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My Top 10 Equestria Girls Songs!

Hey Lovelies! I'm back from yesterday to bring you my Top 10 Equestria Girls songs! Again I know this isn't for everyone but I like it so..whatever?! This the last MLP post I have planned so I will be doing other posts next time for all my disney addicts ;) Just like last time I suggest you watch the videos before you read my comments if you've never seen them before, anyway..let's once again rock on..

 10. Our Big Night - Equestria Girls

At the bottom of my list but just making it is Our Big Night from the first Equestria Girls movie. I like the beat to this one but my favourite thing is actually the video because I love each outfits and how their different personalities..oh and I never wanna see Rainbow Dash in a pink frilly dress again!

 9. Under Our Spell - Rainbow Rocks!

This is the first Dazzlings song on my list and I like it but I found it quite boring in the movie. I'm glad they added the montage of all the bands in the competion to give it some feel but other than that I'm not such a fan of this one. 

8. Battle - Rainbow Rocks!

You might be able to tell I'm not the biggest fan of the Dazzlings songs. They are super catchy and hypnotising, which is what I feel they were aiming for but they just are too slow for me personally. 

 7. Better Than Ever - Rainbow Rocks!

I know most people don't really like this as it's kind just there to add another song but I really like it and I think the beat is really cool. I also like that it's the first time you hear them all sing again in the second movie plus they all get their awesome pony powers back! 

 6. Time to Come Together - Equestria Girls

This song is kinda like Our Big Night as I really love the video and I think it really shows each of their personalities especially the broom part (left) and I think the beat and tempo are spot on too. It just gives me a feel of determination and motivation. 

5. Rainbow Rocks Intro - Rainbow Rocks!

I recently really got into this song when I put it on my Ipod. I hadn't really noticed it much as it's the intro song to the second movie, Rainbow Rocks. I love the art they use in the video and I like that some of the ponies have their own lines and I love the rock beat!!

 4. Shake Your Tail - Rainbow Rocks!

I have heard this song also known as 'the song where everyone mucks up' as this is the first song they sing at the Battle of the Bands and all the other bands try to sabotage their performance so they get knocked out from the competition. I really love this song and I think it has an awesome beat.

 3. Cafeteria Song - Equestria Girls

What do you do if you need to get everyone on your side to win the prom queen crown..you sing an awesome catchy song! I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG, IT'S SO DAMN CATCHY!! In my opinion it's the best song in the first movie and I think it really makes the movie so much better. I LOVE the beat and the tempo is just perfect ♥

 2. Welcome to the Show - Rainbow Rocks!

This is the big grand finale song between The Rainbooms and The Dazzlings. I love this song so much as it really shows the comparison between the two bands and they different goals. I think both songs are equally as good and the outfits are AWESOME!

 1. Awesome As I Wanna Be - Rainbow Rocks!

For me the number one spot was a no brainer..it has to be Rainbow's solo in Rainbow Rocks! I know that you are meant to hate Rainbow with this song as all she is doing this singing about her MASSIVE ego but I LOVE it! I think it does express Rainbow Dash and that's cool because that's why she is my favourite :) I'm sad that in the movie it gets cut short because of different events but I'm so glad that the full version is on Youtube. I love the rock vibe and how everyone else looks really annoyed at her. Throughout the whole movie Rainbow's ego and arrogance is highlighted as she says she win on her own and it's her band since it was her idea..but throughout the film she realises her mistakes..even if it takes her the whole movie to figure it out! 

Before I end I also want to highlight this one song which isn't featured in Rainbow Rocks but is an Equestria Girls song on youtube and I really like it. I think the video is perfect and love how they are all trying to find each other. 

That's my Top 10 Equestria Girl songs and I really enjoyed doing this two posts especially because I get to spend time with my Mum and show her my interests and she will put up with it even if she isn't that interested! Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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