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Things I'm Excited for in 2015! Disney, My Little Pony, Barbie and more!

Hey Lovelies! Over the past week or so I've been making a list of things I'm totally excited for in 2015. My list grew massively over the last weekend as it was the New York Toy Fair and loads of new toys were shown and they look amazing! I have quite a big list so better get started ;)

 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 5

My first things I'm way too excited for is the next season of My Little Pony. I finished season 4 last night so now I can't wait till season 5..hope I don't have the wait too long! I did another post on my first thoughts on the trailer that was realised about a week ago and even more recently another teaser trailer was released and I JUST CAN'T WAIT!! The trailer still says Spring 2015 so I hope we get an actual date soon..please! The new toys being released throughout the year look pretty cool too!

Monster High: Haunted

I only got into Monster High over Christmas and I'm not a major fan but I do love the movies especially 13 wishes! I'm really excited for the newest movie Haunted, which comes out next month in the UK. I think this looks really cool and I love the different characters. I also love Twyla alot so I'm glad she is in another one :)
I still have to watch some of the older films but I'm still excited for this one!

Ever After High - Spring Unsprung

I love Ever After High and I love the dolls that are created! I have seen Spring Unsprung and I loved every minute, I even did a review on my blog about it but my main excitement this year is actually with the dolls. I only have two Briar Beauty and my favourite Madeline Hatter but I hope to expand my collection this year. Some of the new dolls were shown earlier in the year in pictures and they look amazing but they actually showed some at the toy fair and they are stunning! I really love Darling Charming
and Rosabella Beauty (the two on the right). There was also the new Way to Wonderland dolls, which also look stunning and I can't wait to see them properly.

Barbie in Princess Power

Over the past few months I embrace my love for Barbie movies and I'm really interested to see the newest movie 'Barbie in Princess Power'. I've always thought Barbie was more of a princess, mermaid, fairy girl but I like the fact that she is a superhero in this movie. I love superheroes and Barbie so I should enjoy it. I'm also excited to see the new animation that they have used! I'm hoping to watch it this week sometime :) I also found a teaser trailer for another Barbie movie coming in fall 2015 called Rock 'n Royals. The teaser doesn't show much but the characters look cool :)

 Pan (2015)

The movies I'm most excited for this year are Pan and Minions. I love Peter Pan and I love when they make new movies about the stories. This movie looks different to any other though and I think it looks awesome! The character looks great and I can't wait to watch to hear their telling of the story :) The second movie is Minions and I actually think my Dad might be more excited than me!! I really loved the two Despicable Me movies and I think they will be another great addition to the story. The voice actors are great and it's just minions..and you can't hate minions!! 

Lego Elves - March 2015

I'm not the biggest Lego fan in the world as it normally annoys me alot putting all the pieces together but I love the look of the sets and really wanna get some this year. I really like the Disney sets and Lego Friends but the one that really calls to me is Lego Elves, which is their newest collection that is meant to be released in March 2015. The sets look amazing and I hope I can get some in the future. I also saw this trailer on the Lego Youtube page so I'm really hoping it's
gunna be a series! And the purple one (not sure on names) sounds ALOT like Ashleigh Ball, who voices Rainbow Dash and AppleJack on MLP and when I searched up the voices nobody knows for sure but someone else said the same thing so if she does voice her that would be AWESOME!

 Frozen Fever

I'm super excited for Frozen Fever and I can't believe that I'll be able to finally see it next month!! It has already been said that there will be another new song, which I can't wait any longer for! Mattel also recently released their Frozen Fever dolls, which are really lovely, much better than the original Frozen dolls they brought out. The Disney Store haven't started selling the merch yet but someone found the Disney Store dolls (left) on shelves early just before they had to take them away as they weren't allowed to sell them! On the right you can see the plushes, which looks adorable!!

Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

I'M SO EXCITED! I know not every MLP likes Equestria Girls but I love it! During the toy fair the third movie was confirmed 'Friendship Games' and it's coming Fall 2015! There isn't much known about this movie yet but the woman at the Hasbro EG booth told us quite abit about the movie and the basic plot. I'm really happy to see Sunset Shimmer back in the third movie and I wonder if The Dazzlings might appeared?! The movie is set to be about The WonderColts facing The Shadowbolts in different sporting events. I wonder if the Twilight Sparkle double with glasses (that we saw at the very end of Rainbow Rocks) will be in it and whether the Ponyville Twilight Sparkle will be in it or not as that will create problems and doubles?! So many questions and I just wanna watch! The toys look great and really detailed and I will most likely be buying Rainbow Dash ;) By the way the dolls are set up it looks like Rainbow Dash & Sunset Shimmer will be doing Motorcross, Fluttershy & AppleJack will be doing Archery and Pinkie Pie & Rarity will be doing Rollerskating. I hope there is music in this one aswell since I love the EG songs! Another thing was that I was reading on a EG wiki and someone pointed out that the girl to the right of Twilight looks like Lighting Dust from Wonderbolt Academy..what do you think?? I hope it kinda is because it would be an insane competition with Rainbow Dash since they were both so fast in the episode! I also hope that the competitive side of the games doesn't harm any friendship since AppleJack and Rainbow Dash are both pretty competitive. I will put a trailer to the first and second movie too as they are really good :)

 Funko POP!

I love Funko especially the POP! figures. I have four in my collection but seeing some of the ones being released this year I think my collection may grow ;) On the left you can see all the new Disney POP! figures and they are amazing. I really love Rapunzel and she will be one I have to have! I think the new Frozen ones being released super soon look amazing and I really want some of those. The new Mystery Minis also look awesome especially the Disney Heroes VS Villains, Frozen and Inside Out. I hope they start to sell them in the UK stores more as I hate no being able to just go a pick some up :| The newest pony vinyls look cool too, my favourite has to be Princess Cadace. You can see all these in the video above from one of my youtube toy collectors :) 

That's all the things I super excited for in 2015 right now!
I'll leave with you a picture I found while I was searching for these pictures :)
Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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