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My Top 10 My Little Pony Songs

Hey Lovelies ♥ So I have two more My Little Pony posts coming (including this one) just to warn you as I know this isn't for everyone! I've really been enjoying it and especially it's music so I thought it my Top 10 was needed. I also like the Equestria Girl songs so I will be doing my Top 10 Equestria Girl songs too :) Let's rock on...oh I recommend you listen to the song before you read as it probably won't make much sense otherwise ;)

10.The Ballad of Crystal Empire from The Cyrstal Empire

I think song is really good and I wish it was actually longer and the ponies got longer verses as I think it could have been amazing. I love when they all sing together and sound determined to help and save the empire :) I also LOVE this picture when they are Cyrstal ponies especially Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack..look their hair!!


9. The Failure Success Song (reprise) from The Cyrstal Empire

I really love this one at the end of of The Crytsal Empire and I think it ended the episode really nicely. I loved hearing what each friend thought of Twilight and how they knew she would pass and believed in her. 


8. Art of the Dress (reprise) from Suited for Success

I didn't love the actually song that much as I didn't think Rarity's voice sounded right but the reprise was great! I love that each pony got their own part. I felt it really expressed each of their personalities for example Pinkie Pie wanted colour and fun but Rainbow Dash just wanted something cool. 


7. Smile Smile Smile from A Friend in Deed
I know that in alot of people lists that this will probably be higher but I just prefered some other songs. My favourite thing about this song is that Pinkie Pie finally has some more depth and explained why she loves to make people smile and how it makes her feel. I could hear in like a Disney Princess movie or something..anyone else?! I think Pinkie Pie should have some more songs like this in the future!

 6. Winter Wrap Up from Winter Wrap Up

I love the upbeat tempo to this song and it just makes me feel happy and I can't sit still when listening to it! I'm so happy Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack got solo parts in the song to explain their roles with weather and food for the Winter Wrap Up. I love that when Twilight sings in worry the song slows down but as soon as the other ponies start doing their jobs it speeds up again. 

5. This Day Aria from A Canterlot Wedding

When I first heard this song I was like 'WOW!' It just so different to any other song in the show. I love the contrast between the evil fake Cadence and the real Cadence. It sounds like something you would hear in a Disney movie, I really feel it made this episode so much better!

4. May the Best Pet Win! from May the Best Pet Win

This actually comes from my favourite episode, which is featured around Rainbow Dash finding her perfect pet through a compettion in strength, coolness, agility and so one..so that the pet can be as amazing as her. I think that this song is one of the best as again the contrast is just fantastic between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. When Fluttershy sings the music is all happy, excitable and flowery but when Rainbow Dash comes on it goes lower, strong and fiesty. I think this song could have easier been terrible as Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are such different characters but it turned out to be one of my favourites!

 3. What my Cutie Mark is Telling Me from Magical Mystery Cure

I absoutely couldn't wait to listen to this song and it is amazing and just want I wanted it to be. The episode included big events but my favourite part is the beginning when Twilight Sparkle wakes up to find that all her friends have switched cutie marks which causes them to change their talents. I kinda wish they had done more on this but it was a good idea and I enjoyed it alot. The song just explains how they can't do their talents but it has to be their destiny since that is what their cutie mark is telling them. For example Rainbow Dash is now an animal pony who can't control them, Apple Jack has to make dresses but can't figure it out, Rarity has to control the weather but it has big issues, Pinkie Pie has to work on the farm but it isn't fun for her and Fluttershy has to make fun and laughter but can't make anyone laugh. I just love this song!

2. At the Gala - Best Night Ever

I know this song has mixed reviews and it's kinda like marmite but I love it to pieces. I LOVE that everyone has their own verse to sing to express what they want to do at the Gala to make it the best night ever. My favourites are Apple Jack and of course Rainbow Dash's solo :) I also love the tempo of this song and it automatically get regal when Rarity is singing and heavy and rock-like when Rainbow Dash sings. It was very close with Number 1 actually!

1. True True Friend - Magical Mystery Cure

I had heard people cry at this song and I tell you I was near to it as it really expresses their friendship and how much they love each other. In order to get their cutie marks back to normal they have to help each other to remember who they are. Again just like At the Gala, they all have their own verse which I LOVE! I also think the tempo towards the end is amazing from Rarity's part really. It is defienatly my favourite time Rarity has sung and I love how it goes strong and bold from the happy friend song then Apple Jack's country verse is brillant! I think the song really captures everyone's different personalites and talents and that's why is my favourite! Guess what..I'm listening to MLP on shuffle right now and this song just came on..it's a sign ;) 

And that's my Top 10 My Little Pony songs. I know that some of your favourite might not be on it but it's my list so whatever!? I will have my Equestria Girls one coming tomorrow hopefully so get ready for that..if your interested ;) Until next time..bye lovelies ♥ 

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