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Disney Haul ♥ February 2014 ♥

Hey Guys! I'm sorry it's been about a week since my last post but it's been half term and I have been quite busy. I have been playing Sims and Disney Infinity, going to the cinema and spending time with my family :) I have also been shopping quite alot and bought alot of Disney things to add to my collection. My collection is getting bigger and bigger now and I'm loving it! I thought since I showed my Disney Collection to you guys in a post..I would keep you updated on my hauls and collection every now and then. So here we go!

Sorry these pictures are quite small but I bought some Disney Princess 3D stickers which I'm using in my scrapbook. It has all the princesses up to Rapunzel so that's cool :) I also bought some emery boards for nails but since I bite mine I don't have much nail to file so I just bought them because I love the pictures. There is Alice, Minnie, Snow White, Bambi and Tinkerbell :)

I have really got into buying Disney books recently and found these two books in a Poundshop and had to buy them! I love the Monsters Inc one because the pictures are drawn compared to The Lion King which are just pictures from the movie. I love these so much and it's just more to my collection :D

I also found these Disney Princess chapter books for 99p each in 'The Works' which I thought was amazing because they are normally about £3 or £4 :) I got two Cinderella stories..one which is about the movie and another random story. I haven't read them yet but can't wait too :D 

I got another Disney Princess chapter book of Sleeping Beauty at the same place I got the other ones. I bought some sticker and colour books from 'Wilkinsons' for £1 each because I needed some stickers for my scrapbook and I thought that it was good value :)

I went to TKMAXX next and bought the Disney Princess Magical Story Collection which includes the stories of Tangled, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. I love the Tangled book as the pictures are drawn like the Monsters Inc one. I love the The Little Mermaid one too as I love Ariel and I always have loved Cinderella so I was really happy about finding this. It was only £4 aswell :D 

While I was in TKMAXX I found this other Disney book called 365 Stories for Girls and just had to get it. I was looking at buying this book off the Disney Store website but it was £13 and that was pretty expensive but I got it for only £5 so I was so happy with this find! It has a story everyday with all different films in which I LOVE! It's up to date to Tangled and there is a boys version too..which I will probably get aswell in the future! 

Hope you enjoyed looking at my Disney Haul..I would make these on Youtube but I prefer blogging to be honest ♥ 
I'm going to play Sims now and hopefully take some pictures to upload to here ♥♥

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Bye Lovelies ♥

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Gina you little star... Aunty Potty... xxxx