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I've been to Disneyland Paris!

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'M BACK! As you can tell from blog post title..I'VE BEEN TO DISNEYLAND PARIS! Yes, my trip that I have been so pumped for over my last few blog posts has finally happened and I'm back. I visited Disneyland Paris with my family for 4 days from Monday to Thursday and loved every minute of it. I'm going to do quite a few posts about my trip from the daily parades and characters to rides and food. If you have been with my blog since the start you will know I went to Disneyland Paris last year aswell so I felt so lucky to be able to go back this year.

I had a magical time everyday and couldn't wait to experience the full magic. I went for the Swing into Spring Celebration and it was lovely. We had pretty good weather, on some days it was cloudy and grey but it never rained while I was there! I swear Disney has a protection over it or something!? I will do a more detailed post of the Spring Celebrations soon as I think it finishes very soon..in June I think.

When my family went last year I hadn't been diagonised with aspergers (austism) but since I have been now we decided to try and get the piority/early access pass. We rang and emailed Disney to find out what you needed to bring and it turned out a Doctors Note was the only thing. This was kinda annoying as our doctors surgery charged my parents £45 for the letter to tell Disney that my condition was real and life long. I have to say though that it was worth every penny! As a family we enjoyed the trip much more than before and it was alot more stress free.

I got the green pass which I think was the piority one but I'm not 100% sure. It had my name and a special number on it. It also stated which disablility I had which we all found quite hard as I had never been classified as disabled really before. When we got given the pass this really nice guy told us all about it and what it does. I can't fault this pass at all even though I had seen alot of negativity towards the system. The pass entitled my family to enter the ride all together and not have to wait in extremely long queues. We had to walk through the exit, where a Disney helper looked at your card and told you to wait a few minutes. I think the longest we had to wait for a ride was about 10 minutes if that! The pass also works with all planned meet and greets expect the 'Stars n Cars' meet and greet and the studios. This is amazing for me as this was something I really wanted to experience fully. We went to every meet and greet that was advertised on the programme. We normally waited about 5 minutes if that to meet a character except Rapunzel which we had to wait 1hr and 30 minutes (the normal queue was 3hrs!). There was special spots for the parades and shows but I didn't ever use them as I liked to be quite close and I felt other people who are in worse conditions than me could use it.

I really enjoyed my trip to Disneyland Paris this year and can't wait to share even more of my trip with you. I met quite a few characters, tried loads of Disney foods, rode alot of rides and watching all the parades and shows. Oh and of course I did abit of shopping!

I also really want to thankyou everyone of my amazing readers and followers for over 120 views yesterday! I didn't expect that at all and it was amazing to come back to. I now have nearly over 8000 views and it's just breath-taking. Thankyou so much ♥

 My next post will be very soon as I can't wait to share all my magical moments with you ♥

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