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My Frozen Soundtrack Review ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Today I thought I would do a Disney post as I haven't done one in a few posts. My Mum recently bought my the Frozen Soundtrack after months of waiting and it was worth it! I am in love with it so much, I knew the songs already and all the lyrics so it wasn't a suprise but it just sounds amazing in the car or in my headphones. I don't normally buy CD's but this was a must. I'm still on my Frozen craze and I'm loving it to be honest..if you haven't seen it you NEED too! I'm pretty sure it's out on DVD next week for the US and on the 31st March for the UK aswell.
Anyways let's get on with this...

I absoutely LOVE all the songs. I like Frozen Heart but it is probably my least favourite and don't listen to it too much as I don't love it but it's ok. Do you want to build a snowman is the cutest song ever! If you haven't heard it then it's about Anna being seperated from Elsa because of her powers. It shows the girls growing from toddlers to the young adults they become. Anna wants to connect with her sister but Elsa can't be with Anna, they used to build snowmen all the time when they were little so Anna tries to ask Elsa again but she said no. It is very emotional and I love it so much ♥

It's been three years and it's Elsa's coronation. The castle has never been open in years and Anna has been isolated for most of her childhood so she sings about how excited she is to be allowed to meet other people and go outside. She sings 'For the First Time in Forever' as she has never been to a party or had a proper conversation with someone is years! She sings about finding true love and that she only has a day to find it. Elsa does come in near the end of the song and tells us how afraid she is about exposing her powers to everyone. Kristen Bell (anna) and Idina Menzel (elsa) sound amazing together and I love how upbeat this song is!

After Anna sings 'For the First time in Forever' said bumps into Prince Hans's horse and ends up being awkard with Hans. She thinks he is amazing and he likes her too. After the coronation at the dance, Anna meets Prince Hans again and they talk and dance all evening. Anna feels Hans is the one and he feels the same way so they stay singing about they lives and how they are perfect for each other in 'Love is an Open Door'. I love Anna's awkardness in this song and it's quite cute romantic!

Events happen and Elsa lets accidently shows her powers in rage and fear. She runs away to The North Mountain and creates an ice palace. While she is creating the palace she sings the Oscar winning 'Let it Go' and expresses how she feels she can now just Let it Go for the first time in years and doesn't have to be afraid as everybody knows. She totally transformations into stunning queen letting go of all her past. I'm in love with this song and Idina Menzel's voice! She sang it at the Oscars and won the Best Song award for it which I'm so happy about!! I can identify with this song so much and I love singing it ♥

On Anna's journey to get Elsa back to unfreeze Arendelle she meets Olaf the snowman. Elsa built Olaf when singing 'Let it Go' but didn't realise that he turned real! Anna and Elsa used to build snowmen all the time and called them Olaf so Anna was amazed when she met Olaf so much that she screamed in shock! Olaf dreams of being in the summer all the time but doesn't realise that frozen things can't live in the summer. He sings a song explaining what he wants to do in the summer to Anna, Kristoff and Sven and it is pretty musical! It is too cute and I love it so much ♥

The gang finally reach Elsa's ice palace and Anna decides to go in alone. Elsa comes to see her and Anna tells her that she wants her to come back and stay with her. Elsa said she can't as she doesn't want to hurt anybody and she belongs here. She tells Anna to leave and Anna won't take it..she follows Elsa and tells her the for the first time in forever she finally understand and she will be right here for her. Elsa tells Anna to go back home and that she is alone and free. Anna explains to Elsa that she froze Arendelle and Elsa goes into a panic! This song is so powerful and both voices are so amazing. I love this song and it probably one of my favourites. 

Kristoff decides to take Anna to see his family 'The Love Experts' who turn out the be trolls! They think that Kristoff and Anna are together but Kristoff quickly explains that they aren't. The trolls ask Anna why she isn't interested and all the funny qualities of Kristoff like how he smells and his way with nature. Kristoff tells them that she is engaged but the trolls don't care and try to marry the two during the song but everything doesn't go to plan. I think this song is funny and upbeat but it isn't one of my favourites..again it's ok..

Demi Lovato's version of Let it Go is also included in the CD which I like. When I first heard it I was like 'OMG this is the best thing ever!' but now I have heard Idina Menzel's version I can't help but feel this one is missing emotion. I totally get that it is ment to be like a pop version and I do love it but for me it doesn't compare to Idina's version. I feel that the movie version conveys more emotion where Demi is just singing the song cause she has too. I know that alot of people will be like 'NO' I love Demi version!! and I do too but just not as much as Idina's...

Then there are the scores which I'm in love with. I love the dramatic ones and the magical ones. I'm in love with the Vuelie, Elsa and Anna, Coronation Day, Summit Siege, Sorcery, Whiteout, The Great Thraw (Vuelie reprise) and Epilogue. They are all so magical, dramatic and powerful. I can listen to them all day and I loved acting out the scenes in my room to the music!

I only got the normal version but if you got the deluxe you got the demos of songs that didn't make the movie and some songs in karaoke format. 
I hope you enjoyed my review on the Frozen Soundtrack..sorry it's so long!! 

Bye Lovelies ♥ 

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