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Sims 3 Current Household: Evans Family ♥ Part 1 - Meet Olivia ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Firstly I want to thank everyone of you even if your only just found my blog for 3000 views! I'm so suprised..I was only making this blog to express my obsessions, feelings and troubles and now I have over 3000 views!! Remember if you want to keep up with my blog and my posts, sign up for an email everytime I post or follow me on bloglovin :) If I get enough followers then I might make a facebook page for the blog so I can share even more!

I have been playing Sims alot recently and I decided to just play instead doing challenges as I'm not very good at rules! I'm hoping of doing a like legacy thing but as freely as possible and I hope this will be like a blog lp with parts and story lines..! I downloaded alot of new content and I love all of it! I will first introduce you to my founder :)

This is Olivia Evans, my lovely founder ♥
She lives in Storybrook County which is a custom world from MySimsRealty.
She is a Natural Cook, Family-Orientated, Nurturing, Genius and Childish sim :)
She is in the Educational Career and is Level 1.
Her lifetime wish is to be surrounded by family.
Olivia's favourites are Sushi, Pop and Spice Brown.

She owns an penthouse in Storybrook Country with two bedrooms and a balcony. I love it and I think it's perfect for Olivia as she can fit at least one baby in the penthouse before she has the money to move out to her dream house! Everything is pretty plain as I'm trying to move Olivia out as soon as possible so she can have loads of children.

On her first day she met Matt, who was a stylist at the time, and they instantly had chemisty bubbling. She really got to know Matt over the first few days of living in Storybrook County and over those few days, Olivia knew that she wanted to be more than friends with Matt and settle down first to start her family!

She eventually took Matt out to dinner and they had a wonderful. They talked all the time and even got abit flirty! Olivia knew that it was the right time to make her move and went in the heat of the moment kiss..and she kissed her back! They made it official by going steady and Olivia was totally loved up. The next move was getting him to move in :)

Olivia soon decided it was time for their second date and invited Matt to The Boardwalk where they rode all the rollercoasters and screams their lungs out! It is so much fun and they both had a great date. Olivia had so much fun she asked Matt to move in with her and he accepted of course. He changed his career to be in the Professional Sports. She was so happy and Matt gave her a dip kiss. 

It was the day before leisure day and Matt had a suprise for Olivia up his sleeve. She went to work and then meet him at The Business as Usual Bistro for a romantic dinner. They both ordered Sushi as it was both Olivia and Matt's favourite food! During the dinner they started chatting about babies and their future looked very promising.


Matt's plan was working perfectly and soon he took her to a beach at sunset. The sky was beautiful, the perfect time to pop the very important question. Matt gave her flowers and even surprised her with a lovely dip kiss! It was getting darker and he knew now was the right time. He got down on one knee and pulled out a lovely shiny ring! Olivia couldn't believe it, she had dreamt of getting married since she was little and now her dream was finally coming true! She of course said YES and gave Matt and massive hug.

Olivia looked at her ring and knew that tomorrow would her Dream Wedding day..even though it was extremely soon! It was leisure day tomorrow and that ment everybody would be off work and school..it would also be HOT! She had to plan everything so they quickly drove home and Olivia got planning!! 

Bye Lovelies ♥ next part coming soon...



MuchCream said...

omfg... *-* STORYBROOK??
I am in love with that show..

ThePerksofBeingMe-x said...

I do MuchCream and it is amazing! I was so shocked when I saw what the town was called...I had to urge to make all the characters!