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My Trip to London ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I thought I would do a special post today about my trip to London yesterday. My Auntie took me and my Mum to London for my birthday, which is next Saturday. I really wanted to go to Oxford Street and go to the Disney Store! It is just amazing ♥


When you go in first you see a giant Mickey and Donald which I had to have my picture next to of course. I have only just be in the shop about 2 minutes and was already in heaven! They were playing Frozen so I'm was on Cloud 9. 

Infront of you are stairs with take you to the other floor. I love the detail of the castle that they put in ♥ When you looked round the top of the castle on the walls were different silloetes of Disney characters like Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty..it was just like being in Disneyland. 

They are lots of amazing things on the first floor like all the softs toys and Marvel things but I was more interested in going downstairs to see all the Tinkerbell and Disney Princess things :) As you go down the stairs you see a giant display of the newest Tinkerbell movie (The Pirate Fairy) and it was amazing ♥

There was loads downstairs which I loved so much. There were seperate sections for the favourite princesses and newest films. Frozen had a section which is where I spent most my time! There was a Anna figure so I had to have a picture. I loved it so much ♥ There was a section for the dolls of all the princesses and princes and palace pets. Tangled had a section which I looked at too and so did The Little Mermaid. All the other princesses were grouped in into the Disney Princess range. It was just breathtaking. They was a big screen with different music videos on and you could chose what song they played next. I picked Part of Your World instead of Frozen as they were playing it anyway..and they only have Demi Lovato's version and 25 lanuages of Let it Go. 


We went to Selfridges aswell which was breathtaking. It was so big..it had like 5 floors! I couldn't believe it! We went to the Toyshop  and I saw this Disney Princess Castle with an Anna doll in so I had to take a picture. I want this ahaa! The toyshop was beautiful..expensive but beautiful ♥
Selfridges had a section for like everything, I couldn't take it in!

My auntie booked an afternoon tea thing for lunch and it was so lovely. I want to thankyou all the people who work there..it would probably help if I remember where it was! It was near Convent Garden and it was part of a hotel. I loved it so much ♥ You get sandwiches, scones, melted chocolate with marshmallows and banana and other cakes. I even got a surprised when the waiters came with a cupcakes with chocolate and strawberries. They sang Happy Birthday and was in shock. I told my family to never do a suprise thing on a show because I would have a breakdown as I not too good with suprises but it was really good! ♥ 

The marshmallows and melted chocolate was wonderful. I would definitely recommend, if I can find where I went the link will be at the bottom :) I also met an amazing girl called Mel who had a tumblr called http://tobeheard.tumblr.com/. She loved Frozen and Sherlock which was really weird..then I found out she plays Sims aswell! I have never met anybody randomly so like me! Outside the hotel were some horses on a carridge, I stroked them and I loved it which is weird as I was always scared of animals and didn't like them but having the guinea pigs has really helped :'). 

Finally we went to Covent Garden and I saw another Disney Store so I had to go in! It was so cute and small and I loved the London window display. On the right is me and my auntie shopped out! We headed home and it was an amazing day :D 

If your thinking what did I buy..you will have to wait till either tomorrow or wednesday to find out...I'm going to do a Disney Store Haul post so keep your eyes out for that. To get an update either follow me on twitter, bloglovin or subscribe to an email ♥

I also recently made another tumblr called http://thatperfectgirlisgone-x.tumblr.com/ which is where I reblog all the posts that I love about the fandoms I love especially Disney ♥ so be sure to follow me there aswell :)

Bye Lovelies ♥

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