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Normal? There is no such thing!

Hey Guys! Today I'm doing quite a personal blog post about me. As most of my readers know I have Aspergers which is a High- Functioning type of Autism. I struggle with many things and lots of things come easy to me. My brain is wired differently to 'normal' people which makes me think differently. As I said in the title..I don't feel that there is a 'normal' person, everyone has atleast one imperfection, I don't feel that one person in this world is totally and utterly perfect. I think that you should make your imperfections your perfections and instead of trying to make yourself a 'perfect' person, just accept who you are and your uniqueness. I have learnt this over the past few months...

In October 2013 I was officially diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism which is known as Aspergers. I was extremely happy with this result as it gave me a reason to be like I am. It soon sunk in that I had a disability though. I hid it quite alot but I did feel abit overwhelmed. From about Christmas I have been embracing my aspie traits and doing things that make me tick :) I don't care what other people think about my obsessions and other imperfections. I went to the Disney Store and bought some things and didn't care that alot of littler people were buying the same things!
I have a very obsessional behaviour which means I get hooked on something and my life will revolve around it. At the moment it is Disney which is a general obsession, but Frozen is my Disney obsession at this time in my life. I saw it in December just after it came out and then fell in LOVE with it immediately. I got some Frozen merchandise for Christmas and recently bought some more when I was out shopping. For my birthday I want to get some more in the Disney Store and I'm also trying to buy the Disney Store Frozen DVD preorder deal with DVD, Art Set and Book :D My life revolves around Frozen at the moment with listening to the songs all the time and watching
interviews and things!!

I also struggle with socialising with people and large crowds. If I go shopping I can get pretty overwhelmed but I'm normally able to push through and get all the things I need. I struggle with talking to people alot and often need a break from being social after speaking for a while. I love concerts though because I get to scream and jump around like I do normally but not stand out! I also love theme parks because I can scream all my troubles out when I go on the rides :D

As I said my brain works differently so if I have to do something that uninterests me or I already know I will shut off but if I love the subject and thinks it's worth my time I will become obsessed. I don't have a middle range..I'm either not interested or obsessed. For example when my friend showed me the tv show 'Once Upon a Time' I got really obsessed and watched all 2 series within about a month. I watched 44 episodes..2 every night and just got utterly obsessed!!

I will talk more about this in another blog post but I feel this enough for now. I hope this made you understand me abit more and I think I have a Disney post coming up next so look out for that ♥

Bye Lovelies ♥

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