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The Life in Letters Tag ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Today I discovered a new blog and found this tag which I thought looked different and pretty cool to try. I am going to try my best to come up with one for ever letter about my life. I also want to let you guys know that I'm thinking of giving my blog abit of an update for the summer so if my blog is looking different don't worry! 

A is for Aspergers. I recently got diagonised with high functioning austism which is called Aspergers. I feel so much better as a person now and alot happier in myself.

B is for Blog. I started this blog nearly a year ago and have loved every moment of it. I'm so awkward and anti-social in real life so I love to express myself on my blog. It's my life ♥

C is for Cupcakes. I love cupcakes...I love making them and eating them especially the mixture!


D is for Disney. Disney is a massive part of my life, I revolve around it. I'm totally obsessed with anything Disney including the parks and music. I LOVE DISNEY! 

E is for Earphones. This might sound abit crazy but I love headphones and earphones because you can just shut yourself out of the world for abit and be in your our little paradise. I use my headphones for watching youtube, listening to music and watching movies, I couldn't live without them!

F is for Food. I am a massive food addict..need I say more?

G is for Guinea Pigs. My sister got guinea pigs at the end of August last year. We had two boys, Figgles and Oreo. I LOVE THEM TO PIECES! They are my rocks and I think I will always have guinea pigs for the rest of my life.

H is for Holidays. I love going away on holiday even if it's in the UK. My favourite holidays include going to Disney but we can't do that every year even though I will when I'm older! I have always wanted to go to America aswell :) I love holidays and spending time with my family as we all seem more calm and peaceful on holiday!

I is for internet. I couldn't live without the internet. My life is the internet, recently I have found some amazing internet friends and I feel more accepted on the internet. I couldn't imagine life without it now!

J is for Journey. I have been on quite a few journeys in my short 15 years but they have all made me stronger and taught me important things so I'm thankful for those journeys.
K is for Kind. I don't mind being kind to others even though you should...I mean being kind to yourself. It took me a while to think of this one but I think this is good for 'K'. I have learnt in the last few years that you need to try and kind to yourself as much possible as your biggest critic is you.

L is for Love. I think everyone needs abit of love even loving yourself is good.

M is for Music. I live for music, it is a massive part of my life. I love movie soundtracks, musicals and pop music with the occasional bit of rock. I love what music can do and how there is music for every mood.

 N is for New York. I love New York even though I have never actually been there..but it just looks amazing and gives me such a good feeling! I will go someday and will never forget it!

O is for Once Upon a Time. I love ABC's Once Upon a Time, I started watching last summer when I read that in series 3 they were going to Neverland and I couldn't miss it. Now I have up to date with it all and waiting for Series 4! I love it so much and don't know how I didn't watch it before.

P is for Photography. I have always loved photography but when I bought a really nice bridge camera last year before I went to Disneyland Paris I really got into it. I loved taking photos at Disney and whenever I went out. I love taking the pictures for my blog aswell. 

Q is for Quirky. I feel I have a few quirks and I'm happy about that..I would rather be quirky than boring!

R is for Royality. I love the royal family don't get me wrong but they this I mean the Disney Royals. I love all the princesses and princes of Disney. I think my favourite princesses are Elsa, Rapunzel, Anna, Ariel and Belle. My favourite princes are Flynn, Kristoff, Beast and Naveen. I love the Disney Royals and hope to meet some of them at Disneyland Paris soon!

S is for Sherlock. I LOVE Sherlock so much. I have loved Sherlock since the very beginning when it wasn't cool which I'm so proud about. I love Bendiect Cumberbatch too. Cumberbitch forever ♥

T is for The Sims. I love The Sims so much and play it nearly everyday. I love finding new custom content to play with too. I have played The Sims since Sims 2 when my friend showed me hers and had to get it so I bought the double pack with Sims 2 and Pets in...best buy ever! I got Sims 3 a few years later and now I can't wait till The Sims 4 and its looking pretty damn awesome ♥

U is for Unicorn. I was stuck on this one then I thought OMG! UNICORNS! I love unicorns. I have these really amazing unicorn pjs from Primark and if you don't have them your missing out.

V is for Viola! This is really random but I couldn't think of anything else so..Viola!

W is for Walt Disney. If he gave up on his dreams then Disney wouldn't be here and that would be terrible so he is my inspiration in life to never give up. 

X is for XOXO. Hugs and kisses..gotta have them!

Y is for Youtube. I love Youtube..I probably watch too much youtube. I watch Disney videos, gaming videos and obsessed with Zoella and her gang!

Z is for Zoe who is my amazing little sister :') She makes me laugh all the time and because she is in her last year of primary she at that age where you think your 25...c'mon we have all had that!?

That's my Life in Letters. Remember to follow me on all my social links and I will be hopefully updating my blog abit soon if not later. 

Bye Lovelies ♥

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