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Hey Lovelies ♥ IT'S HERE! My Art of Frozen Overview :D I have taken the pictures and can't wait to tell you lovelies my opinons and give you a look into this amazing book. There will be loads of pictures and bits of writing in this review but hopefully you like this :')


The Art of Frozen is a hardback book which gives you detailed concept arts and drawings on how Frozen came to be. It shows you all different kinds of concept art from storyboards to computer concepts. You get a full detailed look into each character and their transformation into the loving characters we have today. It retails £25 but I got it for £15 on amazon uk. The book is covered with a dark sleeve with a drawing of the two sisters. 

When you open the book you get some art and a detailed story into the making of Frozen and how The Snow Queen has been in Disney ideas since Walt himself was alive. The idea of Frozen has been in the Disney works since Toy Story was made so long work in progress to say the least! There are multiple chapters inside the book from the family to the landscapes. The first chapter is all about the royal family and how to sisters went through alot of concepts to become the Anna and Elsa we know today. 

These are some of the character pages that are included in the book. They give you a little paragraph about the character and their personalities. You get a picture of what they look like in the movie and lots of concept art to compare too. There are amazing sketches included aswell of all the characters and I love them so much..I worship these people who can draw like that! 

These are the drawn storyboards that they used to plan out the movie. Every scene in the movie is in this book drawn on a storyboards from the ice song at the beginning to the thawing at the end. I love one of the beginning pages which is pretty iconic and is when Elsa and Anna play together and when Anna sings 'Do you wanna build a snowman?'. I think my favourite storyboard has to be the 'Let it Go' sequence. It is just so detailed and clever, I love it. The picture of the bottom left also really stood out to me as I felt like it the small sketches interested me. I read and it says that the artist drew what Idina was moving like when she sang 'For the First time in Forever Reprise' and then modelled it onto Elsa. I loved that!

There are other pages on some of the items that are in the movies such as the flags and banner that are hung in Arendelle when it's Elsa coronation. I love the Elsa Profile banner alot. It shows you Anna's room and Elsa's room in detailed. There are also pictures explaining ideas they were going to use but decided against. Alot of pages are used to show the patterns they used in the movies and the places that they based Arendelle off.

I'm in love with the amount of sketches in this book. I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM! They are so beautiful and detailed but simply drawn at the same time. I have tried to draw these several times and I just give up everytime..these people are so talented. I love how they draw the characters with different emotions aswell. 

In the movie they used alot of colour keys to show the brightness and darkness of different objects and scenes. I love these as they are the detailed iconic scenes in just blocks of colour. I also love the concept art which is made on a computer. I love the talents of Brittany Lee and thats only one of the many artists that made these characters in a lovely way. The top right hand picture..that's Elsa and Anna when Elsa was taken to be more evil and dark until everything changed and Elsa became the snow queen that we love. The ice palace concept art is just plainly stunning. I love all the detailed work that went into it and the different techniques that they used to make it just right :)

The last few pages tell you all about Elsa transformation into The Snow Queen which her gorgeous plait and long ice dress. There are some really nice concepts in this section which lovely sketches and computer graphics. A page that still amazes me is how Anna freezes. It shows you a detailed picture of the different stages of her freezing at different parts of the movie. The detailed eye picture really takes my breath away...remember when the disney animationed hair was just a block of colour like Ariel's and now you have detailed pupils and fine hairs! It shows you Anna's eye from when Elsa strikes her to when she freezes and the detail is just breathtaking. 

The last few pages show you computer concept art from 'Love is an Open Door' with Hans and Anna/ I love the concepts so much and really love the art to pieces. It also explains what Frozen was meant to achieve and convey to people. 

That's it for my Art of Frozen Overview lovelies ♥ I hope I gave you the insight you wanted and that you might even purchase the book if you haven't already. My overall opinon on the book is that it is totally worth a buy. I really would love to collect 'The Art of..' disney books for all the movies they have as they really amaze me and give me inspiration. If you a Frozen fan or Disney fan this book is a MUST HAVE! If you love art or graphics..this is MUST HAVE! It is a MUST HAVE to everyone!! 

Hope you enjoyed my Overview and you try and purchase soon if you haven't already ♥ 
Bye Lovelies ♥ 

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