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Why Me? ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I got alot of views on my 'Normal' post so I thought I would do another personal post for you guys.

I have a often asked myself 'WHY ME?!'...why did I have to have such stuggles and tough times..? I used to blame myself alot for my problems but now I really do feel Everything happens for a reason because if I never got diagonsed alot of things wouldn't have happened and I wouldn't be as happy as I am now. I hope that anyone going through a diagnosis at the moment will get there and be happier. If you already have a diagnosis then I hope it wasn't too tough and you are feeling better now. 

I blamed myself alot and told myself that I was making all my issues up just to not do things but now I know that I wasn't and it's a great feeling knowing the truth. It's amazing thinking of all the people that were in my life and thought I was stupid and lying all the time and knowing that they were wrong!

With Aspergers, when you get diagnosed you don't really get much help (well..I didn't)..it's pretty much just a get on with it approach. But my family has really supported me during me diffcult times and found different groups for me to try out even though I pretty anti-social :/. I feel that Aspergers needs to be recognised more and not just Oh she's just weird...and I hope in the future that changes. 

I have often thought even now 'Why did I have to have this? Why couldn't it be easier?' but now I think I'm honored to have Aspergers because even though I have alot of stuggles and hard times, I still love life and feeling special to be here. My Mum was scared the other day incase everything just got to much and I decided to just give up but I said 'I'm not going anyway! I might have Aspergers but I have a busy life to live..and I have so much too do! I can't go now!!' and she laughed and gave me a hug. I might not be great at socialising or doing something massive but I'm still a determined person and my austism won't limit me to anything. 

Right now I'm embracing my aspie qualities by doing things I want to do without feeling stupid even if it is childish or werid. I'm expressing my obsessions and letting go. I sometimes have to obsorb myself in social situations but I know when I get home or by myself I can just let go and be myself :D 

I'm learning everyday about myself and finally feel like I belong. 

Hope this helps some people ♥ 
Bye Lovelies ♥♥♥

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Anonymous said...

Gina ... Lovely ...this is wonderful ...and helped me to read it :) You are amazing and special and have some amazing and special people around you too helping you understand and accept the things that make you just you :) much love ... Aunty xxxx