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The Sister Tag ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm so super hyped for Disney right now so I thought to calm myself down I would do a non-disney post! I have seen this tag for so long and I feel now is the time to introduce you to mine, she's called Zoe and is totally different to me! I love having a sister, it's just great especially because we are both so different. I decided my sister Zoe's answers will be in blue and mine will be in pink as I'm not going to make a video!

1. If you could describe each other in one word, what would that word be?
G - Active.
Z - Unique.

2. What's one thing that annoys you about one other?
G - Zoe fidgets all the time, she can't stop moving!
Z - Biting her nails ALL THE TIME!

3. What's your current favourite song?
G - Let it Go from Frozen, Birthday by Katy Perry or Weightless by Natasha Bedingfield.
Z - The Man by Aloe Blacc.

4. What's your favourite tv show?
G - Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Dance Moms and being really childish Sofia the First!
Z - Dance Moms all the way.

5. What's your favourite movie?
G - I can't choose! Either Frozen, 21 Jump Street or We're the Millers.
Z - Identity Thief, it's hilarious!

6. Do you and your sister alike?
G - Sometimes I guess.
Z - Yes sometimes.

7. Describe your sister in three words?
G - Sporty, pretty and funny.
Z - Funny, inspirational and childish!

8. What's your favourite subject at school?
G - Either ICT, Art or Maths.
Z - Hands down PE.

9. Pants or dresses?
G - I'm a totally comfy girly girl so dresses unless I can wear sweatpants or pjs!
Z - Abit of both really. 

10. Do you ever argue?
G - Yeah but only like you would normally do if you have to live with someone all the time. 
Z - Yep.

11. What do you want to be when you grow up?
G - Something to do with Disney like work at a park or in the movie animation side. I would also love the be a graphic design for a Disney magazine or website :')
Z - Something to do with sport..always active.

12. Favourite critter?
G - Guinea Pigs or Pandas. I love pandas the normal kind and red pandas :')
Z - Quotkka. Too cute! I think my sister was one in a past life!

That's it for The Sister Tag :) Hope you enjoyed it and I'm hoping to post again tomorrow ♥
Bye Lovelies and have a cute unicorn whale :')

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