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Sims 3 - Evans Family ♥ Part 2 - The Big Day ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ This is another Evans family part in my Sims Series. I hope you like the new thumbnail...I tried my best without photoshop. Simsweetie's video on Youtube helped me figure things out and if you want to know I used Pixlr Editor which is a free online editing software...it alot like photoshop if you can't afford photoshop like me! I'm sorry that's it not perfect and some green lining is still showing but I'm pretty happy with the end result as about 2 days ago I couldn't even understand any of it! So in the last part I introduced Olivia to you guys and she met Matt. At the end of the part, Matt proposed to Olivia and Olivia decided that the next day was the perfect wedding day as it was lesiure day and it was summer! 

Olivia could have planned her dream wedding all night but Matt came down at 2am and told her if she didn't sleep there would be no wedding as the bride would be too tired! She agreed and decided that she had done everything she could in the shortest amount of time. It wasn't too hard for her as she had been dreaming of this day forever and when she moved to Storybrook Country she looked at all the venues she could get married at one day. 

They both woke up extremely early and called the venue to make sure that they were available on such short notice and on leisure day. Matt invited all the guests as Olivia wanted a big wedding with all her friends. Olivia drove to the beauty salon and tried on some wedding dresses, she found her perfect gown..it was slimming, long and elegant just what Olivia had dreamt of! She picked up a fancy wedding cake with flower petals on that she had ordered from the local grocery store the night before and hurried to the venue. 

Matt had already arrived when Olivia got there and the guests were pulling up in their cars. She had time to have a quick drink with Matt before the ceremony and it was happy hour after all! Matt thought Olivia looked stunning and complimented her apperance. Olivia said mingling with the guests and before she knew it the ceremony was starting! This was the moment Olivia had been waiting for and she trusted Matt and knew he was her true love. He would never hurt her.

The ceremony was wonderful and they both exchanged rings. Everybody was crying and throwing confetti everywhere. Her best friend Megan was clapping and congradulated them. As Olivia was saying her vows she just couldn't believe that this is the moment she had dreamt of for so long and it was finally happening. Nothing could spoil her mood..she was on Cloud 9! Matt looked her Olivia and knew that he could never hurt her or be dishonest towards her as she was his true love.

Olivia cut the cake and all the guests took a piece. It tasted amazing and then everybody went outside to the dance floor and bar. Olivia and Matt slowdanced till midnight and Matt swept Olivia off her feet..he was a real gentlemen just like Olivia wanted.

Olivia's wedding day was best day of her life. She forgot all her troubles and past and couldn't wait to start her future! Matt was the one she had dreamt about all her life to start her legacy with and she couldn't wait to start. When Olivia and Matt got home, they decided they wanted to try for a baby and they certainly did!

That's Part 2 of Olivia's adventure! Hope you enjoyed ♥

Bye Lovelies ♥♥

...oh and did I mention Olivia had morning sickness...!!


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