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My Disney Collection ♥ February 2014 ♥

Hey  Lovelies ♥ I'm really enjoying blogging at the moment so I thought I would keep on my roll :) I was thinking hard about what to blog about today and I know I promised you guys a Disney post so HERE IT IS...!!
I have quite alot of Disney items in my life and are continually collecting. I have DVDs, toys, books and other bits so I hope you enjoy taking a peek at my collection ♥ By the way..I will leave all the prices of the items at the bottom if I know ♥

As most of my readers know I have an obsession with Frozen at the moment..so recently I went to 'The Disney Store' and bought some merchandise from Frozen including my new Anna soft doll :) I absoultely LOVE her so much! I want to buy both sisters but Elsa was sold out :( so when I go to 'The Disney Store' for my birthday I going to try and buy her :D I also bought the Frozen Poster with Elsa and Anna on..I love this too. I haven't put this up on my wall yet but I'm going to buy a picture frame for my above my bed and display all different posters for different movies in it :D 

I also got this little tin for Christmas and it had marshmallows in it..personally I just LOVED the tin but the marshmallows were yummy ♥ I'm also loving my Frozen shopper from 'The Disney Store' which my Mum got me when she bought me something else from 'The Disney Store'..it is amazing ♥♥♥

When I bought my doll and poster I went on abit of a Frozen spree and bought the book of the movie and the sticker book. I have read the Book already and loved every minute of reading it..I'm going to use the stickers from the book in my scrapbook :)

I got a few DVDs for Christmas including The Little Mermaid boxset and Peter Pan 1 & 2. I also got Hercules and just ordered Alice in Wonderland and The Princess and The Frog. I am also trying to preorder Frozen with 'The Disney Store' offer :) I have seen all the dvds I got and love them. The Little Mermaid boxset has all three movies in and I think it's a really good deal. I also have Brave, Wreck it Ralph and others on DVD. I have alot of them on video because my Dad used to collect them too :) 

My Sister picked these peas for my from Toy Story in 'The Disney Store' which I have wanted for ages and so glad I finally got these :D I bought this Stitch toy at Disneyland Paris and I wanted to purchase it all the week I was there..and bought it on my last day there and it was so worth it! It is just amazing and since it came from Disneyland I treasure it so much ♥

I bought the rapunzel tumbler at 'The Disney Store' and I have used it soo much since I got it. It is amazing! It had like water in it with glitter and floating flowers. I have had my Tinkerbell pillow for years now. I got it one Christmas from my sister and I use it all the time ♥

I got two Disney calendars from Christmas..one big one with Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams collection and a mini 365 day Disney calendar. I love them both especially the mini one because it's a different movie everyday with like a fact or something about that movie :) I would recommend both ♥

Thanks for taking a peek at some of my Disney collection and I hope you liked it ♥

Bye Lovelies and remember to check my tumblr and instagram :) 

Where I bought my things and prices

  • Anna Soft Doll - Disney Store - £16
  • Frozen Poster - WHSmith - £4?
  • Frozen Tin with Marshmallows - Iceland - £4
  • Frozen Shopper- Disney Store - £2
  • Frozen Sticker Book - £3
  • Frozen Book of Movie - £5/£6?
  • The Little Mermaid Boxset - ASDA - £20
  • Peter Pan boxset - ASDA - £10
  • Hercules DVD - ASDA - £5
  • Tangled, Aladdin, Princess and the Frog, Alice in Wonderland DVDs - Disney Rewards - FREE!
  • The Peas Soft Toys - Disney Store - £7
  • Stitch - Disneyland Paris or Disney Store - £18
  • Rapunzel Tumbler - Disney Store - £5
  • Tinkerbell Pillow - won't sell anymore..I'm pretty sure..
  • Disney Thomas Kinkade Calendar - amazon 
  • Disney Mini 365 Calendar - amazon 

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