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45 Disney Questions ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Today is time for another Disney post! YAY! I really wanted to do a tag this week and looked for ages for the perfect one. I have found 3 different Disney tags and decided that I would do this one today as it interested me the most. I found it on a website called Quotev under Tina's journal..I just searched disney tags on google to be honest! I hope you gunna enjoy this and it won't be too long I promise!

1. Favourite Disney movie? My favourite Disney movie is either Peter Pan, Tangled or Frozen..I could just watch them over and over again!

2. Walt Disney World or Disneyland? I haven't been to either so I couldn't really say...they both look amazing though! I would love to go to New Fantasyland so probably Walt Disney World although..I would be happy to go to either :)

3. Favourite Disney character? I don't have just one favourite character because I can't choose but I love Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, Flynn, Elsa and Anna. I couldn't chose between them honestly!

4. The first Disney movie you remember seeing in cinemas? I don't actually think I have been to many Disney movies in the cinema so I don't know. I have seen the most recent ones in cinema like Wreck-it-Ralph and Frozen and some before that but not many.

5. What type of Disney items do you collect the most? Well I have had a few toys and books over the years but only recently have I started collecting any Disney merchandise I can find! I'm trying to collect the movies at the moment and books really. I really wanna collect the Animation Dolls but I have nowhere for them at the moment..and I chose just chose one.

6. Your favourite Disney song? This is too hard..I love so many Disney songs...here's a list! I love songs from: 
  • Frozen
  • Tangled
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Lion King
  • Aladdin
  • Hercules and probably loads more!!!

7. Favourite attraction/ride at the parks? I love so many of the rides like Peter Pan's Flight and Space Mountain. I have only been to Disneyland Paris so I haven't been on the American rides..

8. What is your dream job at Disney? I would LOVE to work anywhere at Disney. I hope to work for Disney one day. I don't have the look or confidence to be a character but I would LOVE to be like a princess. I would love to be Anna, Elsa or Rapunzel! Realistically I would love to work on graphic designer level or gaming level.

9. Who's the park character you never want to miss meeting at the parks? The princesses and princes..oh and Peter Pan :)

10. What's your most treasured Disney item? I actually haven't got a clue..I love my Anna doll so that probably or my DVDs. 

11. Which Disney voice actor would you most like to meet? This is hard...I can't choose one so I will just give you a list again! Either Jodi Benson (Ariel), Mandy Moore (Rapunzel), Josh Gad (Olaf), Zachary Levi (Flynn), Idina Menzel (Elsa) or Kristen Bell (Anna)..I'm probably missing out so many amazing people!

12. Favourite Disney movie that not classic/famous? I actually don't really have one..if sequels count probably Peter Pan 2 because I don't mind that one and it makes me abit emotional!!

13.  If you could say anything to Walt Disney right now, what would it be? Thankyou for being the guy you were..I don't know what life would be like without the wonderful world of Disney. *hugs*

14. Your favorite snack to get at the parks? As I said I have only been to Disneyland Paris so probably the waffles. They were so nice ♥ I would live for those waffles! 

15. Your favorite parade/show at the parks? Disney Dreams in Disneyland Paris 20th Extended Edition. I love this show way to much and at night with all the characters being projected on the castle with the music and fireworks, it just makes you feel magical ♥ I would love to see the new Festival of Fantasy aswell as that loves amazing! 

16. Flounder, Sebastian, or Scuttle? Flounder. I have always had a soft spot for Flounder and I don't know why! He is just such a guppy!

17. Your favorite Disney memory? The experience of Disneyland Paris. The whole thing from start to finish...I didn't want it to end :(

18. Do you have a favorite pair of Mickey ears? If you mean own then no :( My sister has a pair of Minnie Mouse ones though from Disneyland. I love the Christmas ears though with the red sparkles and holly!

19. If you could, what "forgotten princess" would you add to the official lineup? Huh..if you mean like unofficial princess then probably Meg. I love Meg..she is with a God! She deserves to be there ♥

20. Your favorite princess dress/outfit? 
I love Elsa dress when she sings Let it Go and Rapunzel is cute too. I love Ariel's mermaid outfit thing. I always love the outfits so much it's hard to choose.

21. Your favorite Disney soundtrack? Frozen. I'm LOVE this album more than myself. It is my life at the moment ♥ I love Tangled's soundtrack aswell but Frozen for me just has that power.

22. Genie, Abu, Carpet, Iago, or Rajah? Genie. I love the Genie so much..just too funny.

23. Favorite restaurant at the parks? I have been to The Lucky Nugget Saloon, The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour and Cafe Hyperion. The Lucky Nugget is really the only restaurant I have been to and it was lovely. 

24. How did you first discover the "magic" of Disney? My Dad has always always been a big fan so I watched Disney movies from a young age. 

25. What attraction are you most likely to go to first when you're at the parks? Probably Space Mountain or Crush Coaster.

26. Your favorite "iconic" moment? Either Ariel on the rock during the reprise of Part of Your World, Rapunzel and Flynn at the lights in Tangled or when Peter Pan first meets The Darling family.

 27. What's the saddest moment for you in any Disney film? Mufasa dying. 

28. Best Disney kiss? There has been so many I can't chose I love them all so much!

29. If you could live in any world from a Disney movie, which would you choose? I can't decide ahaa! Either Neverland, Atlantica (Ariel), Arendelle (Anna and Elsa) or Corona (Rapunzel).

30. Favorite Disney musical sequence based on spectacle/animation? I don't really get this question..sorry guys...

31. Which Disney princess has the best sidekicks? I love Olaf, Pascal, Flounder and Abu.

32.  If you could have a party themed around any Disney movie, which one would you pick?  Oooh..probably Frozen at the moment cause I'm obsessed with that movie. I have had a Tinkerbell party before though where everyone dressed up as a character from the Tinkerbell movies.

33. Are you the only one obsessed with Disney in your family? Everyone is my family loves Disney but I'm really that only one totally obsessed with it..I guess my Dad is but his life doesn't revolve around it. 

34. Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, or Chip? Either Lumiere or Chip :)

35. What are your top five favorite Disney blogs on Tumblr? Well I have a Disney tumblr of my own and I'm probably gunna start one where I reblog things I love aswell. If I do I will post about it ♥
www.mylittledisneydaydreams.tumblr.com is mine. I also love disney-snowflake on tumblr.

36. If you could choose the plot/adaptation for the next Disney movie, what would it be? I really don't know..maybe like something to do with all the princesses having to be together..like a collabration. But I wouldn't want it to be cheesy...and I guess the old princesses would have to be animated so NO.  I have another idea!...A movie explaining how Tinkerbell met Peter Pan and the like backstory of Peter. They have got so far with the Tinkerbell movies now with including Captain Hook and Tick-Tock the Crocodile..they just to explain the final thing :)

37. Favorite hotel at the parks? Oooh..I actually don't know I love the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris and Disney's Art of Animation Resort in Walt Disney World :)

38. Which Disney movie do you turn to when you're sad/upset? A musical one normally like a Disney princess one cause they always make me happy :D Or Peter Pan..it's so magical :)

39. The Aladdin show or The Little Mermaid show? I haven't seen either but I prefer The Little Mermaid so yeah :)

40. Do you plan to have/have you had your honeymoon at a Disney park? YES! I plan to get marry at Disneyworld in the sun with all the characters and everything!

41. Favorite piece of Disney clothing/accessory to wear? The original EARS!

42. Post a picture of yourself that's Disney-related....here you go! DON'T LAUGH! 

43. Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck? I have always loved Donald but I have to go with Mickey..it all started with a mouse :').

44. What Disney movies/worlds would you like to see in the next Kingdom Hearts game? I have never played Kingdom of Hearts although I want too so I don't really know..

45. Which Disney movie, even if it's not your favorite, will always have a special place in your heart and for what reason? There is so many that mean so much to me like Frozen as I felt I could just connect with the movie. Peter Pan because I remember it so well and have always loved it. The Lion King as my Grandad loves that movie and I love when he talks about it ♥

There You Go! 45 questions answered :) I hope it wasn't too long..sorry! 

Bye Lovelies ♥

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