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Life Update ♥ March 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Since it is nearly April I thought I needed to do another Life Update as I have been pretty busy and need to tell you guys about my blogs future..and don't worry (even though your probably not) I'm not ending it! Sorry I haven't posted since Tuesday, I've been ill since about Thursday, it was my Mum's birthday on Saturday and we went to see Wicked which was AMAZING! Then today is Mother's Day so busy busy busy! I'm trying to keep to more of a schedule with my posts so after this week I should be posting more regularly.

Future Of the Blog
I'm not thinking of ending my blog anytime soon as I have so many posts to come and I can't wait! I am going to end my Sims series that I hardly did as I have to get attached to a family to play them forever and I hadn't played that family for over a week and didn't feel I wanted to play them again but I will be continuing to show you my current household. I also feel you guys are more interested in my Disney and Personal posts so my gaming posts will feature but only every month or so. 

Busy Busy Busy
As I have said I have been extremely busy with family time and birthdays. It was my birthday last weekend (I have more posts about it to come) and I did go shopping the day after with my money (haul coming!). Then I haven't been feeling well this week and I have had some emotional troubles with being me aswell. Yesterday was my Mum's birthday and we went to see Wicked in London and it was AMAZING! I have been wanting to see it for ages and it was worth the wait :') Today is Mother's Day so I have been having a family day today and I'm still not well :(

This is really all I have to say in my latest Life Update for March. Since I haven't posted in a few days I will post one more post today for you guys ♥ Get ready for a haul! 

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