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Sims 4: Let's Create! My Little Pony

Hey lovelies! Welcome to my newest series that I'm gunna try and start on my blog..Sims 4: Let's Create! :) I really love gaming and one of my favourite games has to be The Sims. I was thinking why don't I make some of my favourite characters on Sims 4 and share them with you guys! I decided to start with My Little Pony since they are all so different, colourful and fun :) I'm also going to include one of my favourite quotes from the characters too! Let's do this..

This is MY book...and I'm gonna READ IT! - Twilight Sparkle

So up first is Princess Twilight Sparkle. I didn't want to make the Mane 6 look to like the Equestria Girls so I tried my best to mix it up ;) I gave Twilight a very preppy look with purple blazer and lilac skirt. She is also rockin' long darker purple hair. Twilight is a genius, bookworm and super geeky. Her lifetime goal is to be a Renaissance Sim as she wants to learn lots of things at once :')

Were we arguing? I'm sorry. - Fluttershy

Next up is Fluttershy. I decided to keep Fluttershy's adorable light pink hair but gave her a floral yellow dress to express her yellow skin tone. I felt the pink and yellow matched really well and gave off a real Fluttershy feel. Fluttershy is a music lover, she loves the outdoors and she also loves music. Her lifetime goal is to be an Outdoor Enthusiast and explore everything nature has to offer!

It's a reenactment of the founding of Equestria. It's not the "Rainbow Dash Show" - AppleJack

AppleJack is a born country girl and I had to give her sim that look. I was so happy that they had a hat and cowboy boots available to use as I feel it really made the outfit! I also love the orange flannel top as I felt it matched her orange-like skin tone but I could have equally used a red colour for her red apple cutie mark ;) AppleJack is family-orientated, self assured and loves the outdoors. AppleJack lives at Sweet Apple Acres in MLP and grows apple trees like CRAZY so it only felt right that her lifetime goal is to be a Freelance Botanist and grow loads of plants!


Rarity was probably one of my favourites to create since she is just full glamour and girly. I think the purple halter top and glittery black skirt gave her that glamour look with her dark purple hair. Rarity is romantic, squeamish and a total perfectionist. Since their was no fashion lifetime goal I decided to go for another Rarity type goal, which is to be Friend to the World and make as many friends as possible :')

Oh, I never leave home without my party cannon! - Pinkie Pie

I wanted to go full out PINK on our next little pony, Pinkie Pie! I had to give her a pink polka dot top and hot pink skirt to give her that really girly feel along with her massive pink hair! Pinkie is cheerful, childish and a goofball..so a hyper nightmare really..only kidding ;) It felt only right to give Pinkie the Party Animal lifetime goal as she is Pinkie the Party Planner after all! 

The day I get a hooficure is the day I turn in my daredevil license. - Rainbow Dash

Sadly the Sims 4 doesn't accommodate people with rainbow hair..think of all those people..so I had to make the bold decision to make Rainbow Dash's hair blue! I decided to make it more of a turquoise but I felt she still rocked it as it was like her skin tone :') I had to give her a light blue hoodie and jeans..with rips of course ;) Rainbow Dash is active, ambitious and self assured. I gave Rainbow Dash the lifetime goal of Bodybuilder as she is an athlete as that was as close as wonderbolt flier as we were getting on Sims 4! 

Ugh! The old me really was just awful, wasn't she? - Sunset Shimmer

DUN..DUN..DUNNN..it's Sunset Shimmer!!..only joking! I decided to base my Sunset Shimmer on her better self from Rainbow Rocks so I present nice Sunset Shimmer ;) I found the perfect Sunset Shimmer hair when I was searching for custom content and knew that I wanted to base her on the Equestria Girl. So she is still rocking the red and yellow hair with black leather jacket and orange skirt :) Sunset Shimmer is creative, outgoing and ambitious. Her lifetime goal is actually the same as Rarity's as I feel Sunset Shimmer now just wants to be liked for her nicer self, so it's Friend to the World for Sunset Shimmer too! 

And you'll be happy to know that they are all getting along just fine..even though Sunset Shimmer looks excluded in the last picture but she wasn't I was just taking her picture! I love how Twilight and Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, AppleJack and Rainbow Dash are talking to each other as I feel that's what the groups would be talking like ;) I'm actually thinking about playing these girls since I've fallen in love with them so much but if I do then I try to do an update ;)

Friendship isn't always easy but there's no doubt it's worth fighting for! 
- Twilight Sparkle

You can find all these Sims on my Origin: nevergrowup_x 

Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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