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February Favourites ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Sorry I haven't posted for a few days but my Mum's been ill and I've been busy but I'm gunna make up for it as I have loads of posts to write including Disney posts and Sims posts..even some scrapbooking posts to come so keep updated using my twitter, bloglovin or just my instagram :') I thought since it's March now I would keep up my favourite posts and make my February Favourites. I have done a like gaming, beauty, reading, hobby, app, music, tv and film favourite and I'm excited to share them with you guys!

My Mum bought my the Frozen Soundtrack today finally and I'm so happy with it! It is just amazing and I love singing along and hearing all the songs in the car. It includes all the songs from the movie and the scores which I also love ♥ I'm not going to say alot about this as I'm planning on doing a full review about the soundtrack as I love it so much!

I got this free from The Body Shop with a voucher and it is just perfection! I don't use alot of makeup products but this hand moisturiser is just the best. The tube is pretty big and you only need to apply alittle bit at a time. It soaks in really fast and your hands just feel amazing. The Body Shop was 4 different types, I have the Almond one which helps hands and nails :') It is normally £5 so it's quite expensive for me but I totally think it's worth it.

I got this book for Christmas and I read it everynow and then before I go to sleep. It is a diary for 365 days but it's written in quotes. There is a quote everyday and Demi tells a short story or piece of advice after. It is really inspiring and makes you think. Everyday Demi sets you a goal for the day and it's really helpful. I find it so reassuring that someone else who's famous has gone through such tough times like me.

I have been playing this app for a few months now and I'm addicted. I want to just keep going and unlock all the characters! It gets harder but it isn't totally impossible. You beginning at the castle and take control of Kristoff then Anna then Elsa in baby form. You can be all the main characters from the movie as far as I know. It is free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

I have been loving tumblr since I starting making edits last month. I am addicted and realise why so many other people are! I think it is just so good and you can just be so creative. I have really enjoyed making Disney edits and embracing my love for Disney. If you haven't seen them yet... http://mylittledisneydaydreams.tumblr.com and please follow me ♥ 

I have been playing Lara Croft: Legend lately on Xbox and I'm really enjoying it. I have got really far and I'm nearly finished. It's different to what I normally play but I'm enjoying the action and adventure this game gives. It's quite old now but I would love to play the other older ones and the newest one.

I found out about Awkward when I was watching MTV the other day, I had heard about it before but this is the first time I really wanted to watch it. I have started from the beginning and have seen the first two episodes and already love it. I can identify with it quite well and I think it is so funny! If you haven't seen it..try and watch it. I recommend this to older teens or young adults because it can be quite rude but it's up to you.

I love Frozen obviously but got The Princess and the Frog on DVD last week and I watched it for the first time in ages..I love it especially Charlotte because she is just too funny! I love the romance and songs so if you haven't seen this movie definitely try and see it!

That's my February Favourites guys ♥ Hope you enjoyed finding out about what I'm enjoying at the moment. I will try and post tomorrow ♥ 

Bye Lovelies ♥

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