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Love..don't ask! ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I thought I would do another personal post today about love. Let's just get something straight..I'm not experienced at all with love so I know I can't judge but this is almost postive love thinking! If this isn't you type of thing don't worry, I have other posts coming in the next few posts :)

So since I'm a teenager alot of my friends have either got or had boyfriends..and to be honest deep inside I'm feel sad that I've never properly had that..yep I have never properly gone out with a guy! I just have never so interested to ask and nobody has every asked me..which actually doesn't bother me because I am too busy doing things that make me happy so I can wait for abit to just find that special guy :')
I feel that I will find that special guy at a like Disney or Gaming convention because I will definetly need to find a guy that likes things that I do. I'm pretty sure that the guy I will find will probably be an apsie too but if not it doesn't matter..he just has to accept me! I have changed to much in my life so far for other people and I'm not even started yet! Sounds stupid but I need to be with my type of people ♥

I'm awkward with people and love like Anna from Frozen but I know my time will come and even if that's not right now I don't mind cause I'm surrounded by things that I love like family, guinea pigs and obsessions!

Speaking of Frozen...Olaf did teach me that 'Love is putting somebody else's need before yours' and that can mean pets, family or friends. Love doesn't always need to be with that one as long as you have people who support you ♥

So if your worried about finding that someone...don't worry or get stressed out about it...your time will come and I'm sure it will be magical ♥ I hope mine is!!

As Snow White said 'Someday my prince will come' ♥

Bye Lovelies ♥♥

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