty busy and need to tell you guys about my blogs future..and don't worry (even though your probably not) I'm not ending it! Sorry I haven't posted since Tuesday, I've been ill since about Thursday, it was my Mum's birthday on Saturday and we went to see Wicked which was AMAZING! Then today is Mother's Day so busy busy busy! I'm trying to keep to more of a schedule with my posts so after this week I should be posting more regularly.

Future Of the Blog
I'm not thinking of ending my blog anytime soon as I have so many posts to come and I can't wait! I am going to end my Sims series that I hardly did as I have to get attached to a family to play them forever and I hadn't played that family for over a week and didn't feel I wanted to play them again but I will be continuing to show you my current household. I also feel you guys are more interested in my Disney and Personal posts so my gaming posts will feature but only every month or so. 

Busy Busy Busy
As I have said I have been extremely busy with family time and birthdays. It was my birthday last weekend (I have more posts about it to come) and I did go shopping the day after with my money (haul coming!). Then I haven't been feeling well this week and I have had some emotional troubles with being me aswell. Yesterday was my Mum's birthday and we went to see Wicked in London and it was AMAZING! I have been wanting to see it for ages and it was worth the wait :') Today is Mother's Day so I have been having a family day today and I'm still not well :(

This is really all I have to say in my latest Life Update for March. Since I haven't posted in a few days I will post one more post today for you guys ♥ Get ready for a haul! 

March Favourites ♥ 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I have been extremely busy lately as it was on birthday on Saturday and I have been quite the busy bee with life..yes I have one at the moment..weird right?! Anyway since March is nearly over I thought a March Favourites. I really enjoy these posts every month so let's get on with it! 


At the moment I have been loving Disney and Musical songs especially Who I Am from the newest Tinkerbell movie 'The Pirate Fairy'. It is just so uplifting and I really love it. I also love the video that goes along with it. I'm also loving Defying Gravity from Wicked at the moment and have already learnt the words even though I have never seen it! Idina's voice is just PERFECTION ♥...and I'm still LOVING the Frozen soundtrack :)


I bought this the other day and it smells so nicee! I haven't properly used it yet but it smells like vanilla. I bought it from Claires in the sale and can't wait to properly use it...and I know it is a Disney Princess LipSmacker but this is my type of beauty!!


I found this book and haven't read much of this but the little bit I have read is good. It is like a diary style book which is really the only style book I like. I'm not a big reader with teen books and prefer childrens books like Disney ones! 


I found this app after asking my friend what she's uses for her instagram profile bio and I love it. It is just amazing..I have been looking for this app for ages and now I have finally got it! You get loads of fun fonts and can copy all the text to the clipboard then paste it anywhere. It is free on the App Store so defiantly check it out ♥

Youtube! Youtube is my life at the moment. I love watching Let Play videos especially The Sims and I have just got into watching vlogger and people like Zoella over the past few months. I watch Youtube all the time and even when I'm doing something I will be listening to a video like right now I'm watching/listening to simsweetie's Sims 3 Ambitions LP Finale. 


Disneyland Adventures for Kinect is definatly my March Favourite. I got it for my birthday last week and haven't stopped playing it. It is so much fun and so realistic from meeting the characters to playing some attractions. I wish it would be updated though so that the newer characters could be in it as it goes up to Tiana. The walking can be kinda hard but it is easy to get use and becomes really enjoyable. If you have kinect and love Disney it's a must!! 


Catfish! My Dad recently discovered this programme on MTV and now my whole family loves it! I knew of it before but didn't think it was about dating or anything. If you have never seen it..people online date but never meet who their talking too so Nev and Max help the people finally meet but normally one of the people aren't who they seem to be. It is worth a watch...remember MTV :D


I'm really enjoying the Tinkerbell movies at the moment, since I saw The Pirate Fairy I have wanted to see all the movies again! I love the last three they have made which are The Great Fairy Rescue, Secret of the Wings and The Pirate Fairy. I used to disagree with the apdation they gave Tinkerbell in her movies and still do as she needs to be more feisty and angry but especially in The Great Fairy Rescue she becomes more feisty. I love all the fairies and always have even the older original ones like Beck, Lily and Rani but I do love the newer ones too. Periwinkle (who is Tinkerbell's sister) is super cute too! If you love Disney..I think you should watch them even you if disagree with the adaption of Tink's anger. 

That's my March Favourites and I hope you liked them. I am going to be posting more regularly now with hauls, tags and gaming coming up..so check regularly :') See you lovelies later ♥

Birthday Haul - March 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Sorry I haven't regularly this week, I have been super busy as it's my birthday this Saturday :D YAY! As you all know I went to London last weekend and went to The Disney Store on Oxford Street and Selfridges. I didn't mention what I got in that post and kept you waiting but here it is...my birthday haul!! I will leave all the prices and links to the website at the bottom if you want to check anything I show out :) I love everything that I got and I just want to thank my Auntie and Mum for buying me the things if your reading ♥

This was actually the last thing I got and it was in Convent Garden at The Disney Store. I was debating buying this all day then once I had been to all the shops I wanted to go to I thought might as well! I absolutely LOVE her to bits just like my Anna. Oh and BTW..if you don't know who this is..it's Ariel from The Little Mermaid but I'm pretty sure you would know by now! She is just so soft and I love the texture of her tail. Definitely worth the buy ♥

If you have read my other Disney Haul that I posted recently you will be thinking 'oh no Gina not another tumbler!' But YES I got another tumbler but it was Frozen so it was a must buy. I love my Rapunzel one and would have bought that one anyway but I was looking for the Frozen one for a while now and finally found it! I love it so much ♥ On one side there is a picture of Anna and Elsa saying 'Sisters Forever' which is on most of the merchendise...and then just a picture of Anna. I love Anna she is just so adorable but I find it kinda weird just having a random picture of Anna on the other side? Maybe like another character or another picture of both of them would have been better? I would have like the cup to have been a light blue with white snowflakes and glitter in it too...just my opinon..

These ar just reuseable bags but I do love them. I have the Frozen one already so I got the Tinkerbell one and my Auntie got the Minnie Mouse one. They hold so much especially the bigger ones although the Minnie Mouse one is amazing as it does have a zip on it which I was really happy about..saddo right?! I actually think I will collect these bags if I like the movie on the bag...I really wish I would have got the Tangled and Ariel one..but oh well!

I love this doll so much ♥ The detail is just amazing and I'm so happy I got it. I think I might even get the Anna doll to go with it as I love it so much. I really want to buy the Elsa soft doll to go with my Anna soft doll but they are sold out at the moment so as soon as they are avalilabe I will be hitting the buy button so hard I will probably break the keyboard, ah! Anyways I got this doll and it is just so wonderful..I can't even explain! She is just stunning ♥

I finally found the Frozen Figure Set after alot of searching. I have been looking online and in store for this for weeks as I wanted to put them on top of my birthday cake. The set includes Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and Hans. The are all so detailed even Elsa's dress have glitter on and Anna's dress had the pattern on. I will use these even after my birthday and display them. They are just stunning ♥

I'm in love...with my singing Olaf. Yes I have bought a singing Olaf! It is just purely amazing ♥ When I get all sad and urgh..I just listen to Olaf sing 'In Summer' and say all his sayings. I think my favourite saying that he says when you press his foot is 'Hi I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs' because I love warm hugs too! Olaf was defiantly worth it and I know I'm going to get alot of use out of this. He also comes with a small plastic hat which you can take on and off but the sunglasses are stitched so they have to stay on but overall singing Olaf is just amazing ♥

I know this isn't Disney but I have to show you guys as it's just too cute! I got this pink mushroom in Selfridges and it is just the cutest thing ever! I got the pink one and my sister has the red one. They are like the squishy travel pillows you can at airports or service stations. I love it for releaving my stress and aniexty levels as it takes alot of squeeze and hugs. It is also just SUPER CUTE!!! I think it is a Chinese or Japanese brand but I'm not sure.

Well that's it for my Birthday haul so bye lovelies ♥ Remember to follow my tumblr which will be linked at the bottom and if you do thankyou as I got 121 notes last night on one of my gif edits ♥ I won't be posting for the next few days as it's my birthday and i'm SUPER BUSY! So expect a post on Tuesday or something...

Links ♥

Ariel Soft Toy (mermaid form) - £16 - http://www.disneystore.co.uk/the-little-mermaid-soft-toy-doll/mp/53567/1309501/
Frozen Tumbler - £5 -  http://www.disneystore.co.uk/disney/store/DSIProductDisplay?isSingleMatch=true&catalogId=10002&searchTerm=frozen+tumbler&langId=-11&productId=63032&catalogFromSearch=10002&storeId=30053&N=1500053 
Reuseable Bags - Disney Store
Elsa Doll - £15 -  sold out on website..sorry!
Frozen Figure Set - £12.50 - http://www.disneystore.co.uk/play-sets-toys-frozen-figurine-set/mp/63976/1000259/
Olaf Singing Toy - £20 - http://www.disneystore.co.uk/olaf-from-frozen-singing-toy/mp/63962/1309501/ 
Sugar Hotel Mushroom - £8 - Selfridges or just type it on google.

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