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My Little Pony: My Top 10 Songs from Season 3 & 4

Hey Lovelies! I know what your thinking..really..didn't you already do this?! Yes I did but I haven't seen Season 3 or 4 and there are so many more amazing songs in these seasons that I didn't include! I haven't included any of the songs that I did in the last posts from the season 3 finale like true true friend so they are all new friends and I hope you enjoy! I was feeling kinda down today so I decided that MLP would cheer me up and I get to share these with my family, which makes me so super happy! I have listed my Top 10 but I also have two special mentions for songs that nearly made it but didn't quite :) Better get on it with it!!

10. Make A Wish - Pinkie Pride

I love this song even though it sounds like something that should be in Equestria Girls since it's so pop like. I know Pinkie's voice sounds really auto-tuned and speed up but I like and I wish it was longer to be honest. 

9. Find the Music in You - Filli Vanilli 

I really love how different this song is to other songs in the series. The voices are great together and really compliment each other well. It reminds of Pitch Perfect actually since it's acapella.


8. Hearts as Strong as Horses - Flight to the Finish

I don't normally like the songs by The Cutie Mark Crusaders but I actually have 2 on this list! I love this song alot and it reminds me of I'll Make a Man out of You from Mulan. The words and beat are perfect and keep me listening at all times :)


7. Pinkie's Lament - Pinkie Pride

This is the second song from episode that I love and it is probably one of my favourite Pinkie songs just below Smile :) I love how she picks herself up even though she is sad and becomes determined to beat Cheese Sandwich, the other party planner. I think this another song that gives Pinkie more depth and personality as it tells us how much party planning means to her. 

6. Babs Seed - One Bad Seed

This is one of my favourite Cutie Mark Crusaders episode as it deals with the important lesson in bullying. I love this song and even if you hate it at first it is so catchy that you will end up loving it! This is another Cutie Mark Crusaders song that I love and actually holds my attention :)

5. I've Got to Find a Way - Magical Mystery Cure

I think this is like the saddest song in My Little Pony but again it almost feels like an Equestria Girls song since it sounds so produced and pop-like. I love the beginning more than the end but it is a good song in all and just added to the greatest of this episode.


 4. Raise This Barn - Apple Family Reunion

YES THIS IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR!! I wanted a proper country song for AppleJack since the beginning and I finally got one! I love it so much and I think the beat is perfect. I'm so happy that they decided that to make a song like this with the whole Apple family :)


3. Generosity - Rarity Takes Manehattan

So yes Rarity is more generous in this song than probably in the whole 4 seasons but I love the stage feel of this song. I'm not normally a fan of Rarity's songs but I felt this was just right for her. I reminded me of Sharpay from High School Musical in that own movie she did when she tried to chase her dreams ;) I also love the video and Manehattan looks amazing!


2. Bats - Bats!

I was so close to putting this first as I love it so much! I love the contrast between AppleJack and Fluttershy's views on the bat problem and how AppleJack gets really ticked off with Fluttershy by the end and pretty much says screw you, the bats are going! I feel sorry for Fluttershy since all her friends kinda turned on her and AppleJack sang an awesome song and drove a pretty good argument.

1. Celestia's Ballad - Magical Mystery Cure

I couldn't possibly put any other song first! I cried endlessly the first time I watched this episode and heard this song. I love Celestia's voice so much and I get goose-bumps every time I listen to it. I love the video with all the moments from the seasons and it just makes me feel emotional :)

That's my Top 10 from Season 3 and Season 4! I did mention two special mentions so I will put those at the end, be sure to watch them as they nearly made the cut and I still love them even though one is slight crazy but one word..discord ;)


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